Law of Attwaction (LoA on Twitter)

Twitter amazes me. I’ve said it before: Prior to joining Twitter and tweeting, NO ONE could convince me that it was possible to forge a relationship 140 characters at a time, let alone make a difference in people’s lives. Further, I would never believe it could be such a vehicle for the Law of Attraction to play out. Nor could I imagine how it would let me make a difference in other people’s lives just by being who I am naturally. Yet, everyday, I receive tweets and direct messages thanking me for sharing something that made a huge difference in another person’s life.

Take Melody Campbell (@SmBizGuru) for instance. She observed one of her followers tweeting me on #MaMo (Manifesting Monday, the virtual manifestation circle on Twitter) about a subject that appealed to her. She retweeted that message (sent it again so her followers could read it), asking to be included in the #MaMo process.

I know from teaching|mentoring|coaching my clients that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all quick fix. Every client must follow their own path to success. I know that many times people ask for something, but don’t really think they can actually have/create what they are asking for. The lack of belief is the real stumbling block, not what they are asking for! I also know that asking powerful questions can get a client to look a little deeper than they have before, which helps them develop a deeper awareness. Every drop of awareness helps as we grow in consciousness and personal power, which is then reflected in everything we manifest into our lives.

So, when Melody tweeted me, I started by asking her a few questions to help her decide how committed she was to experiencing positive change. Each time I asked a question gave her a chance to go a little deeper. She replied, and we went back and forth a number of times. At one point, she seemed resistant so I teased her a bit about whether she really wanted to know the answer. She insisted she did, and after that really tried to answer the questions honestly.

When I could see she was serious about wanting the answer, I intuited that one of the videos I tweet about often would be of great value to her and sent her the link. Turns out, the information I was providing was completely new to Melody even though I had been tweeting about it for the past 6 months! This was not only all new to her, but with the new awareness from answering my questions, she was now really *ready to hear* the message.

Unbeknownst to me, prior to our intweraction (OK, I just made up that word to describe interaction on Twitter), Melody had been praying for some answers to her deeper questions. So, on that day, she was finally *ready* to hear the answer to her prayers, and that’s when she saw my tweets with one of her followers. I see this as the Universe delivering Melody’s request in the most expedient way. She asked, and when she was ready to receive the answer came to her…while she happened to be on Twitter!

The next day, Melody sent me these two Direct Messages: (read bottom one first)

…and sent me this testimonial:

Thank you for connecting with me on Twitter!

Our encounter was brief, but right on target. Nancy and I connected on Twitter with a few succinct 140 character exchanges. Her comments went right to my heart issue like a magnet to steel. She shared a tiny nugget of truth that has played a very large part in a major breakthrough within 24 hours of our exchange. Nancy is not only knowledgeable but she’s “in-tune”. She was a channel for the answer that I had been praying for. I am blessed to have shared this important exchange with her.

Melody Campbell, Conrad, MontanaNight

So, by being who I am naturally whilst Twittering, yet another person was able to experience an amazing breakthrough. That’s pretty amazing to me and further proof that not only is the Law of Attwaction *alive and active* on Twitter, but we live in an *amazing Universe* that is constantly seeking ways to deliver what we have to offer…and what we need to receive. Are you ready to hear the message?

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UPDATE: I posted this in the early hours of 6/19, and later that morning logged back onto Twitter just 5 minutes before Melody’s live weekly Get More Business BTR show. Her guest was unable to join the call, and she was asking for folks to call in. I did, so here is the recording of the impromptu show we did entitled, “Law of Attwaction”. Please submit your comments or questions below or at

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