Letting Meaning Find You

meaningMeaning. Fulfillment. Purpose.

We’ve all heard those buzzwords for career and business.

They are used so often it makes us wonder if our career or business is only valid if it involves experiencing meaning, fulfillment and purpose.

So many people spend their time continually ‘chasing’ these experiences, never quite finding them, stuck in the cycle of flailing action, constantly wondering what they have to do next in order to actually experience them.

It’s exhausting to think what some people do to feel…meaning…fulfillment…and purpose in their career and business. It begs the question, what part of our mind decides that we’re experiencing meaning, fulfillment and purpose? Or not experiencing them?

Lately, I’ve been noticing people who are doing amazingly good, powerful, impactful work in the world…work that is really making a difference…and the common thread: All of them came to this work (career or business) through contrast.

Rather than consciously ‘deciding’ to do this work, the work itself pulled them forward into the next necessary step in their career.

The Pull Toward Success

For instance, Barry Kibrick, the host of the book-reviewing series, Between the Lines with Barry on PBS (in the U.S.), recently admitted that the only reason his author interview show began was because of a previous failed business deal. Out of failure came a new career that has given him greater visibility and helping authors as well as readers.

Another example: Suzanne Somers, who found herself the most popular character on the most post popular TV show in the 1970s being let go at the time of her contract renewal. This career bump could have derailed her, but instead she began following her own interest in health and well-being, researching topics of personal interest that later became resources for her best-selling books. Now she’s considered very knowledgeable on the topic of nutrition, health, and wellness. Twenty six books, fourteen of which have been NYT best-sellers. In addition, she now sells a wide range of products that support what she has learned and shared in her books, and she has a secondary career as a lecturer.

Suzanne Somers is heads a business empire that wouldn’t have been created if her TV career had continued on its original trajectory.

How about Leah Remini!?! After a mildly successful acting career, Leah has finally hit a home run after she began transmuting her pain of abruptly leaving Scientology (having been raised as and living as a devout member for about 34 years) into an opportunity to help others leave or better yet, never enter this organization (what many are calling a cult). She wrote a book about her experience, entitled Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, and publicly supported the HBO Documentary Going Clear.

Then, she created the powerful A&E show, Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath, now in it’s second season and recipient of a well-earned 2017 Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Informational Series or Special. Leah and her team has created one of the most powerful, impactful and important TV series I have ever witnessed*.

*Please Note: I was not raised in a cult, so I personally find the series extremely empowering, literally watching people take back their power and regain their voices!!! If you were raised in a cult, though, you might find that it triggers deep negative emotions. Your mileage may vary.

Ms. Remini has transmuted her own pain while also educating the rest of the population about how Scientology works, and what to expect if they went down that road. This not only helps us understand the issues, but develops compassion for the people who have been victimized and rebuilding their lives after leaving this organization. Remini’s new ‘work’ is educating the masses while giving former Scientologists a voice and emotional support. I feel like CHEERING during and after every episode I watch! I can see this getting better and better as time goes on.

Meaning, Fulfillment and Purpose Found Them!

None of these great examples made a conscious decision to get into their existing fields. Meaning, fulfillment and purpose found them! As a result, they are all having much greater impact on the world than if their original careers had worked out as planned.

If you’ve been derailed, deflated, frustrated or exhausted trying to ‘make’ your current career or business thrive, take heart. These examples show you that something even better may be just around the corner.

Perhaps the key to really finding meaning, fulfillment, and purpose is: Don’t chase meaning, fulfillment, or purpose. Let it FIND you!

Image credits: Bruce Rolff,
Barry Kibrick, Organic Authority,
and A&E Telelvision.








Embracing Your LOA Rituals

Embracing Your LOA Rituals

‘Tis the season when I ponder which rituals I will embrace to appreciate the old and celebrate the new.

The word ‘ritual’ has always been a loaded one for me. Being a recovering Catholic and deeply apologetic Christian, that word used to be synonymous with seriousness, control, and fear.

Let’s face it, while there are rituals that are very fear-based, that doesn’t mean all rituals must be fear-based. The good news about Law of Attraction is that you can choose, from day-to-day, year-to-year, the rituals that feel best to you.

Rituals are whatever intentions, thoughts, and/or actions that you decide to implement at certain times. We usually start them because doing so feels meaningful to us.

Meaning is what makes our rituals matter. And we are the ones who create and apply meaning to our intentions, thoughts, and actions. We get to decide what rituals we want to partake in, and what meaning we choose to give those rituals.

Some rituals are cultural (think seasonal, sports, and national pride). Some rituals are fun (trips to the beach, picnics, going to the same ice cream shop every year with friends), and some are more deep and somber, while others can be both. For instance, I love putting up lights and lighting candles during the winter holidays. Doing so feels “light” (no pun) and joyful, and yet…I’ve had some pretty deep and introspective experiences sitting quietly by the soft glow of lights and candles.

Some of us celebrate the cultural ritual of Thanksgiving by eating turkey with family and friends, while others enjoy adding gratitude lists to their yearly ritual. My son doesn’t like turkey, and it makes me very sleepy (hello, tryptophan) so when he was younger we opted instead to make Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad part of our Thanksgiving ritual. (Yes, this was my pre-Paleo days – now I’d grill grass-fed steak with some great veggies sidedishes.) While dinner was baking, we’d make our gratitude lists, and share them during our meal.

Law of Attraction experts teach many different processes that can easily be interpreted as rituals, and the more you do them the more meaningful they become. Abraham-Hicks have 22 of the most well-known LOA processes listed in their classic book, Ask and It Is Given.

We create the meaning and magic of rituals in our minds. Whatever we decide an intention, thought, and/or action will do for us, it will do first on a vibrational level then on a physical level. The more often we practice a ritual, the more meaning it will have for us.

The only right is what feels good to you and the only wrong is what feels bad or wrong to you. When a ritual stops feeling good to you, that’s the sign to choose a new ritual to embrace that feels better. Anything that feels light and opens your heart is a good one to choose.

light+openHEART_640x480At the end of the year, many people…

A. Declutter. Get rid of the old to make room for the new. Mothers might sort through their family’s clothes and donate what no longer fits. Business people often clear out old files, put new files in place. Men may clear out their garages. Women often revamp their clothes closets.

B. Make lists. Get clear on what you want to embrace and what you want to release. Express your appreciation for the past year and send thank you notes to key people. Some write out intentions for the new year. Others write out their priorities for the year ahead.

I do not recommend resolutions, though, especially if you view them as something you always fail at completing. Set yourself up for success by creating intentions to feel better about yourself and your life.

My local Unity asks us to write a letter to God asking for what we want and letting go of what no longer works, then the letters are burned (released into the energetic field). They have a separate service for selecting a white stone to represent your intentions for the new year.

C. Create new affirmations. Based on those updated lists, you can begin writing your new affirmations for the year ahead. If you need assistance in creating your affirmations, go download my free Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations eCourse and audios.

Feel free to share with friends, too, either virtually or in person. One client told me that a group of girlfriends downloaded my eCourse and made a sacred party out of creating and writing out their new affirmations together. Whether you do this in a group or by yourself, do something to make it special.

D. Create Your Own Ritual. Letting go of the old and embracing the new can come in many forms. Choose the ones that feel good to you.

Someone recently mentioned that they use the end of the year to forgive anyone they previously haven’t forgiven. I know other people who think forgiving is admitting something was wrong. Still others give thanks for what they’ve learned through trial and error.

E. Practice. Rituals grow in power as they are practiced and felt in the heart. Whatever you feel in your heart, you are broadcasting to the world. What do you want to broadcast?

The last week of the year, between Christmas and New Years, is the time when I am most quiet and introspective. I appreciate all I have learned in the year past, and establish my intentions for the coming year. I meditate daily and ask for Inner Guidance. I follow my inner nudges for visualizing and affirming. This time always feels sacred and serene to me. On New Year’s Eve, I relax with an aromatherapy bath and relax my way into the new year.

What are your favorite LOA rituals? Share with us in comments what works best for you, and have a happy new year!

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