Use the Holidays to Lift Your Vibe!

Whether you are feeling down this holiday season and need a quick lift, or you find yourself mired in negativity on occasion, having some positive resources to turn to is vital to keeping your energy positively focused. Here are some quick resources to have ready when you are looking to be uplifted or maintain your positive energy.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

I have been recommending for a long time to create your own JOY list. No one knows what makes you feel good and lifts your spirit better than you! So, get started on one or update the one you have and put it out where you will see it daily and remember to refer to it.

Check out my updated VibeLifters page with even more vibelifting goodies…free or for a fee, but all highly recommended! There are podcasts, books, audios, videos, and more! This list is constantly being updated, so bookmark it, share it, and check back often.

Watch something eye-opening and inspiring right now…Don’t have something inspiring to watch? Below is an interview Lilou Mace did with the co-founder of New World Library, From Drop-out to Multimillionaire. His story is eye-opening and inspiring on many levels. Grab a cuppa your favorite and treat yourself to something amazing:

How do you life your vibe during the holidays? Share your thoughts below…

An Inspirational Helping of BOOYAH! SPIRIT

This holiday season, consider giving a gift that will uplift and inspire all year long. Sheila M. Burke’s new book, BOOYAH!  SPIRIT: 52 Ingredients For a Healthy Soul.  Suffering Is Optional. (2011, Om Sweet Om Publishing) is a perfect example of an ideal inspirational holiday gift.

First, I want to address the title because when I think of BOOYAH! I think of that over-the-top stock market guy on cable. I was delighted to read in Sheila’s book that…

Booyah is a food that is prepared like a stew, but on a very large scale. It takes many cooks to prepare the food, and it is usually meant to serve hundreds or even thousands of people.

Wikipedia backs her up on that definition, too:

Wow, learn something new everyday! What a great analogy for creating a rich, spiritually nutritious life! With that definition in mind, Sheila’s book delves into each of the 52 ingredients to remind the reader of what really matters. Readers are invited to read it all in a weekend (what a great gift for a retreat!), take it in bits as needed, or patiently focus on one ingredient per week all year long.

There’s even a section where she mentions meeting me via Twitter and her experience with my free Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations eCourse. (Ingredient: Choice, pgs 147-151)

What I like about this book is that it is both exuberant and serves as a gentle reminder 365 days of the year. If you are a person who knows roughly what you can do to feel better, but often forget, you will want a copy of this book. Keep it by your bedside and pick it up daily, even to just read a paragraph or two. This recipe for a rewarding life will keep your mind spinning in a positive direction!

Deliberate Creators know the importance of surrounding oneself with positive and uplifting material – this book has a homemade feeling, seasoned with interesting quotes and personal photos, it’s sure to become a favorite gift to give and receive! It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and various eBook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Sheila’s ZENstore. Click here or the book graphic for more information.

Have you read BOOYAH! Spirit?!? Share your comments below!

* * *

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was not paid to write this post and do not receive any benefit from purchases made. The author provided me a courtesy copy of the book since she referenced information about my products and services in one of the chapters. The above post is my personal opinion after reading the book, and readers understand that they must take responsibility for their own interpretation.

WOW! WOW! WOW! (Man On Wire)

I just saw this award-winning documentary, “Man On Wire“, and it was SO powerful on SO MANY different levels–it touched me as a fellow artist, as a passionate manifestor using the Law of Attraction, as someone who respects those who follow their dreams, as someone who prefers walking on the *ground*, as a human being, and as a person who remembers when this event took place in 1974!

If you haven’t heard of this movie, first watch the trailer:

This movie delves into the passion of Phillippe Petit, a french man who walked the tightrope in circuses and performed in the streets…and oh, yeah, he was the first to walk between the two towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, AND the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia, AND the World Trade Center in NYC!!! The documentary centers primarily on the last event, but shows how he prepared for it (even before they broke ground for the WTC), as well as the many people involved. The man himself, along with his accomplices, talk about the experience. The resulting documentary is *amazing*, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, uplifting…unbelievable!

I remember the news stories about this event in 1974, because I was living at home in Upstate NY at the time. The TV and newspapers portrayed him as a crazy publicity-hound, but this documentary showed me that was simply *not true*! This man was, and still IS, incredibly passionate about the *performance art* of tightrope walking. This walk was an ultimate dream-fulfilled, and I now wish I had witnessed that power in person!

This documentary is *AMAZING*, uplifting, heart-warming and shows you that with true passion, *anything is possible*! I just cannot say enough-it is a *must-see*! It is also searingly poignant: What an amazing *gift* this man has left the city, and the world, now that those towers no longer exist!

During his off-hours from working in the circus, he performed in the streets to make money for his dream of one day walking between the twin towers. When he ran out of money, he bartered his entertainment services for needed equipment. Watching him dedicate himself to his craft, the intense concentration, and the ease with which he walks, dances, kneels, salutes, and lays down on the wire is nothing short of breath-taking. I kept feeling I was watching pure *Christ-Consciousness* (aka highly evolved being) showing the rest of us how to step into the impossible and make it *POSSIBLE*!

When I see how incredibly uplifting it is to watch a fellow human, so filled with passion and the purpose to fulfill his dream, it makes me wonder: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cities around the world allowed such professionals to *uplift* their population rather than make such activities illegal? He didn’t approach the builders/owners, or the city for approval because he expected them to say “No”, citing safety and liability concerns. How different would it have been had he been allowed to do this, rather than having to plan it in for 6 years in secrecy and then commit a crime to accomplish his dream? Some bureaucracy truly is pointless.

If you haven’t seen this thrilling documentary and are a member of Netflix, you can watch this one online. If not, see if it’s playing in your area or at your local video store. I can tell you, this is a DVD I plan to purchase purely for it’s vibrationally uplifting power!!

Then, ask yourself: What *impossible* experience will I now make *POSSIBLE*?

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