Effective Solopreneur: Trusting Into Not Knowing

Twenty days into March and this is my first blog post. It’s OK, though, because I’ve been actively practicing fully trusting into not knowing.

I fully trusted that when it was time to write a new blog post, I would know.

I fully trusted that life and business would deliver me subjects to write about as long as I stayed relaxed in not knowing.

I let go of demanding that I write a blog post just for the sake of writing a blog post.

There are probably Marketing Coaches writhing with frustration reading this post right now because they believe that every business owner needs to write a new blog post every 2 or 3 days. That may be a nice rule of thumb, but if you’ve read my blog for any period of time you know I don’t write fluffy posts about nothing just so I can meet a blog writing quota. I won’t do anything for my business that doesn’t feel aligned just to meet a quota because I understand the power of vibration in creating! If we aren’t positively aligned when we take action, then the results also won’t be positively aligned with what we desire.

Many successful entrepreneurs have a keen sense of intuition and an ability to quickly follow inspired action. We all know what it feels like to just *know* inside of yourself exactly what steps to take next and what is the right choice for you. You may even have read my blog post about this important business resource.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know very well that there are also times when you just don’t know. It can be frustrating and unnerving. Especially if you are used to *always knowing* exactly what you want to do next.

The vibration of frustration, though, is not conducive to receiving quality inspiration. Fighting anything, including the not knowing, actually puts us in a place of resistance rather than a place of receiving what you desire. Being in resistance manifests more experiences to feel resistance. So, how does one trust into not knowing?

It starts with letting it be OK to not know. For some, that means extra self-love. For others, it means addressing their impatience. Still others might really need to learn how to relax. Only you really know what emotions not knowing brings up for you. Learning to trust yourself, trust your guidance AND trust your not knowing are essential to being an effective solopreneur or business owner. For that matter, it’s essential for living a peace-filled joyful life.

When you allow yourself to be OK with not-knowing, even in a place of inner peace, some magical alchemy begins to happen: The fully allowed not knowing transmutes itself into a gentle understanding, and then into fully knowing. Gradually, your trusting energy is rewarded. You find it easy to allow what’s most important to bubble up to the surface, and soon the not-knowing shifts to knowing.

This morning, after spending nearly twenty days in not-knowing, I woke up knowing exactly what was most important to share at this time. Once again, I was reminded how relaxing into wherever you are can be one of the most helpful tools a solo business owner can possess!

What are your experiences in trusting into not-knowing? Share them below in the comments so we may all learn from each other.

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