Defining Your Connection to a Higher Power

Today, I was thinking about a client of mine. I know she believes in a higher power, but I realized it would be good to know how she *defines* that higher power in her life. That way, I could honor however she *sees* that higher power in our discussions. Does she call it God or Divine Source or All that Is or does she see it in a non-religious/spiritual way preferring the terms the Field or Quantum Matrix?

Then, it hit me: Beyond the words she uses to refer to this higher power, what is her *belief* around that higher power?

Ultimately, how we see our connection to God or Divine Source or the Quantum Matrix is an indicator of how our life experiences will play out.

If we feel we are at the mercy of the higher power in our life, we often feel helpless, fearful, and that we have no control over our daily experiences. We’ll feel that someone else always had full control and we must tolerate whatever comes to pass. Folks who feel this way have thoughts and prayers (affirmations) that resemble begging (please, please, puleeeeeeeeez!!!), tend to be fearful that they won’t be heard (by others and by their higher power), and rarely expect their needs to be met by anyone, let alone their higher power.

However, if we see ourselves as *part* of the higher power, a Divine spark actively co-creating with itself, we feel that nothing is impossible because of that constant Divine presence. We begin to take 100% responsibility for our role in the co-creation of each daily experience. Knowing a spark of the Divine lives within us and goes wherever we go, fills us with a sense of peace, safety, and the freedom to be who we are knowing that our needs will always be met. Those who embrace their responsibility and role in creation, trusting the deep connection to Divine have thoughts and prayers (affirmations) that resemble declarations of intent (I am, I trust, I know…), and are constantly trusting that whatever is happening is for the benefit of all concerned. What others might label a frustration, they recognize as the Divine at work in their life. As they trust, they receive, again and again.

The words you use and the name for this higher power is much less important than the relationship or connection you feel with your higher power.

What is your belief about your higher power? How does that affect the way you experience your life? Is there anything about your beliefs, that would feel better to see differently, that you would now like to shift?

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