Value Contradictions?

Most of us grew up in a world that said, “The way to success is to work hard and be kind to others.”  Yet, we are also routinely taught by the most successful people that…

You have to be bold ~ nice guys finish last.

It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

You can’t help others if you are not wealthy.

Winning at all costs is most important.

Winning = having a lot of disposable income.

contradiction_180x240You may not think you have made value judgements about money, earning money, spending money, saving money, or having an excessive amount of it, but chances are those judgements are subconscious.

Chances are you are already very clear that there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to make money. You’ve likely made value judgements about people who make money drug dealing, prostituting, pimping, money laundering, or even as an elected official, etc. These value judgements are actively at effect in your unconscious mind whenever you think or talk about money.

Today, I heard about this study at the University of California at Berkeleywatch this 8 min video and you’ll quickly see why it caught my attention:

At the beginning of this video, I could relate because I’ve noticed the same thing in the SF Bay Area: luxury cars are usually the first to run stop signs, drive through cross walks with pedestrians, and will literally drive hazardously if you get in their way. I’ve actually gotten to the point of just pulling over to let them past me because they often drive so aggressively.

One time, I was driving in the far left carpool lane of Interstate 280 North, doing the speed limit with my son in the car when a Mercedes station wagon with 1 person overtook me on the left side in the *Emergency Lane* (freeway shoulder for emergency vehicles only) because he didn’t want to follow behind me. Incredibly dangerous and stupid behavior that probably only saved him less than one minute in travel time.

Still, I don’t think of myself as a person who thinks ill of wealthy people…

It had never occurred to me that I may have so internalized beliefs based on observations that it might be blocking me from greater financial success. Never had it dawned on me to think less of myself when around people who are wealthier, and yet…I often pull over to let the obnoxious luxury car drivers past me rather than put up with their tailgating…and more than once have tolerated those same drivers not giving me the right of way as a pedestrian.

I was actually shocked by some of the findings in this study, and yet I routinely put up with and tolerate inappropriate behavior of others. Humans make value judgements against those we consider selfish or only “out for themselves”, while at the same time…

1. Virtually all spiritual teachers/channels tell us to take care of ourselves, first. Make feeling good a priority above everything/everyone else. Take action only if it feels good to do so. So when this study shows that wealthy people are *looking out for #1*, that could explain how they got wealthy to begin with!

Is there a fine line between taking good care of yourself and being compassionate for your fellow man? Or is it a big WIDE line?

2. All spiritual teachers and most religions point to our Divine Right to be,  have, and do *anything* that our heart’s desire. We are innately entitled as humans, and we have treated animals accordingly. Yet a large percentage of people are stuck in jobs they don’t like, putting up with circumstances they find almost unbearable at work and home, and barely surviving financially.

I hope you can you spot the contradictions here! What do you think after watching this video? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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Affirming Prosperity

Are you affirming prosperity or poverty? The answer will be evident in your life: If you are overflowing with plenty in all areas that matter to you, then you are affirming prosperity. If not, you’ve probably been unconsciously affirming poverty and lack.

Fortunately, the same energy that created lack can create prosperity! If you’ve done any reading on prosperity, likely you’ve read recommendations to tithe. What is tithing and why is it recommended?

Back in 2009, I wrote a post about tithing after hearing former Unity minister and prosperity teacher Edwene Gaines speak on the subject. Of course, having lived for five years (as a Catholic and later as a metaphysician) in Salt Lake City, Utah, I was very familiar with the concept of church members paying 10% (a tithe, a tenth) to their church.

In her talk, Edwene had introduced me to the idea of giving money to sources of spiritual food ~ whatever and whomever I truly appreciated. That certainly changed how I experienced giving, making giving more fun and meaningful to me, and less of a forced obligation or a *should*. Tithing to sources of spiritual sustenance is another way to affirm prosperity and support what has supported you in growing spiritually.

We know that the Law of Attraction is lining us up with experiences that have similar energy. So when we give from a place of joy and appreciation, we are attracting more experiences of joy and appreciation. The emotions behind our actions draw to us more and more similar experiences.

Other prosperity teachers and authors have written about tithing. Most, like John Randolph Price in his bible-referencing Abundance Book, simply say about tithing: Do it. Prove that you know more prosperity is headed your way. By giving money freely and not hoarding it, Price suggests that tithing sends the message to the Universe that we are open to receiving more money. However, not everyone who tithes experiences abundant returns. Why is that?!? If tithing is so essential to prosperity, how come many who do it do not benefit financially?

What’s intriguing about this approach is that it has induced many financially-desperate folks to tithe from a place of “I don’t really want to and I can’t really afford this, but if I give now, more money will come to me”, rather from a place of joyful and appreciative giving. Remember, Law of Attraction is lining us up with similar feeling experiences. This might explain why tithing is not always a sure-fire way to receive more abundance.

Recently, I was reading the late Eric Butterworth’s book, Spiritual Economics. Having been a Unity Minister in NYC, Butterworth’s book delves into the spiritual aspect of money and has lots of Bible references, just as the Abundance Book does. Butterworth, however, goes deeper into the concept of tithing.

Beginning with a short biblical history lesson, Butterworth explains that tithing 2000+ years ago was a mandatory form of taxation which took 10% (a tithe) of all assets (food, supplies and animals). He also showed how the Bible does not reference Jesus ever speaking positively about tithing or linking it to the concept of receiving more. Rather, Butterworth shows that Jesus taught about giving freely and from the heart, and this book suggests we’d be better off doing that, rather than tithing.

I have to agree. When I stopped giving to organizations I was resenting for their constant barrage of junk mail and started giving ONLY to sources of spiritual food (regardless of whether I could get a tax write-off), I started giving more freely from the heart. It just felt so good! Yeah, there were a few non-profits in there but there were also some individuals, teachers, authors, and speakers who had inspired me.

This also got me thinking about paying taxes, which was the original meaning of tithing. Paying taxes is also a reflection of the amount of financial prosperity you have experienced…a way to affirm prosperity. I have experienced this personally. There were several consecutive years after the dotcom bust where I had limited-to-no income.

When you don’t have enough income, you don’t pay taxes, either. That might seem like a good thing, except that chances are also pretty good there wasn’t enough money for basics like food and shelter, either. To top it off, talking and/or complaining about it only affirms poverty and lack.

The first time my accountant told me I hadn’t earned enough to pay taxes, I was OK with it…but, as the quarters passed with the same news, it just made me sad! If you have also experienced this, then you know that paying taxes is another way to affirm prosperity. It keeps currency moving in flow, rather than piling up and stagnating. I remember the first time I owed taxes again, and how ecstatic I was: It meant I had earned a good living!

Realizing this gave me an epiphany about giving, in general, whether to sources of spiritual food or to pay taxes: When we stop whining and complaining about having to give (taxes) or choosing to give (donations), giving instead from a place of appreciation because we know we have plenty and are happy to share, that’s the signal the Universe needs to send us more!

When you have more than enough, sharing can be fun. In the U.S., many folks are preparing to pay taxes for income received in 2011. If you have a habit of being upset about paying taxes, it would benefit you greatly to shift that attitude. Act as if you already have enough, share from a place of appreciation and plenty: Affirm Prosperity!

What have you been affirming—prosperity/abundance or poverty/lack? I’d love you to share your comments and suggestions below…



Choice Versus Money: A Powerful Lesson

Rikka ZimmermanEarlier today, I was listening to Rikka Zimmerman’s interview about the Access Consciousness process ~ a process that includes asking a series of questions to unlock the mind and also a clearing statement to remove limiting beliefs.

As I listened to this today, one of the most powerful things Rikka discusses is not putting “money before CHOICE”. What does that mean?

Putting money before choice is when…
You really want something with all your heart, whether an object or an experience, but before you allow yourself to entertain the idea of having or experiencing, you shut it down with negative thoughts like:

  • I (We) can’t afford it
  • That will never happen
  • There’s no way I’d be able to do that
  • I never get what I want, anyway
  • Everyone else’s needs come before mine
  • Fill in the blank…the excuse doesn’t matter because they all have the same affect of shutting down the possibility

How often do you put money before choice, or before what really makes your heart sing?

People who have continually have money make choices based on the outcome they prefer (choice), not the presence or availability of money, itself. In fact, many wealthy people will happily go into debt temporarily, using other people’s money in return for interest, in order to make even more money. That’s called investing.

The interesting thing about whether you can ‘afford’ an experience is that we can always AFFORD what we believe is possible. There is no shortage of money when we believe in the possibility of having or experiencing something we truly desire.

People who attract and always have a flow of money coming in not only know how to steward that money, how to invest it to make it grow, but they know that CHOICE always takes priority over money.

To be very clear: I’m not telling you to whip out your credit card and head to the nearest mall. Far from it.

What I am suggesting is that you first become fully conscious of how you feel and never put money before something you truly desire to experience. I am asking you to shift your focus from what you don’t have to what lights you up!

When you focus your attention FIRST on what lights up your heart…the Universe gets that signal and will knock itself out to bring you the experience or the money to purchase the experience! Either someone will offer the experience to you, or will hire you in a way that provides the money for the experience, or the money will make it’s way into your account.

The first time I realized this powerful truth, I really wanted to have solar panels installed on my home so that I would be generating electricity all year round. When I thought about the cost of the solar panels, I could feel the wind being sucked out of my lungs. I didn’t have any extra money for anything other than paying my bills. Just the thought of how much it cost made me want to forget about it all together!

However, the Abraham materials have taught me that emotions are important indicators of where we are vibrationally. When something feels good to think about, it means those thoughts are in alignment with what Source, or the greater part of you, feels about the same subject.

When I thought about having solar panels on the roof of my home, always generating electricity, it just lit me up inside. The feeling was infectious, expansive, delightful – it just felt really, really GOOD!

So, I stopped thinking about the cost, and focused my imagination on *seeing* those solar panels installed on my roof and knowing that they were always generating electricity for my home. Within 7 months I had the cash to pay for those solar panels in full. Every day, I am thrilled to know the solar panels are on my roof generating electricity and I am so happy that I put my choice above the money.

Money will come from wherever it is to wherever you want it, as long as you don’t put it before what lights you up and fills you with joy. Money is energy that is meant to serve you, not for you to become a slave to it. Putting your choice before money sends a signal to the Universe/Quantum Field about what makes you truly happy. The signals we send out are always answered. Life mirrors back to us what we think is possible based on where we are focusing our attention.

Now it’s your turn – I want to hear from you. Share your experiences putting choice before money below…

Creating Your Own Economy

If you’re breathing, it’s pretty hard to miss it: Everybody and their brother is talking about the economy. Most are labeling it everything from slow or down, to a recession, and some even consider it the beginning of a depression.

Here’s the thing: Everything is energy, including our economy. In our attraction-based Universe, what we focus upon, we attract energetically. What we focus upon with emotion, we attract even faster energetically. Doesn’t matter what emotion ~ Quantum Physics and heart-based studies show that feeling an emotion boosts the energetic broadcast of your focus across the quantum field of possibilities and brings THAT possibility closer to you much faster than if you thought about it with no emotion.

economySo, when mass-consciousness is focused on something (in this case the economic state), what is being focused upon is being created. If you are worrying and complaining about the economy, you are actually contributing to the current state!

Do the masses who are focusing negatively on the economy really want an economic slowdown, recession, or a depression? I highly doubt it, since their source of focus is usually complaining, blaming, and worrying. They are just unconscious of their true creative powers.

Nevertheless, their incessant attention and their worries lock them in fear which just adds MORE energy to the creation process. If people truly understood their incredible power of creation, I believe they would choose differently. Surely, these folks are not conscious that their attention and energy is adding to such possibilities.

The best way to counteract the mass energy moving toward a non-desired outcome is for those who choose to be Deliberate Creators to consciously focus attention in a desired direction, and tune-out what the less conscious folks are saying about the matter. This is not a time to engage in never-ending conversations about the problems with ‘what is’. Abraham has said (paraphrasing, here) that one conscious person who is tuned into Source Energy is far more powerful than millions who are not.

When it comes down to it, we create our own economy with our vibration (how we interact with the Source Energy around us), our thoughts/attitudes that drive our actions, and the belief in the possibilities. We create our own luck by believing in the possibility of opportunities. What we are willing to perceive is what predominantly shows up in our world. This is why *it seems* as though those who are doing well continue to do so, and those on the edge seem to slip off.

By the way, don’t let the fear-mongers who tell economic horror stories designed to paralyze your efforts fool you: More millionaires were created during The Great Depression than any other time in U.S. History, and this article explains how and why this happened. It boils down to Deliberate Creators believing that something else was possible, focusing attention there, and being aware of all the opportunities available to create their own economic booms. Oh, and if you are letting people talk you out of reaching your dream, then you are not a Deliberate Creator.

Have you made a conscious decision to be a Deliberate Creator, or do you live by default allowing others to decide how you will experience your life?

Here are some steps that conscious, Deliberate Creators can take today to create their own economy:

1. Take responsibility for your own vibration. Pay attention to how you feel and use it as a guide to keep your vibration as high and clear as possible. Meditate regularly so you become attuned and accustomed the higher vibrations. Then, when you begin to feel your vibration slip, you’ll notice it faster and be in a better position to course-correct. Only you are in control of your vibration, as no one else can think and feel for you.

2. In quiet or meditative moments, get clear about the outcomes you would prefer to experience. Knowing clearly what you are aiming for allows you to use your energy most effectively. Not sure what you really want? Deliberately collect more data until you get clear, and you can always define and add further clarity.

3. Find ways to activate the vibration of your desired outcomes: Put yourself in the feeling place of already having what you are seeking such as through visualization, affirmations, creating vision boards or mind-movies, talking about the possibility with other deliberate creators, writing about experiencing your manifestation. Write down & read or say your affirmations regularly. Imagine the perfect clients contacting you again and again. Know what it feels like to be successful and create a profitable economy for yourself.

4. Deliberately seek and connect with other conscious creators. There are *many* of us out here in your real and virtual networks. You can tell who we are by the enthusiasm in our voices and sparkle in our eyes. Those who vibrate much lower find us irritating to be around because we remind them that they have a choice. Begin engaging folks in conversations. If the conversation quickly turns to complaining and blaming failure on the *economy*, then you haven’t found us, yet. Keep believing in the possibility of connecting with other Deliberate Creators.

Good Vibe University is one of the best communities for Deliberate Creators I have seen so far! If your search hasn’t turned up a consistently positive and supportive community, check out GoodVibeU.

5. Get picky about the energy you allow around you. Turn off the news and lo-vibe media. Choose instead to read uplifting books, articles, and blog-posts. Listen to uplifting podcasts. Limit time with low-vibing fault-finders and complainers. Join an uplifting business group such as Quantum MasterMind. Find ways to inspire others and be inspired everyday. Many folks who did this saw their businesses grow exponentially. It’s not a coincidence.

Now it’s your turn:
What do you do to be a conscious, Deliberate Creator of your own economy?

Tithing Versus Charity Giving

TithingI’ve been studying metaphysics in one form or another for almost 29 years, so when it comes to manifesting prosperity I thought I’d “heard it all”. Then, a friend invited me hear Edwene Gaines, a former Unity Minister, speak about prosperity at the Center for Spiritual Living, saying that the speaker is always very entertaining. I was not familiar with Edwene Gaines, but I enjoy being entertained and thought it would be a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Whatever the current state of the economy happens to be, I know first-hand that we all create our own “economies” through our thoughts and feelings. So, I expected Edwene Gaines to entertain and uplift, but I did not expert her to surprise me. I am happy to report that she accomplished all three!

First, it’s important to explain that Edwene defines prosperity as:

  • Having a ”vitally alive, healthy body”, for the God-being that we are to express through
  • Relationships that are joyous, satisfying, intimate, honest, and nurturing, and that work all the time
  • Work that we love so much it’s not work but play
  • Plus…All the money that we can spend

OK, so probably no big surprise in this list, although it may surprise some that prosperity and abundance are never just about money, and a few may think it’s impossible to be paid to do what you love. She went on to explain that she believes there are four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity:

1. Tithing: Returning 10% of everything received back to where we’ve been spiritually fed
2. Forgiving ourselves and others every day
3. Clear Goal Setting for tangible goals
4. Following our divine purpose in the world

When Edwene mentioned Tithing, my first thought was, “Oh, yeah, I’ve been donating 10% to charities for years…most of the time on auto-pilot as I get so many chartity requests, but I’m not sure it has improved my prosperity!” Then, she clarified that tithing (means “tenth”) does NOT include charity giving! Yes, this surprised me…does it surprise you, too?

A former Unity Minister, Edwene quotes the Bible often, and explains that money, like all energy, is intended to expand and grow, so it behooves us to give our first tenth to expand the world in a positive way. That would eliminate charities. When we give first to charities, we are giving to the NEED, to scarcity, to lack, and creating dependency, thereby encouraging the NEED and scarcity and lack to expand. (And it does…none of the charity issues I donate to are resolving!)

However, Edwene was very careful to say that we can support charities after we have tithed to what feeds us spiritually. She says it is best to first reward the source of our spiritual food in order for such sources to expand, then donate to charities after that. In some cases, the places that uplift you may also be charities, such as Humane Societies that provide the pet you love dearly or Open Space organizations that maintain your favorite hiking trails. Many people tithe all 10% directly to their church or spiritual group, but Edwene says you can also tithe to anyone who uplifts you: motivational authors, uplifting speakers, supportive friends, a regular and reliable waitress, your hair dresser or a massage therapist…virtually anyone whose words and/or actions have proven fruitful in helping you grow spiritually or be a better person. You can also tithe to a place that renews your soul, such as the organization supporting hiking trails or a public park. Everyone’s list will be different, depending on what feeds them.

Explaining the importance of giving to abundance, rather than lack/need/scarcity, Edwene said once we prove our trust in our Source** providing every financial need by giving the first 10th (10%) directly to the people, places, and institutions that spiritually feed us, our incomes will grow so large that it will be easy to give additionally to charities. By doing it this way, she explains, our contributions will be much more powerful because they will come from the heart, thereby expanding our own prosperity and our capacity to help ourselves as well as others.

I realize this may be very hard to swallow for someone who is wondering where the money for rent or their next meal is coming from, but that’s an entirely different conversation about trusting your connection to Source Energy (God, All-That-Is) and your birthright to receive abundance. Edwene was in dire financial straights as a single mother when she first began to tithe and knows personally how hard it is to take that first step.

The point Edwene was making is that we need to give from our hearts, not from the tax-deducting thoughts in our heads. And donating our time is not the same as trusting that Source is always providing, so we can easily make a financial commitment from our wallet.

I can relate to the destructiveness of not giving from my heart. Early last year, I found myself feeling obligated to give 10% to charities and really only doing it for the deductions. No part of my heart was involved. Charities would send a ‘gift’ and then ask for donations. I never asked for, nor did I even want the gifts, but I certainly felt obligated to give, and in a negative way. My money probably did little for them, since it was filled with an irritated sense of obligation. Half way through the year, I decided that I needed to change and that I would no longer give unless it at least felt good in my heart to do so. While that helped, I was still giving first to charity and my charity giving was not improving my financial situation.

Now, Edwene was helping me to see the error of my ways: I had been focusing my first tenth on NEED, scarcity, lack and creating dependency”and frankly, resenting the *heck* out of it! It was time to focus on where I was being spiritually fed. Considering myself a non-religious but highly spiritual person, the sources of my spiritual food are rarely, if ever, institutions. More often, I am fed by spiritual and motivational teachers who have written books, recorded CDs, channeled information, and/or filmed uplifting movies. When I think about sending money to some of my greatest sources of spiritual inspiration, I must say it feels really wonderful in my heart, but my head immediately starts to say, “Waidahminute! Those people are already multi-millionaires! They don’t NEED my money…” LOL! No they don’t ‘need’ money, and perhaps that’s exactly the point Edwene was trying to make! According to the scriptures Edwene quotes, it has always been intended that our tithes would go to the places that uplift us, to further encourage the upliftment of the world. Granted, some people may feel they are uplifted by their house of religious worship, but many do not. If you are one of latter, then you need to find out where you are most uplifted, positively motivated, and spiritually fed.

I can say that while it initially struck me as odd to tithe only to sources of spiritual fulfillment first, and donate to charities after that, the idea feels really good in my heart. It makes heart-sense, if you will. And, if I’ve learned anything over the past 29 years, it is to pay attention to and follow my heart. I imagine good things could happen if everyone, even those receiving tithes, put 10% directly back into the world to make it a better, more uplifting place.

At the end of her talk, Edwene asked us to donate money to the Center for Spiritual Living, and having felt entertained, uplifted, and enlightened, I was happy to give a tenth of what was in my purse. When I got home from Sunday’s talk, I checked my email and discovered a new and unexpected PayPal payment had just arrived! I smiled because I knew exactly who to send the first 10th to!

Try this!
Make a list of every person, place, or institution that uplifts you. Have the list handy so that as money comes to you, you can begin to send the first tenth directly to the sources of your spiritual food without second-guessing. If, like me, you find your pet(s) or hiking outdoors to be uplifting, then consider adding your local Humane Society, Open Space and/or Public Parks to your list. What about people who have uplifted and motivated you? Once you begin to ask this question, you’ll be more aware of who, what, and where that feeds you…and you’ll be ready when it comes time to tithe.

PS: If you have a chance to hear Edwene Gaines speak, I highly recommend it…she had the entire audience in hysterics laughing, smiling, nodding, and most importantly thinking abundantly! I don’t get anything from recommending her. You can learn more about Edwene, and see her books and other products, at

**However you define your Source: Source Energy, Divine Source, God, All-That-Is, Alla, Buddha…

Let’s Talk about Money!

This past Tuesday, I hosted a group call for the AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study Group. Our guest speaker was Janet Carol Ryan, creator of Abundant Blessings CD.

Janet recommends that we pay attention to how we talk about money. Using the word only in relation to money is limiting. When we say “spend money”, we imply depletion. I really like Janet’s suggestion, instead, to see yourself circulating money. Most of us think about getting and holding onto money, but the reality is that we are really just centers of energy (money) circulation. MoneyThe Abundance Book w/CD flows in, then we flow it out in exchange for services and experiences. Ideally, a percentage of it stays with us as it flows to serve other purposes in our lives. Either way, it’s always flowing…are you making the choice to receive and circulate?

In John Randolph Price’s book The Abunance Book, he created an acronym for money…My Own Natural Energy Yield. To me, that ties in with the thought of energy circulation. Are you welcoming your own energy yield? How so?

I was listening to the audio verison of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard T. Kiyosaki, and rich Dad was always saying, “Money in not real.” or “Money is what people decide it is.” While he does not stress these as spiritual points, they really are both true and spiritual concepts at their core. Money is neutral. We, as citizens have decided that paper cut in a certain shape and printed with a certain pattern in a certain colors has a value that we can exchange for services and experiences. We are the ones who decide what value everything has, including how we experience our economy!

Robert Kiyosaki mentions that his wealthy friends always talk about money and business, and brainstorm ways to help each other, while his poor friends prefer not to talk about money at all, thinking it rude. Hmmmm….interesting observation. We can all ask ourselves how we talk about money…in hushed tones with only certain company, or in excited, open dialogs where you look forward to receiving more?

Share your comments about money, circulation, and how you feel about it all. What are you willing to do to create a positive relationship with your flow?

Grateful for Abundant Blessings

Today is the 15th of the month…the one day a month that I sit down to pay my bills. I used to pay my bills throughout the month which was an inefficient use of my time and thus a great source of stress.

About 3 years ago, I figured out when the bulk of my bills were due (20-25th of each month) and arranged it so I could pay bills one day each month. This required pre-paying a few flat fee bills so that I would be paying in advance each month. Still, it was well worth it for me as I find bill paying to be a much more relaxing endeavor than it used to be, and I’ve never looked back. If you are spending a lot of time throughout the month to pay your bills, I suggest you try this technique.

Conscious Money Circulation
CD coverWhen I was ready to start paying my bills, I popped in Janet Carol Ryan‘s Abundant Blessings CD. It includes a meditation around money circulation plus 18 minutes of music with affirmations. This is such a wonderful CD to play any time, but especially when it’s time to pay bills! Janet reminds us that it is the nature of Source to support it’s creations (you and me!), and that we are all abundantly blessed when we choose to acknowledge the world around us.

I put the Affirmations with music portion of the CD on repeat and let it play as I paid my bills and worked around my office. What a wonderful and effortless way to Inside CD casetransform your energy around money!

Inside the case, under the CD, Janet has thoughtfully included tips for using the CD and developing your financial well-being. I love this CD and know you will, too! I highly recommend this CD.

What relationship have you established with your money?
Do you have a process for appreciating your bills and bill paying process?
Have you found ways to honor your conscious circulation of money?
If so, please share your comments below.

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