Effective Solopreneur: Open for Possibilities

Yesterday, I was checking out the database for this blog, and single-handedly brought this site down just minutes before leading a Quantum MasterMind call. A glaring ERROR MESSAGE greeted visitors. Knowing that I didn’t have time to fix the blog prior to the call, especially since I did not know exactly what I did to bring down the blog, I made a decision. I took a deep breath and said, “OK, I’ll fix this after the call.”

Most people I know would have been freaking out and upset. I was relaxed, calm, and focusing my energy on my upcoming group call. As I was walking to get some water prior to the call, I realized I had just created space for the possibility of an easy solution to a yet undefined problem.

Coaches and Mentors across the globe do this for their clients every day. When clients work with a coach, they’ve automatically got an ally who not only has their back, but one who also willingly believes in their possibilities are on their way to being a reality.

Holding the space open for possibilities is actually one of the reasons clients are much more likely to achieve greater success while working with a coach.

My question to you: How often do you hold the space for unseen solutions to appear in your business?

I am a business mentor, but this question was an epiphany for me, too!

I realized that I rarely do this for other parts of my business, but I was easily able to do it for the technical aspects. Having lived and worked in Silicon Valley for more than 25 years might have something to do with my technical confidence. Still, I know lots of people (especially women) in this area who don’t feel the same trust that they can solve their technical problems.

But whether I have technical knowledge or not really makes no difference.

Everyday, people across the globe find previously unknown solutions just by being open to that possibility. History is filled with names of amateurs who solved problems the experts believed was impossible to solve. When you decide something is too difficult…or can’t be done…or is impossible…you are shutting the door on that possibility AND you are often shutting the door on related future possibilities.

The bottom line is this: If we don’t hold the space for possible solutions to appear, then in most cases we won’t even try.

I held the space for a solution to appear, and it did. Obviously, you can see my blog is up and working. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you can see that I held the space and kept the door open for the possibility of a solution. I believed a solution was right around the corner…and, therefore, it was!

How often do you hold the door open for unseen solutions before they arise? Share your thoughts below…

Effective Solopreneur: Closing the Door on Success

closed_dreamHave you been closing the door on your dreams of success?

Most of you understand that everything that exists in physical form first started out in vibrational form, as a thought.

For instance, someone first *thought* about the computer display you are reading this post on before it came into physical form.

In the same way, someone received a vibrational impression of the keyboard I’m typing this on, and translated that thought into specifications that were given to a manufacturer to create. The manufacturer then created the keyboard on equipment that was once just a thought in someone’s mind.

Your dreams and ideas as a successful solopreneur also started as vibrational impressions that you chose to remember, write down, and flesh out into products and services you offer your clientele.

I don’t know any business owner who consciously starts out saying, “I want to create something that will not sell, that will cost more than it earns, and that will be a waste time and money for any of the people who do buy it.”

And yet, that’s the outcome that many people are experiencing. Why would that be? Because many people are unconsciously closing the doors on their own success before it has a chance to move from vibrational form into physical form.

Quantum physics has shown that the Universe is composed of more energy than solid, physical matter. Way more! The more scientists look deep into matter to find what it is made of, the less physical stuff they find and the more energy they reveal. Furthermore, they’ve learned that what we perceive as empty space is really untapped potential energy awaiting our conscious attention. Experiments have repeatedly shown that this energy responds to our conscious attention and that there is unlimited potential in every aspect of this energy. Every quantum possibility already exists, and the one that comes into physical form is the one we have given the most attention.

The difference between a financial depression and financial prosperity depends on which one we give the most attention.

The difference between a business failing and a business thriving depends on which one we give the most attention.

The difference between begging for clients and a waiting list of clients depends on which one we give the most attention.

Our attention includes our intentions, our attitudes, the stories we tell ourselves and others, and the feelings these thoughts, beliefs and emotions evoke. When you speak about your dreams and your business in ways that uplift you, your emotion is telling you that you are in alignment with the deeper part of yourself…the Source Energy that is the basis of everything we perceive with our senses.

When you speak about your dreams and your business in ways that saddens and depresses you, your emotion is telling you that you are NOT in alignment with the deeper part of yourself. You are, in effect, shutting down that quantum possibility before the vibration every has a chance to make it into physical form. That means, every time you repeatedly give your attention to aspects of your life or business that upset you, worry you, or cause you to feel bad, you are essentially closing the vibrational door on your own success. You are the one sabotaging your own potential!

You can blame the economy, or a corporation, or the government, or any host of others for your failures. But if you want to turn the tide, you’ll have to begin by taking responsibility for your success.

Every time you say you want to do something, but you can’t, you have just CLOSED the door on that quantum possibility! It will never open again, until you change the thoughts, stories, and emotions related to that idea. The bottom line is: You are the only one who can control your thoughts, and when you focus on what upsets, worries, depresses, or angers you, you are pre-paving your future with that same energy.

Think about that for a moment. If you don’t like what you are currently experiencing, how much do you think you’ll like more of the same in the future?!?

If you want to see your business succeed, then you must first make a commitment to keep your vibrational doors open. That commitment includes being conscious where you give your attention. It includes stopping the behavior, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that brought you to this point. It also includes not getting involved in other people’s dramas.

It’s one thing to allow others to think or believe whatever they choose, and wish them well, and another to feel it’s your responsiblity to make everyone think like you. You must stay focused on the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that support your success and let others find their own paths.

If you are unwilling to make that energetic commitment, you have just closed the door on your dream, behind the vault of your subconscious mind. Buried there, your subconsious mind will block attempts to access any kind of success. It will seem like every effort you make is failing, no matter what you do, nothing is working. But who was the one who closed the door?!?

The good news is that you can begin now unlocking your success.

Are you willing to make the commitment to your own success?

What are you willing to do to open the vibrational doors to your dreams and keep them open?

Effective Solopreneur: Offering Pure Service

Recently, I was watching the e2: Design episode (click webcast tab/scroll to Season 3 to watch online) about the spectacular green renovation of San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

When its doors opened in 2008, it was the most advanced green museum ever built, with a living roof that is an exhibit in and of itself. From a design and engineering standpoint, alone, this building is a marvel…but there’s another, deeper lesson here for small business owners.

One of the architectural critics mentioned that Renzo Piano wins a lot of design competitions, and this person suspected it was because he doesn’t show up with his own agenda, but rather listens to the clients and lets the project reveal the best solutions~and clients can feel that.

His words resonated for me from my experience as a freelance illustrator and designer. More importantly, I believe it’s an essential key for any small business owner: Let go of your ego and offer pure service to your clients.

Being of pure service starts with deep listening~letting the client do 80% of the talking. Just listen. What are they trying to accomplish? Who is their target audience? What is the end result they are after? What are their limitations? Where are they willing to be adventurous? I am amazed how many times after listening without judgement to these answers, much better solutions intuitively revealed themselves once I sat down to work. Clients love when you come back with better ideas than they had ever imagined~all because you listened.

When I worked with some designers in the late 80s and early 90s, it was very clear that they came to every interaction with very strong opinions about what was good and what was bad. The client was immediately informed, even prior to discussing the project, itself. Initially, I thought that this was the hallmark of an excellent designer. At the time, I could only hope that one day, I would become one.

My real-world business experience, however, changed my mind.

Whenever I showed up with agendas and attitudes of right/wrong, power struggles and project issues ensued. It did not feel good, and I found myself not wanting to work with these clients. I’m guessing the feeling was mutual!

Whenever I showed up with an open heart and a pure desire to serve, helping my clients find the solution that worked best for them, I found it was better for everyone involved . I found it easy to set aside my ego and personal preferences for the benefit of the client. I’d share my expertise, but let client’s decide how to spend their money~even if it meant making decisions that I would not personally choose. This approach felt much better. Instead of a power struggle over whose idea gets chosen, my client experiences were more like creative collaborations~with the client understanding the content and audience, and me understanding the technical and design possibilities. Many loyal clients were created during such collaborations!

One of the best things a business owner can do after they get clear about the real value they offer, is to be open to purely serving their clients. Set aside preconceptions and see how you can apply your knowledge and expertise in a way that benefits the client in as many ways as possible. When your knowledge conflicts with the client’s vision, share your expertise in a way that honors the client. Then, let them decide what is best.

With this subtle shift in consciousness, effective solopreneurs reap successful projects, return clients, loyalty that extends beyond the company (clients hiring you when they move on to other companies), your business will thrive and your work day will be much more enjoyable.

Does this example resonate for you? How have you found joy in offering pure service to your clients?

It’s your turn to share your stories and thoughts in the comments below. How do you offer your clients pure service?

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