How Do We Know?

Over at the lively and upbeat Good Vibe University forums, we have lots of amazing conversations on just about every subject. It really is an amazing group of deliberate creators who come together to take thought beyond which it has been taken before WHILE having a lot of fun!

Recently, one of the members asked a devil’s advocate question about Law of Attraction: How do we know that it (LOA) is working all the time? What if we are wrong?

There were many responses, all pointing out how LOA is like gravity so it’s always working AND if we don’t believe it’s working, then it won’t work for us.

The questioner didn’t like the answers and kept pushing to ask us to consider that we may be wrong.

Personally, I’m not interested in a conversation on that topic, so I might not have responded. However, I did feel there was a greater message to share. Here’s what I wrote in response:

At the beginning 10 years of my journey, I didn’t know…I thought it would be cool, but I didn’t know for sure, and looking back, I didn’t always expect it to work, either. Rolling Eyes

Then, I started having personal experiences where there was NO OTHER explanation. Shocked Very Happy Shocked

And then another. And another…until, it just became OBVIOUS to me. I now trust it. Some experiences show up in minutes, others take years. When the long-desired experience finally shows up, THEN I can *see* why it took all that time and how it was ALWAYS working perfectly for me. I can see my role in holding it back, and opening up to receive. But, that knowledge comes as hindsight. Rolling Eyes

Shocked Such knowing only comes as foresight when I consciously decide it will be so. Shocked

What I’ve written is a moot point for you, though, as this is *my* answer. My answer includes the feeling of KNOWING in my body that no one else can feel, so it will never truly be enough for anyone else. It might be momentarily inspiring to those reading, but until you’ve experienced it yourself, feel that knowing to your core, and come to trust it, other people’s accounts likely won’t sustain your faith/belief.

It’s like Abe says we can’t expect someone else to keep us as the center of their positive attention all the time. We also can’t expect another person’s positive experiences to sustain OUR belief in such possibilities.

Everyone is responsible for asking their own questions and finding their own answers.

If you want to get deep: None of us can really fully answer your questions for you.

Perhaps the more helpful question to ask is:
Which world would you rather live in…the one where you can always rely on LOA, or one where LOA works randomly?

Wink Wink Wink

Many blessings,

After posting that, I began to wonder how many of you have wondered the same thing. Do you know that Law of Attraction is working all the time? If so, share how you learned…if not, what is the source of your doubt? (For those who don’t know (yet), notice the stories those who DO know are telling…how can you shift yours?)

Getting Clear About How You Really Feel

It’s been 10 days since I’ve posted on my blog. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say or that I haven’t been active, because I have. I have been busy coaching and learning and sharing and co-creating…Yes, I walk my talk and apply what I learn. I’m discovering how everything is an opportunity for spiritual growth, just waiting for you to pay attention to it long enough to realize the gift it holds for you.

When I find something that works for me, I like to share it with others! So, when I found this Magic “FateBall” widget that reminded me of my childhood, I had to share it. While this tool is fun, it’s also a tremendously valuable in helping you get clear about how you feel.

Whenever you feel conflicted about a situation you are in, and are not sure how you really feel…ask the question to your Inner Being, then click the green “fateball activate” button. The answer the FateBal (below) gives is less important than how you FEEL inside when you get the answer.

For instance, if you are wondering if it best for you to take a certain job, ask your inner self, “Is it in my best interest to take this job?” Then, click the button. If the response is more or less YES, but you feel disappointed to see that answer, then you get a deeper insight into how you feel about pursuing that job. Likewise, if the answer is more or less NO, and you feel happy about that answer. The feeling you feel inside in response to the FateBall’s answer gives you a deeper insight into what previously may have felt unclear.

Click the image above or HERE to play with the FateBall.

Give the Magic FateBall a whirl and see what comes up for you. If you want to put the code for this widget on your site/blog, click the “Get Widget” link and copy the code.


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