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About AffirmingSpirit

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Specializing in supporting and mentoring female creative and healing solo/entre-preneurs

Lotus Flower AffirmingSpirit Affirmation CardDo you have at least a basic understanding of energy and the Law of Attraction, yet desire to catapult your knowledge and application to the next level?

Do you spend all your time helping and supporting others, but have no one supporting your business success?

My name is Nancy Barry-Jansson, and I have been on this path for more than 33 years, learning and teaching others. I have been self-employed for more than 20 of those years, using the same techniques and tools in my own life and business that I now share with my clients. I know I've gone through this experience to be able to help other business professionals. To that end, I offer one-time Laser sessions to focus on *one issue*, and 3 schedued monthly sessions for people who are really dedicated to receiving help.

While traditional coaching focuses mostly on asking questions, my approach includes asking coaching questions to help you clarify your desires, but then moves into teaching and mentoring you toward your unique vision of success. I am also highly intuitive, and I sense the underlying blocks and issues so I can quickly help you get to the heart of the matter (for you). We are all unique, so each person receives what they need when they need it. I act as your guide to finding the best solutions for you with a combination of targeted coaching questions, intuitive insight, and mentoring techniques.

Clients who are serious and committed to their growth find this process incredibly helpful and supportive. They experience quantum leaps as a result! What may have taken you years to discover and overcome by yourself, or even in therapy, now can be done much quicker and in a safe, emotionally supportive way.

For more information, call 408-540-6095 or send an email to affirmingspirit at gmail dot com

Are you, right now, enjoying the business and life you've envisioned for yourself...
> Feeling totally healthy in every cell of your body?
> Enjoying healthy, heartwarming, and loving relationships?
> Living your passion while fully earning what you deserve?
> Appreciating every experience that comes your way?
> Deliberately creating exactly what you want to experience?

If your answer to any of any of these is NO, it's time to find out what's stopping you ~ clear the path for success in your life and business!

YES, you can let go of needless suffering, worry, frustration!
> What if there's easy and effective ways to release those blocks that have been holding you back?
> What if paving the way for success in every area of your life was easier than you ever thought possible?
> What if deliberately creating could even be an enjoyable—or even a *fun*— process for you?
> What if you've been filled with fear and worry for so long for no (good) reason, suffering needlessly?
> What if you're just needing a little compassionate guidance and mentoring to make massive breakthroughs?

How much longer can you afford to remain
suffering, worried and frustrated?

Educating, uplifting and inspiring others through this work is both
My Passion and Life's Work. I am honored to be the one to help you!

Read AffirmingSpirit client testimonials here and...
let me know how I can best support you


Many blessings,

About AffirmingSpirit
Ms. Barry-Jansson, the founder of, has been a metaphysician for more than 33 years, and has more than 30 years experience working successfully with affirmations and other metaphysical tools. She has raised a son, and has been self-employed since 1994. Personally applying and testing these techniques in every facet of her own life and business, and in raising her child, Nancy has discovered what really works. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the right tools and the right assistance. She's ready to assist you, as a guide, so you can move forward on your own. Just click the button at top left! Click here to find out how this process works.

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