Hummingbird Nests 2010
in my back yard :o)
first nest below | click to see second nest


This is the second year that hummingbirds have created a nest in my back yard.
Last year, they chose a branch that was hard to find and photograph. So, this year, when
I saw the bird hovering around in my back yard I had a *sense* it was searching
for a new nest site. I kept sending it love with a mental image of *this branch* because
I knew it was a good location AND easy to photograph from indoors (not bothering the birdies).

Later, I started seeing the bird *land* on this branch, and I'd send the "yes, that one!" vibe.
The Mom would jump up and down to test the branch, as if to see if could withstand wind and weight.
We've have several storms since the nest was built, and it has proved to be a good location.

By the way, now that this year's nest has been built, almost every morning I wake up and
open the curtain on my sliding doors, the hummingbird is hovering in front of the window as
if she was trying to look in. Then, I say good morning and she flits off!


View of the nest from my second story, through the
transam window above my sliding glass doors (on first floor).

Close up of the newly created nest. Last year, two babies were born. Are those eggs or feathers?

Close up of Mom sitting upon her newly created nest. :o) This makes me SO HAPPY! (01/16/10)

Just before this year's babies hatched, you can see the nest is much taller. I first noticed the babies
around 2/23/10. We had a blustery rain storm 3 days later, but the nest/babies survived.

Babies are about two weeks old. Here she is feeding them.(3/6/10)

Hummingbirds "pump" food into babies mouths, which makes for a blurry picture.(3/6/10)

Mom just finished feeding and flew off. You can see the two babies poking up out of the nest! (3/6/10)

Taken from my second story, looking down through first-story transam,
you can see the babies tucked into the nest. Looks like naptime! :o) (3/6/10)

What a difference a day makes ~ they are getting bigger. I've seen their Mom flying by,
checking on them, but not feeding them. They soon will fly off! :o) (3/7/10)

Cuddled in the nest, enjoying the morning. :o) (3/11/10)

Babies calling to mom while I was photgraphing them. :o) (3/11/10)

In the morning, just before the babies began flapping their wings. :o) (3/13/10)

The largest one hovered above the nest, then rested on the edge. The smaller one had flapped it's
wings and hovered a centimeter over the nest, before settling back in. :o) (3/13/10)

By Sunday, 3/14, the big Baby had flown off, leaving the small one behind. I felt bad for this one
at nighttime (colder), but Mom continued to feed during the day. :o) (3/15/10)

Mom feeding baby on 3/16/10. :o) (3/16/10)

Mom flying backward after feeding baby on 3/16/10. This was a blurry photo,
so it was sharpened to see better ~hence the look of this photo. (3/16/10)

Calling Mom to come back again. By the end of this day, this baby was no longer in the nest.
Is it possible they are both gone? Last year, the babies were gone on 3/18. (3/16/10)

That was the last of the babies for that nest! Click here to view the new nest
that was built a few weeks later on the same tree limb.

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