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• Need a jolt of positive energy in your life?

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• Seeking a safe place to ask questions and receive answers from top experienced LOA Coaches?

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Jeannette Maw, the Master Coach known as "The Good Vibe Coach", launched Good Vibe University (GVU) in 2010 as a way for Conscious Creators to come together, be inspired, and share their experiences. What has resulted is one of the most positively powerful online LOA communities, dedicated to growing consciousness.

Having been part of other LOA communities, and a GVU faculty member since the beginning, I can attest that this site is positively different, and WELL WORTH joining! Most members find their annual membership pays for itself in the first month with the uplifting material and high-vibing comraderie.

I cordially invite you to become a member at Good Vibe University by signing up for the $1 trial for 3 weeks...or TAKE ADVANTAGE of the current $9/mo. GVU Scholarship! The scholarship pricing lasts for as long as you remain a GVU member.

If you missed out on the scholarship, go for the Annual Membership...it saves you money overall, and is still a deal at roughly $14.17/mo USD. You can cancel at any time, but for less than the cost of a nice dinner out, you can find yourself immersed in positive energy that will ripple into every area of your life.

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