Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations

Personally, I’ve had such GREAT experiences with affirmations that it always SHOCKS me when I hear people saying things like…

Affirmations never work

I hate affirmations

Affirmations are pointless

and the most unbelievable one:
Take a pile of crap, put frosting on top of it…that’s what affirmations are

Yes, I’ve heard every one of those at some point and it always makes me think ….?!? WHAT ?!?

affirmationsHow is it possible that I have such great experiences with affirmations and so many others struggle with it? First, when people affirm regularly that something WON’T WORK for THEM ~ by the Law of Attraction it will never work FOR THEM! Second, I know HOW to create powerful customized affirmations so I do not struggle with affirmations ~ I know they work and I know they are very much worth the effort!

I realized it was time to work with some folks who didn’t believe in the power of affirmations, coach them, show them how to let go of the struggle, and have them talk about their experience.

So, I turned to the great community at Good Vibe University ~ asking who was ready to let go of their struggle with affirmations. Knowing that coaching is helpful for folks who are really struggling, and knowing that the ones who NEED the coaching the most are often the ones affirming that they cannot afford coaching, I decided to donate the coaching for up to five volunteers. Once five volunteers (Sophie, Mitch, Cheryl, Julie and Melissa) had come forward, I sent them to my site to do the free Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations eCourse. From there, I scheduled coaching sessions, and scheduled the call for GVU.

Now, you get to listen in on the conversation where the five volunteers share their answers to these questions:

• What what was your experience with affirmations before?

• What was affirmation coaching like for you? Was it helpful?

• How have the last several weeks been since the affirmation coaching?
• What has changed?

• What advice would do you have now to folks who struggle with affirmations?

Listen to the “Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations” call now:


OR   Click here to download the MP3
After listening to the call, share it with a few friends and…share your comments and thoughts below!

May Co=Creation Cafe: The Missing Secret to Parenting

Fresh on the Menu: The Missing Secret to Parenting

featuring special guests
Benni Heacock and Denny Hagel,
of Innovative Parenting, LLC

Do you have a passion to teach your children how the law of attraction works and how to harness its power in their lives? Are you interested in raising a generation of children living their lives free from limiting beliefs? If you wish to see children empowered to claim the life they were born to live, and in so doing, effectively changing the world, then you will want to know about the Missing Secret to Parenting.

Guests Benni Heacock and Denny Hagel, both have a background in psychology and experience working with children. Benni, a counselor in private practice, works with individuals and families. She also teaches workshop to people in education, business, religious organizations, and the private sector. Denny has extensive experience working with children with ADD & ADHD in the school system, and she also home schools her own grandchildren. Benni and Denny are co-owners and directors of Innovative Parenting LLC, and dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and other adults teach the law of attraction to children.


to this call online, or download the MP3 for on-the-go listening at
<”click this link

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Referenced in the Call:

Innovative Parenting, LLC site (eBooks and ezine)

> Listen to the call for the Co=Creation Cafe discount CODE to save $20 on workshops

> Abraham-Hicks and the link to listen to their introduction CD

Your Co=Creation Cafe Host,

Nancy Barry-Jansson

January Co=Creation Cafe: Affirming a New You!


Co=Creation Cafe Special:
Affirming A New You!

2010 is here~and it’s NOT science fiction! How will you embrace and benefit from the the amazing energy of the New Year?

Whether you are one who doesn’t know about or understand affirmations, or you’ve tried them briefly in the past only to feel they didn’t work for you, this call will demystify affirmations and show you how to harness their full power for your benefit this year!

Nancy Barry-Jansson is an AffirmingSpirit Teacher/Mentor who has been working with affirmations since the mid-1980s. Having experienced great results for herself, she began casually teaching others who were inspired and uplifted by the experience. In 2000, she conceived of AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation Cards, and in 2003 she launched the product and website. Nancy created and ran the 2008 AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study with participants across the United States to gather information about why affirmations work for some, but not for others. A year later, in 2009, she extended her offerings to small business owners with Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs.


to this call online, or download the MP3 for on-the-go listening at
AffirmngSpirit.com <<< click this link

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Links mentioned in the call:

AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation Cards

HearthMath Institute

Global Coherence Initiative

HAS EXPIRED. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of
the free offer and participated in the drawing!


Your Co=Creation Cafe Host,

Nancy Barry-Jansson


Creating Your Own Economy

If you’re breathing, it’s pretty hard to miss it: Everybody and their brother is talking about the economy. Most are labeling it everything from slow or down, to a recession, and some even consider it the beginning of a depression.

Here’s the thing: Everything is energy, including our economy. In our attraction-based Universe, what we focus upon, we attract energetically. What we focus upon with emotion, we attract even faster energetically. Doesn’t matter what emotion ~ Quantum Physics and heart-based studies show that feeling an emotion boosts the energetic broadcast of your focus across the quantum field of possibilities and brings THAT possibility closer to you much faster than if you thought about it with no emotion.

economySo, when mass-consciousness is focused on something (in this case the economic state), what is being focused upon is being created. If you are worrying and complaining about the economy, you are actually contributing to the current state!

Do the masses who are focusing negatively on the economy really want an economic slowdown, recession, or a depression? I highly doubt it, since their source of focus is usually complaining, blaming, and worrying. They are just unconscious of their true creative powers.

Nevertheless, their incessant attention and their worries lock them in fear which just adds MORE energy to the creation process. If people truly understood their incredible power of creation, I believe they would choose differently. Surely, these folks are not conscious that their attention and energy is adding to such possibilities.

The best way to counteract the mass energy moving toward a non-desired outcome is for those who choose to be Deliberate Creators to consciously focus attention in a desired direction, and tune-out what the less conscious folks are saying about the matter. This is not a time to engage in never-ending conversations about the problems with ‘what is’. Abraham has said (paraphrasing, here) that one conscious person who is tuned into Source Energy is far more powerful than millions who are not.

When it comes down to it, we create our own economy with our vibration (how we interact with the Source Energy around us), our thoughts/attitudes that drive our actions, and the belief in the possibilities. We create our own luck by believing in the possibility of opportunities. What we are willing to perceive is what predominantly shows up in our world. This is why *it seems* as though those who are doing well continue to do so, and those on the edge seem to slip off.

By the way, don’t let the fear-mongers who tell economic horror stories designed to paralyze your efforts fool you: More millionaires were created during The Great Depression than any other time in U.S. History, and this article explains how and why this happened. It boils down to Deliberate Creators believing that something else was possible, focusing attention there, and being aware of all the opportunities available to create their own economic booms. Oh, and if you are letting people talk you out of reaching your dream, then you are not a Deliberate Creator.

Have you made a conscious decision to be a Deliberate Creator, or do you live by default allowing others to decide how you will experience your life?

Here are some steps that conscious, Deliberate Creators can take today to create their own economy:

1. Take responsibility for your own vibration. Pay attention to how you feel and use it as a guide to keep your vibration as high and clear as possible. Meditate regularly so you become attuned and accustomed the higher vibrations. Then, when you begin to feel your vibration slip, you’ll notice it faster and be in a better position to course-correct. Only you are in control of your vibration, as no one else can think and feel for you.

2. In quiet or meditative moments, get clear about the outcomes you would prefer to experience. Knowing clearly what you are aiming for allows you to use your energy most effectively. Not sure what you really want? Deliberately collect more data until you get clear, and you can always define and add further clarity.

3. Find ways to activate the vibration of your desired outcomes: Put yourself in the feeling place of already having what you are seeking such as through visualization, affirmations, creating vision boards or mind-movies, talking about the possibility with other deliberate creators, writing about experiencing your manifestation. Write down & read or say your affirmations regularly. Imagine the perfect clients contacting you again and again. Know what it feels like to be successful and create a profitable economy for yourself.

4. Deliberately seek and connect with other conscious creators. There are *many* of us out here in your real and virtual networks. You can tell who we are by the enthusiasm in our voices and sparkle in our eyes. Those who vibrate much lower find us irritating to be around because we remind them that they have a choice. Begin engaging folks in conversations. If the conversation quickly turns to complaining and blaming failure on the *economy*, then you haven’t found us, yet. Keep believing in the possibility of connecting with other Deliberate Creators.

Good Vibe University is one of the best communities for Deliberate Creators I have seen so far! If your search hasn’t turned up a consistently positive and supportive community, check out GoodVibeU.

5. Get picky about the energy you allow around you. Turn off the news and lo-vibe media. Choose instead to read uplifting books, articles, and blog-posts. Listen to uplifting podcasts. Limit time with low-vibing fault-finders and complainers. Join an uplifting business group such as Quantum MasterMind. Find ways to inspire others and be inspired everyday. Many folks who did this saw their businesses grow exponentially. It’s not a coincidence.

Now it’s your turn:
What do you do to be a conscious, Deliberate Creator of your own economy?

ANNOUNCING: Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs

Since 1994, I have run my own successful business providing creative services to high tech corporations in Silicon Valley, the U.S. and Scandinavia. For 15 years prior to starting my business, and ever since, I have been on a personal quest to learn all I could about metaphysics and the laws of the universe. I began to see a direct connection between my metaphysical lessons and my business success.

Sign up for Quantum MasterMindNow, I’m combining my 30 years of metaphysics expertise, 15 years of business success, with my passion for helping others by facilitating Quantum MasterMind groups. Whether you are struggling in this new economy or not, a Quantum MasterMind will help you grow your business much faster than you could do alone in the most cost and time-effective way possible!

During the month of July, I’m offering 12 free preview calls so that 240 solopreneurs can experience a Quantum MasterMind firsthand. These calls start on Tuesday July 14th through Thursday July 30th. Limit one free call per person.


While the preview calls have completed, you are invited to learn more about Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs <click.

On a limited basis, I do have some slots available for folks who would like to attend one call to see if it’s a good fit for them. If you’d like to try one, visit this page, scroll to bottom and click on the Feedback | Questions link to send me an email request.

Co=Creation Cafe for July 5, 2009: Quantum Spirituality

This Month’s Special:
Quantum Spirituality—Where Science and Spirituality Converge

In the past few years, Quantum Physics and Biological studies have been proving what the ancient teachers and indigenous cultures have always known: That we are all connected and affect each other not only with our actions, but also with our thoughts and feelings. In this call, Nancy and Melissa discuss some of the latest information about these discoveries and how that interlaces with spiritual practices, including the Law of Attraction and how we can heal ourselves as well as the planet.

To listen to the call online or download the MP3 file, visit:


OR, to listen to the call online only, visit:

Provocative Communications.com

To respond to this call, submit questions, or get the links to the audios and videos referenced in this call, go to the Co=Creation Cafe Blog.

Check out the links for books referenced in this call.

EnJOY! :o)

The Value is in the Mirror

Coaches are trained that the client knows everything. Seriously. We’re taught that only *you* have the answers to solve your own problems. So, if you already have your own answers, how is a coach of any value?

The value is in the mirror: one of life’s major ironies is that hardly anyone alive can *see* what’s truly blocking them. OK, *maybe* the Dali Lama and *possibly* the Pope. The rest of us need others to help us see what is standing in our way. Gregg Braden described it this way: When riding on a bus to see the great reflecting Buddha, he was able to see the reflection of the Buddha in the still lake before he was able to actually see the statue itself. Life is like that if you are paying very close attention: you’ll see your blocks reflected by those around you.

Most people don’t want to know that other’s problems have anything to do with their own. They feel as if they have enough of their own problems. They miss the point that the problems they have ARE the ones reflected in those around them.

Is there a faster, more expedient way to see those blocks, process their release, and get support moving forward with new energy? Yes. It’s called Life or Business Coaching, which differs from Counseling in that it’s future-focused, only delving into the past so that blocks can be revealed, then it resumes being future-focused. Working with a life or business coach will help you gain clarity, define your focus, release blocks to receiving, and stay on course. Coaches are partners in your success who help you see your own thinking in a way that shows you what is working and what is not working.

Coaching is so important to personal and professional growth that fellow coach, and soon-to-be Counselor, Melissa Quiter and I devoted one entire Co=Creation Cafe call to the discussion: What is coaching? How can it help you? How do you find the best coach for your needs?

You can listen to this Co=Creation Cafe call online or download the MP3 file.

For me, personally, there have been major AHAs and breakthroughs in coaching that I simply wouldn’t have experienced had I been slugging it out on my own. These blocks were in my blind-spot, so I may never have found them if it hadn’t been for working with my coach.

Have you benefitted from Coaching? Please take a moment to share how coaching was beneficial for you.

Updated Suggested Reading List

It’s raining and gloomy today in the oft-sunny San Francisco south bay. A perfect day to snuggle up by a fireplace with a great, inspiring book! Have I got some great books to recommend, too!

In fact, I’ve just spent this afternoon updating my Suggested Reading page in the Inspiration Section of AffirmingSpirit.com. I even added the book images so you would know exactly which book I am recommending.

While I am not sure I can ever say enough good things about the books I’ve featured on this page, I do recommend that you go for the ones that speak to you. Each one has played an important role in shifting my thinking, showing me a better way, and lifting me along the way. I’m constantly checking out new books, too…I recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.

If you want to learn more about any of the books shown, maybe even read and excerpt, click the image to visit Amazon’s review page. I usually check books out here first, then see if my local library has a copy. If I really LOVE the book (hint: you LOVE the book when you keep renewing it rather than returning it to the library), then it becomes part of my library and is added to this Suggested Reading page.

I’d love to hear from you if you have some suggestions. Submit them in the comments box below. Meanwhile, enjoy these great books and have a wonderful holiday!

AffirmingSpirit 2008 Affirmation Study

July 31st was officially the last day of the AffirmingSpirit 2008 Affirmation Study. This is the first study I have ever done and the first time I ever officially ofoffered coaching for the creation of affirmations. What an amazing experience! It has also been an incredibly life changing for myself as well as the participants.

For years, my coach has been telling me that I am a natural coach and should also consider being a writer. Writing has always come easy to me, but it took conceiving of the study and implementing it for me to discover my coaching and intuition skills.

Miraculously, I found myself able to guide the participants in the study and watch their lives blossom as a result. I realize now that I’ve had these skills for years, but honed them as a self-employed illustrator and presentation designer. Many times, my clients weren’t exactly sure of what they really wanted, but by talking to them I could hear what they really wanted but hadn’t been able to articulate, then use that information to intuit and create a final result that the the client truly loved.

On Saturday, August 2, 2008, I spoke with Melissa Jean Quiter during our Co=Creation Cafe call, sharing details about the study, the participants, and some of the success stories. Every participant experienced positive results, but some had such incredible experiences that, even as someone very well versed in the topic of Law of Attraction and Affirmations, I was astounded!

You can listen to the conversation I had with Melissa in mp3 format by visiting my Co=Creation Cafe Archive section of the site. After listening, visit the Co=Creation Cafe blog to continue the conversation by posting your questions and comments.

Fresh from the Oven: Co=Creation Cafe!

On Saturday, July 5th, Melissa Jean Quiter and I (Nancy Barry-Jansson), completed our first Co=Creation Cafe recording. We had a lot of fun, as usual, and you will enjoy hearing us discuss What You’ve Never Learned About the Power of Affirmations.

To subscribe to the Co=Creation Cafe and let technology serve up the latest recordings, just click the icon at the left. When the new browser window comes up, choose the RSS feed source you’d like to use. You can also copy the feed string into a bookmark.

The next Co=Creation Cafe is serving up Let Go of the Struggle and Be Pulled Toward Your Greatest Desires on Saturday, July 19, 2008 [10am PT/ 1pm ET /6pm GMT]. To learn more, or participate in the live call, visit the Co=Creation Cafe site.

We look forward to Co=Creating with you!

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