Amazing…look into the (human) brain

If you haven’t already heard Neuroanatomist and brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor, speak about the separate functions of the brain and her personal experience studying her own stroke (in 1996), take a 20 minute break and watch this…it’s incredible, and sheds a lot of light on how our mind perceives consciousness:

This will WOW you and a amaze you…and if you are like me…it will help you to understand, more fully, how and why affirmations are so effective!

UPDATE 4/12/08: Here is a link to an audio interview that Ms. Bolte Taylor gave a Santa Cruz, CA area radio station. She talks about this life-changing experience that she considers an incredible blessing…it’s a very uplifting interview.

UPDATE 5/19/08: Oprah interviewed Ms. Bolte Taylor and has the videos free for as part of her Soul Series. The first one is a recap of the video above, but the remaining ones go into full detail. My favorite one is the third one, of the four videos.

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