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Finding new and creative ways to display your Affirming Spirit™Create a sacred space for your cards cards can enrich your experience with them. Here are a few suggestions:

> Showcase your cards on a mini-easel or posted about in your home, office, or private meditation space.

> Keep your cards enclosed in a beautiful fabric bag or envelope, ready to take with you at a moment's notice. Keeping them in a bag will also visually protect them from prying eyes.

> Keep cards in an elegant box, purchased or handmade. Buy an unfinished wood box from a craft store and embellish it with paint, beads, and or mosaics. Use your imagnination to make it personal and beautiful to you!

> Clear the top of a dresser or a bookshelf, place down a runner or piece of cloth, add beautiful candles, and create your own personal altar space.

> Use your own space and imagination to spark your own idea, and with others!

If you have ideas and suggestions you'd like to share with other AffirmingSpirits, , so we can share them with others!

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