Find Out What the Walrus Knows!

Got someone on your Gift List who is open to new ideas and also looking to make changes in their life? One of the most unusual and interesting gifts for them this holiday season, actually any time, might be Sarah (Bamford) Seidelmann’s new book, What the Walrus Knows: An Eccentric’s Field Guide to Working with Beastie Energies.

Sarah Seidelmann, a Board Certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist and a Martha Beck trained Coach, invites readers to consider a path that was helpful to her when she began looking for fulfillment in her own life: Notice the animals who show up around you in nature, in your dreams, and in your heart. Which animals catch your attention? What IF their presence is not a coincidence, but a sign to guide you toward the next step in your life?

While such questions are common for those interested in shamanism, it might be less common for you or your friends. Even Seidelmann admits the idea had seemed beyond wacky to her, in the beginning. Before you dismiss this book or ideas, keep in mind that Seidelmann herself asked the above question while she was feeling deeply dissatisfied with her personal and professional life. The answers she received from nature on a regular basis led her out of the darkness and into the light.

On page 164, the author explains, “I’d been living a nature-starved, over-civilized life for a long time. My husband and I are both physicians, and we’re raising four kids. Add all my other interests into the mix, and the result was a constant state of overwhelm.”

As Seidelmann started spending more time in nature, taking more walks and noticing what was happening around her, she began to feel better. So, when she found herself drawn to a taxidermied Walrus in a little shop near her office, the author decided to learn more about Walruses and discovered they offer strength, abundance, gregariousness, deep diving, and even a touch of the psychic. Tapping into that energy, Seidelmann’s life began shifting in powerful ways.

That sent her on a journey of learning about power animals, and is the genesis of this 174 page book that walks you through learning more about using the animals in nature to find the answers on your own spiritual journey. After an introduction, readers are guided to learn about Guest and Core Beasties, then offered tools and exercises before delving into the resources section. At the back of the book, Seidelmann offers up 50 Beastie Manifestos (one page descriptions with key words and phrases) to entice, intrigue and illuminate the reader. The list is not exhaustive, but it is both very intriguing and highly entertaining.

For instance, encounters with a squirrel (an animal you are most likely to encounter on a hike in my neck of the woods) might be telling you (among other things) to relish restlessness, play on purpose, balance with poise, investigate, or hightail it! The manifestos give you a place to start on the journey of using nature as your guide.

This book is beautifully laid out, has enough meat to please even the most serious student of animal wisdom and enough irreverence to make it a lot of fun to curl up with a good cup of tea. That Walrus Seidelmann encountered may have been stuffed, but her take on the subject of Beasties is not the least bit stuffy.

Whether you buy this as a gift for yourself (admit it – this has intrigued you!) or as a fun gift for a questioning friend or family member, be sure to include links to Sarah Seidelmann’s Squirrel Radio – Magic of Animal Totems podcasts. Sarah and fellow Martha Beck coach, Tami McCall, laugh their way through sharing information and stories about animal totems. In addition to possibly learning more about animal totems, listening to the calls might even make reading the book that much more fun!

For more information about What the Walrus Knows click the image above or visit this site. You can purchase the book for $19.95USD from indie bookstores, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Have you read What the Walrus Knows?!? Share your comments below!

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I was not paid to write this post and do not receive any benefit from purchases made. The author provided me a courtesy copy of the book since I have expressed interest in nature and power animals (mine is the Tiger). The above post is my personal opinion after reading the book, and readers understand that they must take responsibility for their own interpretation.

Effective Solopreneur: The Power of Taking Breaks

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level
of awareness that created them.” -Albert Einstein

I see it way too often: Solo business owners, accustomed to wearing many hats, working too long, often without breaks, and so overwhelmed that they haven’t noticed how ineffective they’ve become.

Ineffectiveness is the grim reaper for a solopreneur. Previously, I blogged about the paradigm shift toward more conscious business ownership and stewardship.

In the outdated business models, the route to success is paved only with hard work, struggle, sacrifice, and more hard work. Action, any action, no matter how off-base or  inappropriate was better than no action at all. If you just kept taking action, at some point you’d have success, and course-correction was a necessary daily ritual.

The above description is nothing new to anyone who worked for a high-tech company during the last 20 years~the experience is like non-stop unproductive chaos. It always amazed me when any of those tech companies made money, since it seemed to happen entirely *in spite* of the lack of focus or productivity!

In the new paradigm for conscious businesses, the route that brings the fastest and most effective results is driven by inspired action. Chaos is replaced with calm knowing. The outcome is always kept in mind, and course-correction is rarely necessary.

Inspiration, however, comes to those who are centered and have enough quiet time in their day to hear their intuitive guidance. To receive the guidance for inspired action, successful solo business owners *make* time for regular respits from their work.

Every successful business person, especially solopreneurs, has had to learn to create a regular schedule of quiet time. Thomas Edison was known for taking naps during the day.  Others employed various forms of meditation, including mindful moving meditations or walks in nature.

Regardless of the method you use to get *quiet* time away from your work, it is important to schedule these breaks even when you think you’re too busy to take time away from work. In fact, it’s usually THEN that you need that quiet break the most!

The benefits of regular breaks from your business, whether 10 minutes or 10 week sabbatical, go beyond the obvious: When we are too close to the problems in our business, we can’t see beyond them to the potential solutions. Trying to force a solution under those stressful circumstances actually keeps us stuck longer.

When we step away from problems, we shift our vibration enough to be out of the energy of the problem, and closer to the energy of a solution. Sudden flashes of insight and inspiration are more likely to happen when we are relaxing, and breathing deeply, than when we are under stress and breathing shallowly. Taking breaks improves your energy vibration and the oxygen flow to your BodyMind (the intelligence that functions in every cell in your body).

If you are small business owner or solopreneur who hasn’t been taking breaks, start scheduling regular breaks away from your work area.

If you are a business owner who has been taking regular breaks, drop us a comment below to share what works for you and the benefits you’ve experienced as a result.

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