Preparing for the New Year

New Year Transition

It’s that time of year again.

As everyone finalizes their holiday shopping, and settles into the final few weeks of the year, business owners start to contemplate what the new year has to offer.

Some business owners view the future with excitement, a light heart, and joyful anticipation. While some are overwhelmed with fear, doubt, worry, and trepidation.

Why is that?

For centuries, business experts have recommended ongoing planning and forecasting as a part of running a successful business. Basically, they believe that a whole lotta focus on ‘what is’ will help improve business. Deliberate Creators, however, understand that left-brained what-is-focused business planning has its limits. Fire up your spreadsheets and business data, all you want, but there’s more than *facts* deciding outcomes.

How Our Energy Affects Our Business Planning

Energetically, all businesses reflect how the business owner feels (thoughts + emotions) about all aspects of the business, products/services, clients, working conditions, employees (if applicable), and so forth. If there are employees and business partners, then their energy is also a part of this mix.

Because I know this, I consciously make business planning a relaxed, easy, and joyful experience. As I take action on those plans, the results will have that same relaxed, easy, joyful energy.

Every 90 days or so, I take some quiet time for a planning and forecasting session. I review my business targets and imagine what I’d like to experience moving forward. It won’t surprise you that the majority of time during these sessions is spent getting into the feeling place of ALREADY experiencing my targets.

During these planning sessions, I have candles lit, relaxing music playing, my kitty cat slumbering nearby, and ensure I’m in a relaxed and appreciative energy for pre-paving my future. This way, my mind is open, clear, and most receptive to good ideas.

If I’m not sure about my targets or what I want to create, I spend a few minutes doing Pure Awareness meditation to still my mind and raise my vibration before I remember how Source views me and my business. This is enough to put me in a fabulous energy field for imagining my highest excitement for my business.

If I only focused on the left-brain data and planning for my business, I might get stuck in What-Is-ville —never seeing a viable way out of quagmires.

My Silent Business Partner

new yearOver the years, I’ve learned that the energy with which I make decisions and take actions is mirrored back to me in the result.

Like that time when I was not sure what a design client was really looking for, and spent most of the project time swimming in doubt as I questioned all my creative choices, only to have the client question me with the SAME DOUBT (verbatim) when she reviewed the project!


That’s when I remembered that the energy that creates worlds is always my silent business partner (and yours, too!). That experience taught me to get clear about being of excellent service, being guided to the right choices, and opening to the intuitive knowing of my client’s unspoken needs. When I do, the resulting work thrills the client! (That has been my secret to ‘exceeding client expectations’ all these years.)

So…once my environment is set, and the planning session begins, I start answering these questions:

  1. What do I appreciate most about my business? (I milk this)
  2. What would I like to expand in my business? (I reach for what feels better)
  3. What am I ready to release in my business? (I follow my guidance)
  4. What am I willing and ready to receive help with as I move forward? (ditto)
  5. How do I expect to feel once my business has expanded (2, above), I’ve released what no longer serves (3, above), and I’ve received help (4, above)? (paint the picture)
  6. What can I do now to feel that way (5, above)?
  7. After spending a few minutes feeling the feeling of 5 and 6, above, I ask: What additional inspired actions come to mind? (Write it down)

Number 1 puts me in appreciative energy. Number 2 – 4 provides my next quarterly ‘targets’, and 5 – 6 help me tap into that energy. Finally, Number 7 is actually ongoing. Whatever information comes to me in the session, I write down, and take the action that feels like the next logical step.

Hours, days, or even weeks later, additional inspirations will spring up in my awareness. Some may feel completely unrelated. Like calling a friend. Or going grocery shopping. Yet, by following the inspiration, I will meet, talk with, or discover something that helps improve my business.

Your turn! What do you do to prepare for the new year? Share your comments and suggestions below…

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To Resolve or Not to Resolve

It’s official ~ Happy New Year 2014!

NYRsFor some folks, that means making New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, the vast majority of folks who make New Year’s Resolutions fail at accomplishing them. In fact, many MAKE them knowing full well they will never keep them.

Personally, I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago. Instead, I review my year in the week between Christmas and New Years, and open mind to the possibilities for the New Year.  I am constantly reviewing and renewing my goals based on my newly updated discoveries and preferences, and setting new intentions. As the intention becomes clear, I write down my ideas and develop my own powerful customized affirmations.

As I accomplish a goal, I retire the affirmations and create new ones. I don’t wait for a New Year to retire old affirmations and create powerful new ones, or even to tweak the ones I am using. As apen-only result, by the time the end of the year rolls around, I have a lot accomplished by the end of the year.

What about you ~ what works for you? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you write them down or declare them out loud? How successful have you been making and keeping them? Share what works for you in the comments below.

Best Wishes for a Lovely Holiday and Wonder-filled New Year!

It’s officially Christmas on the left coast

So, I stop a moment to send you this special message: No matter which holiday you are celebrating, it is my sincere wish that you are cozy, safe & surrounded by those you love.

As the days begin to grow successively longer, and we enter the next decade, I invite you to consciously notice and appreciate your wonder-filled life. We are blessed far more than we are cursed, even though many spend their time focused on the latter.

Count your blessings, and by the power of the Law of Attraction, you naturally draw to you more and more reasons to feel blessed! Don’t feel like you have blessings to count? One of the life’s most important lessons is how blessings come into our lives masquerading as problems. Embrace each one and look for the silver lining(s)~then watch them morph before your eyes.

2009 has been an incredible year for me, personally, and for I count my loyal blog readers and site visitors for helping to make this year so amazing. I thank each and every one of you, from the depths of my heart, and look forward to experiencing an even better 2010 with you!

Many blessings and Happy Holidays,

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