Thanksgiving Tale of Two Business Partners


This Thanksgiving, I have been contemplating my observations of two business partners. Neither of them are my clients, so I am not at liberty to guide or help either one of them. But, I can (anonymously) share with you my findings and you can benefit.

Thanksgiving: What’s Business Got to Do with It?

Both partners share and operate a business together, and both of them have separate business interests outside of the partnership.

One business owner has a mantra that goes like this: I can’t afford that! That’s too much money! I just can’t do it! This mantra is repeated regularly, with great enthusiasm.

The other business owner has a mantra that goes like this: This is fun! I enjoy this! Everything is working out great! This mantra is repeated regularly, with great enthusiasm.

I’m betting that even brand new students of Law of Attraction can easily guess what happens next with these business partners.

No matter how often the first business owner makes more money, in his mind he never has enough. He cuts costs and corners at every opportunity, and even disregards his business agreements, creating disharmony and struggle every where he goes, in pursuit of the elusive *more*. However, because his mantra is on auto-pilot (literally and virtually), he doesn’t even consciously notice the flow of money coming into him…nor does he appreciate it. What he fails to appreciate, depreciates.

Appreciation Appreciates

That’s true for all of us, actually. The more we appreciate and see the blessings in every experience, including our business transactions, the more open our conscious and subconscious mind brings the opportunities to our attention.

When we’re either observing shortfalls, and constantly reliving them in our mind, or imagining pending doom and hardship before it’s happened, we’re not focusing on appreciation. We can’t complain and appreciate at the same time. We all must choose one master to serve.

I bet you’ve already guessed what is happening with the second business partner. Yep: Outsiders are convinced he’s got the midas touch. His expenses are often much higher than the first business owner, yet in his mind he’s always got plenty, he’s having fun, enjoying the process, and everything seems to work out well for him. When things don’t work out as he’d hoped, he looks for opportunities in the situation.

The second business owner is upbeat, happy, and appreciative. His appreciation for the employees, contractors, customers, and others involved with the business is obvious. The more he appreciates, the more his investment in the business appreciates.

Same business, two very different experiences. One partner never has enough and gets little value from his involvement in the business. The other partner is having fun, enjoying the process, and reaping the rewards. Their mantras explain the difference.

This Thanksgiving, I ask you to consider…if this was your business, which business partner would you be? Is it the business person you would choose to be?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Business ThanksGiving

Business ThanksGiving

ThanksGiving in the United States is on Thursday, and a tradition based on celebrating appreciation for all our blessings.

Business ThanksGiving

Many business owners take stock at this time of year to be thankful for all the good things that happened in their business during the previous year. They are thankful for their clients/customers, their increased sales and business expansion, while they thank their lucky stars for challenges they side-stepped.

While that’s wonderful, and highly recommended, this year I encourage your Business ThanksGiving to include…

Appreciating all that did not happen. Many of the worst case scenarios swimming around between your ears never saw the light of day. Some of the things you wanted to happen didn’t. Thank goodness! From your vantage point now, you can see the blessings in disguise. Take some time to appreciate the gift of not getting what you asked for.

Feeling appreciative of every client who didn’t hire you or that you didn’t take on, every customer who didn’t buy from you. In our quest to grow our businesses, we tend to want to take on every client, sell to every customer, but is that always the best idea? Virtually every business owner will tell you there are clients they wish they could fire, and customers they wish they never met. Focusing on the customers and clients you really appreciate working with makes your business more enjoyable. Let the other customers and clients go to people who enjoy working with them. There’s plenty to go around!

Finding warmth in your heart for ways your business did not expand. We live in the land of bigger is BETTER, yet more companies go out of business when they grow too fast than when they intentionally and gradually grow. Feel good about your business being exactly the size that it is right now.

Appreciating all you’ve learned through hardship. Virtually every business owner I know has had their share of harship, and on the other side of it, with some emotional recovery, they see the blessing and knowledge gained from the experience. Not that they want to do it everyday, but we can learn from failure and hardship, and the lesson often lasts longer than if learned through glory. (Wouldn’t that be nice to shift?)

Feeling gratitude for all being a business owner teaches you. Being self-employed is one of the most spiritually challenging experiences in life because it will bring up ALL your *stuff*…even the stuff you thought you’d already worked on! Thank goodness for that. Thank goodness for everything you’ve learned this year, and all that you will learn in the coming year.

Myth About Law of Attraction

But, wait, Nancy…

If I focus on what didn’t happen, who didn’t hire me, how my business didn’t expand, all I learned through hardship, won’t the Law of Attraction bring me more of that?

No. In fact, that’s actually one of the myths about the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction means that like frequencies are naturally drawn to each other. When you truly feel appreciation for anything, you are sending out a high frequency of appreciation/love, and the Law of Attraction will mirror back to you like-frequencies of appreciation/love. LOA is mirroring back your energy, not just the content of your thoughts.

This is because LOA doesn’t care if you are thinking positively or negatively about a thought…the feeling of the response received is based on the emotion you are feeling. As you change your feelings, you also change your experience.

That’s one reason why we can stress out and overthink while trying to solve business problems, but as soon as we relax, a good solution pops into our mind! The solution is not the same frequency as the problem. Thinking repetitively and under stress rarely brings us good solutions. Relaxing and getting to a better feeling place does.

When we are willing to observe and appreciate even the challenging aspects of running a business, it releases our resistance to challenges. This helps us relax and align us with more to appreciate in our business.

From that point on, you won’t be looking at your business challenges in the same’ll discover appreciation for all the good things AND the not-so-good things. Because there are blessings in everything, if we’re willing to look for them.

So, I invite you to take some time this ThanksGiving to appreciate all aspects of your business, and let us know how that felt for you!

Wishing you a wonderful ThanksGiving, filled with much appreciation for your family, your life, and your business!

Appreciating You this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today in the United States!

When my son was young, I use to keep him busy while I cooked dinner for Thanksgiving by asking him to write down a list of what he most appreciated in his life. I’d also make my own list. Then, during the Thanksgiving meal, we’d each read from our respective lists. It was a sure vibe-lifter!

As you might imagine, when I first asked him to do this, my son was not thrilled. He’d start the task with the usual irritation and disbelief that Mom asked him to do what he perceived initially as *homework* on his day off of school. Also not surprisingly, as the day wore on and his list grew longer, he got happier and more appreciative. The more he looked to appreciate, the more he found. Initially struggling to come up with ten items, he’d easily come up with 100!

At the dinner table, my son beamed with joy in sharing each item on the list which included family, friends, pet, favorite toys and cherished experiences. Making lists of appreciation, or Rampages of Appreciation, as Abraham-Hicks calls them, is a fantastic way to shift your energy!

You may think that making the lists in your head is enough, but there is power in writing them down and seeing that list grow! I challenge you to begin writing your lists down, in a notebook or on paper you put in a binder, remaining open to add to your lists as time goes on and you become more aware of your deep appreciation.

Write down what you most appreciate about your current life, relationships, career,
and health. If you are self-employed, write what you most appreciate about your
business, your clients, your vendors, and your community.

And by all means, don’t just stop listing what you are happy about now. Feel free to list what you appreciate coming into your future experiences, too!

Many people have shared with me that they have a gratitude journal. I’ve had those in the past, but often gratitude lists began to feel more like *shoulds* than true appreciation. When I focus on appreciation, it’s a much lighter, more loving energy for me.

For a long time, I couldn’t understand why gratitude didn’t always feel good to me. Then, Abraham-Hicks shared this workshop excerpt about the difference between an attitude of gratitude versus the emotion of appreciation. That’s when I realized why the latter had been so much more powerful for me.

If you haven’t listened to this, it’s worth a few minutes to understand the distinction for yourself:

Once you have your list, keep it handy. Many of the items and experiences listed will likely qualify for your personal Joy List you can turn to whenever you are ripe to shift your energy to a better-feeling place. As you live your life from an ever-more-positive place, the Universe mirrors that energy back to you so you’ll have more and more and more to appreciate showing up for you!

This Thanksgiving, I truly appreciate all of you who subscribe to the AffirmingSpirit mailing list and blog, who read, share, comment and and interact with me all year long. Thank you for joining me in this journey! May you be blessed today, and everyday, with an abundance of joy and appreciation!

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