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Other Resources

Abraham-Hicks Official site
Abraham-Hicks Publications has been presenting the Teachings of Abraham, a group of enlightened non-physical entities, for more than20 years. Esther Hicks appeared in the original version of The Secret, introducing millions to the concepts of the Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation, Segment Intending, and the Art of Allowing. Without a doubt, I have found most helpful in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Amazing, uplifting, and life-affirming!

Abraham-Hicks YouTube site
The official source for Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos. Take a moment to see Abraham, a group of non-physical entities, speak through Esther at seminars across the globe.

Dr. Carol Look
Carol Look, a former psychotherapist based out of New York City, is remarkably gifted at getting to the core of issues. As an amazing practitioner of Energy Therapy and EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique—aka tapping], Carol offers several series of teleclasses and one-on-one phone sessions. Her site has the best explanation of EFT around!

The Secret DVD (Original Version with Esther Hicks)
A well-produced explanation for creating a life full of happiness, success, and loving relationships. This is a reference you can watch over and over again, getting something deeper each time you watch it. The original (non-extended version) is the only version of this DVD that recommends. For more information on Esther and Jerry Hicks, visit

The Well Within
(831) 458-WELL(9355)

417 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA
Amazing spa built around a lovely japanes garden, each room opens to the beautiful view. Even in the winter time, a trip to the Well Within is a great experience. Soak in the tub and sauna before enjoying a full-body massage! So wonderful that reservations are recommended.

My favorite listing of uplifting audios, videos, books and resources for Deliberate Creators. You'll want to bookmark this and visit often, as I update this regularly!


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