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About AffirmingSpirit

How This Process Works

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

What Should I Expect?
I create a partnership with you, where the goal is to bring you to success in all areas of your life~as you define *success*.

As your guide and mentor, I partner with you to address your specific needs—whatever is holding you back from being the best that you can be. Whatever experiences you are seeking to enhance your well-being, I focus on helping you step into living that experience. In addition to tools that have worked for me, I am inuitively guided to the best solution for you. If you have blocks to receiving, they will be revealed during this process so you can work through them with relative ease. My intent is to exceed your expectations! Read the testimonials to see how working with me has already exceeded many clients expectations.

Each session is approximately 1-1.5 hours, sometimes up to 2 hours, with a minimum of 2 sessions per month for montly clients just starting out. If you need additional time to work through a major issue, sessions may last up to 2 hours, or you can opt for weekly sessions. I work with clients over the phone, and I am happy to call you so additional long-distance charges are not incurred.

Is This Process Right For Me?
I specialize in working with professional creative and healing women—self-employed or otherwise—who want to reach for greater success in their life. Women who are exhausted juggling it all or feel they could be doing so much better. Women who are looking for a way to be successful in every aspect of their life while reducing stress, worry and frustration.

It is my personal intent that everyone I work with be successful and fulfilled in their life, their relationships, and their work. Like the study participants, you will be *amazed* what a difference this process makes in all aspects of your life!

Where Do I Start?
To get started, call Nancy at 408-540-6095 or email affirmingspirit at gmail dot com for more information.

Read some client testimonials here!

What Will This Cost?

The investment you pay toward improving yourself pays off in every area of your life. When you hire me, you are committing to a paradigm shift in thinking that will move you forward faster in a lighter, more joyful and healthier way. Old ways of thinking will be replaced with ones that serve you, and your shift in energy will cause everything else around you to shift for the better. The question you need to answer is: How valuable is it to have a partner dedicated to helping me grow consciously?

Individual Mentoring
With regular 1:1 mentoring, you can accomplish so much more and more quickly. My rate for standalone laser mentoring (up to 2 hrs) is $333USD.
For those who know they want sustained support, I offer three sessions (scheduled within a 1 month period) for  $933USD.

Once you have scheduled a date and time for your mentoring session, click above to secure that slot with your payment.

Group Mentoring
I offer local and online classes through various organizations. Visit the EVENTS page to see what is currently planned.

> Ready to get started? Contact Nancy for more information.

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