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Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading

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Guide to Affirmation CardsBelow are books that have been helpful to me in my spiritual growth. Some of them contain affirmations you can use or customize to make them your own, and some give a few tips to help you to learn how to write your own powerful affirmations. All of them will assist you toward more positive thinking. Look for the images outlined in blue...those books have specific instructions on writing your own affirmations.

Many people ask me for specific suggestions on creating affirmations. Beginners will receive basic help creating affirmations in the Guide to Affirmations (shown at left) included in the Starter Pack. I now also offer a free eCourse that will step you through the process of creating really powerful affirmations for yourself. If you want more detailed assistance in creating your own affirmations, consider the many wonderful books that address the topic. If you are still struggling with affirmations after following the free eCourse, it might be time to think about mentoring to work through your personal blocks to success.

The books listed below can be purchased from by clicking the images. Scroll farther down (below the MP3s and those book covers outlined in blue have more detailed instruction on writing affirmations.

Free Out-of-Print Resources on

Search for "New Thought" , "Law of Attraction", or "Affirmations"

The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel-Shinn

Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mulford

Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie by Andrew Carnegie

I also highly recommend Neville Goddard's out-of-print books on You can also begin with At Your Command (and see the sidebar for more online book links).

Below is some additional information on books that have been helpful for me, and might be just what you are looking for...
Check your local library or click on the images to learn more.


Step-by-step guide for
manifesting your vision,
inspiration, and purpose


Profound book with 22 practical processes to manage your vibration


Great resource for the
small business owner
seeking great clients !

Creating Money: Keys to Abundance


Creating Money: Keys to Abundance (first edition); Attracting Abundance (2nd edition) Wonderful book to understand energy of money and your relationship to that energy.

Creative VisualizationLink to Creative Visualization

The updated classic that introduced me to the power of affirmations and the basics of an energetic universe. Even if you read the earlier version, you may find a re-reading valuable, as you'll take in the information at a much higher level.

A-H Law of AttractionLink to A-H Law of Attraction

The basic Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham are simple, yet very profoundly life-changing. Be careful of this book: Your life will never be the same once you fully understand how the Law of Attraciton is already at work in your life!

This book is also
available as a 5-CD Set that features Abraham directly answering questions.

Dyer's breakout book that was his first step away from psychology toward daily spirituality

Newcomers to Abraham will enjoy this book, and veterans will appreciate the section on Careers, and the included CD

Prayers for HealingLink to Prayers for Healing

Prayer is closely tied
to affirmations

Combining Science with Metaphysical concepts, this book is inspiring and enlightening.


An important book on self-care, especially for women

The Abundance BookLink to The Abundance Book

If the religious phrasing is off-putting, substitute your own equivalent words and focus on the author's positive intent.text link

A must-have book for the creative person (artist, writer, musician, singer, dancer...)

Timeless techniques for shifting your life


Do you aspire to be a better human being? This book shows the path!

The third book in the series, this one focuses on your most important relationship that impacts all others!
This book, like all Abraham materials, is known for being
profound and life-changing!

Link to The Way We PrayThe Wealthy Spirit

365 Great stories with accompanying Affirmations
to adopt ...or adapt...
as your own!

Frrom the author of The Wealthy Spirit...a fun read that is uplifting
and entertaining!

If you have read a great book on affirmations that you'd like to share, .

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