Fine-tuning Inspiration

In case you didn’t notice, last May, I just stopped.

Fine-tuningI needed to reboot and regroup – and the first step was to begin fine-tuning my inspiration. To do this, I had to stop.

I stopped…

…writing blog posts that felt like pulling teeth

…forcing myself to have something to say

…expecting myself to write anything, at all (I can hear the social media experts GASPING all the way over here!)

…and found the silence within to rekindle my inspiration

At the about the same time, I started…

…focusing on what felt better

…reaching out locally and connecting with more people

…participating in more interesting conversations

…a success team, focusing on helping each other

…reconnected to some new sources of inspiration

…allowing myself to take as long as I needed to be inspired

…participating in daily appreciation sharing

In other words: I stopped doing anything that dragged me down and started only taking action where inspiration guided me. Little by little, I began to see what really inspires me. It did me a world of good and helped me heal from the inside out. How you fine-tune your inspiration may look a little different even if the effect is the same.

Is there something you need to stop doing to get back in touch with your inspiration?

How about something you’ve been meaning to start?

As time went on, I just noticed that I wasn’t inspired to write blog posts, but I was making a lot of new networking connections, talking to a lot more people face-to-face, and finding many new ways to feel inspired.

After replying to another person’s post, I was asked to write the guest post about my experience as a mother teaching my then-teenage son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, to use affirmations to improve his relationship with Math. I was so busy networking and getting word out about my illustrations/web design business, though, that I never got around to writing it. Molly Player, bless her heart, proactively took my blog comment and stretched into the post on her LOA Stories blog. Still, I was inspired to share what Mollie had posted.

Meanwhile, nothing more was inspired for this blog.

However, when Jeannette Maw, The Good Vibe Coach and founder of Good Vibe University, asked me to write a blog post based on a conversation we had last week, I took advantage of the quiet holiday week to get it done. Not only did I write the post based on a discussion we had during one of last week’s Good Vibe University LOA calls, I also recorded myself reading the post for those who do better listening than reading. Go read and/or listen to the blog post Invite Your Problems to Stay and leave a comment!

What all of this has shown me is that inspiration is not only an individual experience, it cannot be mandated. It happens when it happens. Forcing it doesn’t encourage inspiration, it suppresses it.

I also realized that I really enjoy interacting with people. There hadn’t been enough interaction here on the blog to make it fun or to inspire me. I love to discuss ideas with savvy Deliberate Creators who understand the world is a mirror and appreciate the reminders that it is always an ‘inside job’.

Taking the time to fine-tune my inspiration has helped me focus my energy in the best way possible.

This blog was built for interaction…as I continue to fine-tune my inspiration, I will continue to post only when I feel inspired. However, you can help inspire me with your questions and discussions. If you want to hear more from me, here is how you can help: Let me know what questions you have or what subjects you’d like me to address!

Let me know your questions in the comments section below, or ‘Like’ the AffirmingSpirit Facebook page message your question to me.

Your turn: What do you do to fine-tune your inspiration?

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