Cultivating a Sense of Wonder

The subconscious mind is quite remarkable. Besides being at our beck-and-call 24/7, it doesn’t know time (past, present, or future), and it’s always looking for answers…even while we sleep!

If you are dwelling on a past problem, the subconscious doesn’t know it happened in the past, and begins responding  AS IF you are living that same problem in this moment.

If you are worrying about a future potential problem, the subconscious again responds AS IF it’s happening now.

When you ask, “why am I having all these problems?”, the subconscious begins seeking the answer to that question by looking for problems. So, the questions we ask ourselves become very important!

Likewise, if you dwell on exciting and fun possibilities in your life, the subconscious will play with that, too! It will look for even more possibilities, and expand on the ones we’ve already discovered. Asking supportive questions can shift your energy and the way you experience the world.

When you are asking questions that support you, the subconscious mind will find a way to support you in return. That’s why sayings like “If there is a will, there’s a way” holds such a powerful truth.

Prolific author, speaker and creativity coach, Eric Maisel, suggests we take advantage of this 24/7 *service* offered by the subconscious mind by consciously cultivating a sense of wonder. We do this by wondering openly, asking open-ended questions the subconscious can begin seeking answers to those questions.

You can really have a lot of fun with this, and it’s quite the vibe-lifter:

“I wonder how all my perfect opportunities & people are finding me so easily?”

“I wonder why I am having so much fun and smiling so much?”

“I wonder why my life feels so easy and joyful?”

“I wonder how the Universe is expanding my dreams into reality right now?”

“I wonder why my life keeps getting better and better?”

This evening, I began tweeting the questions above and it immediately caught the attention of people who wanted a reason to smile and feel good.

Your turn…how will you cultivate wonder?

Are you having FUN yet?

Last night I was working on my computer and decided to listen to HayHouse Radio online. I came across a show hosted by NLP expert Michael Neill, author of You Can Have What You Want (same name as the show).

It was interesting how he coached people in identifying ways to move forward in their life and listen to their intuitive guidance. Neill emphasized asking specific questions to elicit guidance and they mostly focused on fun.

He suggests you decide what you want to create in your life, then ask two questions:

1. What needs to happen? (what’s the outcome?)

2. What can I do? (variations of this question includes What would I love to do? What’s the next step? What’s the easiest thing to do now? What’s the most fun?)

Let’s face it, most of us don’t ask what we would enjoy doing. Most people see their to-do list as drudgery and feel they can’t have fun until later. If this sounds like you, be patient with these questions. You may have to ask yourself this daily for a while before you begin receiving guidance.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down with how to do what you want or why you feel you can’t do what you want to do or what happened in the past.

Instead, ask yourself the question…Wouldn’t it be nice if…(you could do what you wanted)? Focus on the ideas that feel fun or get you excited. That emotional response is your guidance that you are headed in the right direction.

Lighten up and look for ways to have more fun and create the life you really want to live!
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