Showing Up for *FUN* (instead of work)

View this photographer's pageWhen you think or hear the word “work“, what goes through your mind? Do you automatically think hardship, difficulty, frustration, irritation?

What do you feel in your body? Do you feel angst and tension in your body? Maybe a feeling of dread?

When you think a thought often enough, it becomes a belief. When you hold a belief long enough, it becomes ingrained in the cells and tissues of your body. This is nature coding and preparing your body so you can act quickly in the face of potential danger. Instead of lions and tigers (OH MY!), these days most folks are facing stress and perceived danger from their health, relationships, and yes…their work.

Most of what we believe about work is what we were taught by the adults in our life when we were young. Most of us were taught that no one would pay you to do something fun. We were taught the big money comes from doing the hard, frustrating, dirty, and difficult jobs. Now that you are an adult, you get to ask yourself: Is what I have been taught about work REALLY true? Is there a different way to view work?

If you doubt there is a different way to look at work, remember how you felt about work when you had been out of work for a while.

Is it possible to show up for FUN (instead of work)?

Well, I not only think we can…I *KNOW* we can! But, first, showing up for fun (instead of work) starts with reprogramming our mind and body to view the work we do for a living in a different way. Chances are, you’ve been affirming (every day for many years) a lot of negative ideas about work.

There are lots of people every day who make good money doing work they enjoy and having fun along the way. In fact, the people who make really big money are often the ones having the most fun and saying things like, “I’d still do this work even if they didn’t pay me!” Who says you have to suffer and dislike your work experience? (Where you got the message that work had to be so unpleasant is much less important than making the decision NOW to experience more FUN, instead of work!)

To experience something different, it’s time to start affirming something different…something aligned with all the fun you ALREADY experience in your work! Put the spotlight on the fun you experience at work, for a change. Keep affirming the fun, and the universe will pick up on your new signal and begin mirroring it back to you!

Try this exercise:

• Write down all the ways in which you have fun in your current work

• Remember to include the social relationships and connections you have because you work

• Include the things about work you often laugh and joke about

• Post the list somewhere you can see it every day when getting ready for ‘work’ fun

• The next time the subject of work comes up in your mind or conversations, recall the list you’ve compiled

When you begin focusing on the FUN you have at work, you’ll start remembering it more, and attracting more FUN into your job every day. The more fun you attract and acknowledge, the more you’ll prepave FUN into your day! Give it a try.

NLP Practitioners tell us it takes at least 21 days of regularly repeating a new habit to create a new neural pathway in our brain. So, once you have your list, keep it handy and give it some attention every day for a good 30 days or more.

I’d love to read your stories about showing up for FUN instead of work? Share them below in the comments…

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