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Creating your own ritual

One of the most powerful things you can do with affirmation cards is to create your own personal ritual around them, and incorporate that in your daily life. What is a ritual? A ritual is a consistent way of taking action on a regular basis that, in time, begins to feel like a special or sacred event. There is no wrong way to create a personal ritual, or observance. By virtue that you made the choice to create one, the ritual will take on special meaning, and the more consistently you practice the ritual the more meaningful it will be to you.

For some, this means lighting a single candle before reading the cards silently, followed by 10-15 min. of meditation. For others, it may mean creating a sacred space for the cards in their home, or journaling afterward. You decide for yourself. Make it personal and special, and it will automatically be meaningful to you. Recognize, too, that what is meaningful to you today will change as you grow as a human being, so update your rituals whenever you feel the need to make a change. If it's not working for you, that means it's time to make a change!

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