Affirming Prosperity

Are you affirming prosperity or poverty? The answer will be evident in your life: If you are overflowing with plenty in all areas that matter to you, then you are affirming prosperity. If not, you’ve probably been unconsciously affirming poverty and lack.

Fortunately, the same energy that created lack can create prosperity! If you’ve done any reading on prosperity, likely you’ve read recommendations to tithe. What is tithing and why is it recommended?

Back in 2009, I wrote a post about tithing after hearing former Unity minister and prosperity teacher Edwene Gaines speak on the subject. Of course, having lived for five years (as a Catholic and later as a metaphysician) in Salt Lake City, Utah, I was very familiar with the concept of church members paying 10% (a tithe, a tenth) to their church.

In her talk, Edwene had introduced me to the idea of giving money to sources of spiritual food ~ whatever and whomever I truly appreciated. That certainly changed how I experienced giving, making giving more fun and meaningful to me, and less of a forced obligation or a *should*. Tithing to sources of spiritual sustenance is another way to affirm prosperity and support what has supported you in growing spiritually.

We know that the Law of Attraction is lining us up with experiences that have similar energy. So when we give from a place of joy and appreciation, we are attracting more experiences of joy and appreciation. The emotions behind our actions draw to us more and more similar experiences.

Other prosperity teachers and authors have written about tithing. Most, like John Randolph Price in his bible-referencing Abundance Book, simply say about tithing: Do it. Prove that you know more prosperity is headed your way. By giving money freely and not hoarding it, Price suggests that tithing sends the message to the Universe that we are open to receiving more money. However, not everyone who tithes experiences abundant returns. Why is that?!? If tithing is so essential to prosperity, how come many who do it do not benefit financially?

What’s intriguing about this approach is that it has induced many financially-desperate folks to tithe from a place of “I don’t really want to and I can’t really afford this, but if I give now, more money will come to me”, rather from a place of joyful and appreciative giving. Remember, Law of Attraction is lining us up with similar feeling experiences. This might explain why tithing is not always a sure-fire way to receive more abundance.

Recently, I was reading the late Eric Butterworth’s book, Spiritual Economics. Having been a Unity Minister in NYC, Butterworth’s book delves into the spiritual aspect of money and has lots of Bible references, just as the Abundance Book does. Butterworth, however, goes deeper into the concept of tithing.

Beginning with a short biblical history lesson, Butterworth explains that tithing 2000+ years ago was a mandatory form of taxation which took 10% (a tithe) of all assets (food, supplies and animals). He also showed how the Bible does not reference Jesus ever speaking positively about tithing or linking it to the concept of receiving more. Rather, Butterworth shows that Jesus taught about giving freely and from the heart, and this book suggests we’d be better off doing that, rather than tithing.

I have to agree. When I stopped giving to organizations I was resenting for their constant barrage of junk mail and started giving ONLY to sources of spiritual food (regardless of whether I could get a tax write-off), I started giving more freely from the heart. It just felt so good! Yeah, there were a few non-profits in there but there were also some individuals, teachers, authors, and speakers who had inspired me.

This also got me thinking about paying taxes, which was the original meaning of tithing. Paying taxes is also a reflection of the amount of financial prosperity you have experienced…a way to affirm prosperity. I have experienced this personally. There were several consecutive years after the dotcom bust where I had limited-to-no income.

When you don’t have enough income, you don’t pay taxes, either. That might seem like a good thing, except that chances are also pretty good there wasn’t enough money for basics like food and shelter, either. To top it off, talking and/or complaining about it only affirms poverty and lack.

The first time my accountant told me I hadn’t earned enough to pay taxes, I was OK with it…but, as the quarters passed with the same news, it just made me sad! If you have also experienced this, then you know that paying taxes is another way to affirm prosperity. It keeps currency moving in flow, rather than piling up and stagnating. I remember the first time I owed taxes again, and how ecstatic I was: It meant I had earned a good living!

Realizing this gave me an epiphany about giving, in general, whether to sources of spiritual food or to pay taxes: When we stop whining and complaining about having to give (taxes) or choosing to give (donations), giving instead from a place of appreciation because we know we have plenty and are happy to share, that’s the signal the Universe needs to send us more!

When you have more than enough, sharing can be fun. In the U.S., many folks are preparing to pay taxes for income received in 2011. If you have a habit of being upset about paying taxes, it would benefit you greatly to shift that attitude. Act as if you already have enough, share from a place of appreciation and plenty: Affirm Prosperity!

What have you been affirming—prosperity/abundance or poverty/lack? I’d love you to share your comments and suggestions below…



Use the Holidays to Lift Your Vibe!

Whether you are feeling down this holiday season and need a quick lift, or you find yourself mired in negativity on occasion, having some positive resources to turn to is vital to keeping your energy positively focused. Here are some quick resources to have ready when you are looking to be uplifted or maintain your positive energy.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

I have been recommending for a long time to create your own JOY list. No one knows what makes you feel good and lifts your spirit better than you! So, get started on one or update the one you have and put it out where you will see it daily and remember to refer to it.

Check out my updated VibeLifters page with even more vibelifting goodies…free or for a fee, but all highly recommended! There are podcasts, books, audios, videos, and more! This list is constantly being updated, so bookmark it, share it, and check back often.

Watch something eye-opening and inspiring right now…Don’t have something inspiring to watch? Below is an interview Lilou Mace did with the co-founder of New World Library, From Drop-out to Multimillionaire. His story is eye-opening and inspiring on many levels. Grab a cuppa your favorite and treat yourself to something amazing:

How do you life your vibe during the holidays? Share your thoughts below…

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