Step Into Your True Power of Creation


Dear Business Owners,

My deepest wish is for you to realize, and step into, your true power of creation.

Why is it that you think nothing of creating products or services for your clients—out of nothing more than sheer inspiration—yet you don’t realize that you have the same ability to create success in your business?

You are a powerful being capable of amazing creations and accomplishments. The ability to create success is your birthright. You may have forgotten it, but you can never lose it entirely.

Over the years, I’ve received countless phone calls and emails from you complaining about what is going wrong in your business and your frustration in how to fix it, yet the power to do so has always been within you from the time that you were born. In fact, you’ve (unconsciously) created your problems in the same way you can also create your solutions!

In order to create solutions, though, you first need to become conscious of, and step into, your own true power of creation. This is imperative for your business to grow and thrive.

Here is what you might be doing to block your own power:

Ignoring your inner guidance (intuition). You own inner guidance will always direct you in the right direction. When a decision needs to be made, know that the answer IS inside of you. Get quiet, know the right answer is present, and listen for it. Assume and feel that your Divine Self / Christ Consciousness is at work within you finding the perfect solutions, then be in that energy and listen. Be ready to take inspired action.

Doubting and questioning yourself. The more you question yourself and ask others, instead of listening for your own guidance, the more you are blocking your own intuition. Some take this so far that they end up stuck in the pit of victimhood. You are also sending a signal to the Universe that you don’t know of and are unaware of any solutions, which will keep them vibrationally elusive until your energy shifts. Release the bad habit of doubting and questioning yourself, or seeing yourself as a victim, and make a conscious choice each day to affirm and know that the perfect solution is coming into your awareness. Then, get ready to receive!

Chronic complaining, to yourself and to others. Do you remember a time in your life when you didn’t complain? For most of us, that was back when you were much younger, before you had developed a bad habit of complaining. Many of us grew up learning that the only way to relate to others was through complaining and fault-finding. Complaining is a habit that is a form of negative affirmation—which limit you and block you from receiving anything positive! The Universe is always responding to the signal you are sending, and complaints just tell the Big U to send you more that you can complain about! The good news is that you can replace a bad habit with a new better habit…like letting what annoys you point you in the direction of what you prefer, and appreciating your new preferences. Abraham calls that ‘Taking the Bounce’.

Getting caught up in the ‘outside world circumstances’. This is what I often hear: “But you don’t understand, this (fill in the blank) is my problem and as long as it exists, I’m screwed!” With a belief like that, you surely are! And yet, you are infinitely more powerful than any circumstance that comes your way…if you believe you are. The outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside of you, and nothing changes outside until you change yourself on the inside. This concept took me a long time to understand, and now Quantum Physics is showing us how this happens. Bashar has said, “Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters.” When we’re so focused on ‘the problem’ being our roadblock, the Law of Attraction can only line us up with more of that. You are the only one with the power to create problems or solutions in your world. I know…that seems like a lot of responsibility. Take a deep breath! Take a few deep breaths. Taking full responsibility is the hardest part of the process, for most people, but doing so makes everything else much easier. What you created, you can begin anew and create differently from an upgraded perspective!

Resisting or refusing to create an environment for your success. I get it. It seems easier to stay where you are and keep doing what you’re doing. If that’s your preference, then keep doing it. But you’ll also have to let go of your expectation of improvement because that will require creating a different environment for your success. That might include changing how you talk to yourself and others about yourself and your business, who you spend time with, where you focus your attention, expanding what you believe is possible, using your imagination to focus on positive possibilities, and caring enough about how you feel to set strong boundaries. If your (internal and/or external) environment has been nurturing failure, then it’s up to you to change the environment if you expect a better outcome.

Here is what you can begin doing to unblock, and step into, your own power:

• Honor your inner guidance (intuition). No one has your back like your own inner guidance. Connect with and listen to your inner guidance on a regular basis. Doing so will make you very sensitive to how your guidance communicates with you. Over the years, my inner guidance has developed a shorthand that I know instantly what is right or not-so-right for me. I listen for it, feel for it, receive it, and honor it by taking appropriate actions based on the guidance. And yes, I ‘thank’ my inner guidance on a regular basis!

• Consciously choose to trust yourself. Ask your inner guidance. If the answer isn’t immediate, trust that your guidance will show up in some way. Perhaps it needs to come through another person or another situation that has yet to happen. Feel your higher self / Christ Consciousness working on your behalf, feel your appreciation for the support, then relax and focus on something that you enjoy. Sparks of insight usually occur when we are in a relaxed state of mind, often focused on something unrelated.

• Affirm, meditate on, and visualize your good. Everyday. As often as possible throughout your day. Let every thought and feeling (thought + emotion) you have focus on what feels better to you in any given moment. Train your mind and heart to lean toward the positive. In the beginning, this might take a lot of concentrated effort (depending on how long you’ve wired your brain to do the opposite), but after you’ve been doing it, it becomes easier and easier. Until, one day, you notice that it has become your ‘new normal’. Like a train (of thought) gaining momentum as it hits the summit and begins the route downhill. The cells of your body are like cells in a petri dish—affirming, meditating and visualizing your good not only uplifts your mind but also benefits every cell in your body. Your whole body will begin to vibrate at a higher level, attracting people, opportunities, and resources that you previously could not access vibrationally.

• Take full responsibility for your state of being. Let me restate: You are infinitely more powerful than any circumstance that comes your way. Everything changes (in a good way) when you take full responsibility for consciously choosing a positive state of being. Not just acquiring a positive state, but learning how to return to that state when an experience knocks you into the (vibrational) bushes.

• Nurture your success. Value yourself enough to consciously upgrade your self-talk (cultivating your own affirmations is a great way to do this). Choose your words carefully when speaking with others about yourself and your business, as you are creating what you think and speak. Be discerning about who you spend time with, be conscious of where you focus your attention throughout the day and as you fall asleep. Open your heart and mind by expanding what you believe is possible. Using your imagination to focus on positive possibilities, and caring enough about how you feel to set strong boundaries. If your (internal and/or external) environment has been nurturing failure, then it’s up to you to change the environment if you expect a better outcome.

But wait, you say…all of your recommendations is about ‘inner work’!

That’s right. 🙂

BLOG_InnerWorkThe most important part of business success is the inner work you do before you take any physical actions! Once your energy is positively aligned with the inner work, every action you take will be the ‘right one’ for you and your business. Therefore, your inner work is more important than, and bears a greater influence on, any other business actions you take!

Too many business owners take actions from a defeated feeling of failure, a mindset of doubt and mistrust, an unwillingness to imagine a better outcome, and end up nurturing their failure. Then, when the outcomes are poor, they observe what they’ve created and then have more proof of their failure, frustration, doubt, and mistrust. It’s a vicious cycle.

Rather than take full responsibility for their power, the unconscious business owner will blame others, the economy, or ‘circumstances’, completely unaware that THEY are the ones who created all of it!

Here’s the good news: It’s never too late to become a conscious business owner and step into our true creative power. Whatever we’ve created, we can begin anew and create differently.

By honoring our inner guidance, consciously choosing to trust ourselves, affirming/meditating on/visualizing our good, taking full responsibility for our state of being, and actively nurture our success.

That is how we step into our true power of creation as a business owner.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Give it a try for yourself…and keep in touch. If you are struggling, I am here to help. If you’ve already been doing this inner work for a while, share below in comments what you’ve experienced so others may benefit.


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It All Started with My Crockpot

I swear it was the Crockpot that started it all!!!

a170holidayglowTwo weeks ago, I thought momentarily about decorating my house for the holidays, but I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t *feeling it*. No energy. No desire. No inspiration. I don’t know why, but I felt this way last year, too.

Every time I thought about it, I just felt, “Nah…”

Both this year and last, I just made a decision to be OK with not decorating and feeling totally uninspired about the holidays. I let go of expectations and demands that no longer fit.

Of course, last year, after making peace I found myself spontaneously inspired to decorate anyway a few weeks before Christmas.

Making peace can have that affect. It’s OK if you don’t, and it’s OK if you do…so either way, whatever actions you take are more likely to be from a place of inspiration rather than *shoulds*.

And the same thing happened this year. Today, in fact! Readers of this blog know I’ve written a lot about inspired action. What happened today was clearly inspired action! When I get down to it, though, it actually started earlier in the week with my Crockpot.

On Tuesday, I started reminiscing about years past when I’ve baked liqueur cakes (Grand Marnier, Rum, Amaretto, Kahlua, etc.) for the holidays. The more I thought about them, more I kept thinking about them. Law of attraction just kept bringing me more of the same thoughts…while making me hungry for a liqueur cake…the kind soaked in a butter rum sauce or amaretto syrup. Being that I don’t drink alcohol (doesn’t taste good to me and I don’t like hangovers), my alcohol stays securely in the cupboard unless there is a cake to be baked.

By Thursday, I was on an obsessive roll with the liqueur cake idea at the same time that I wasn’t feeling the love for the work involved. I just wasn’t getting a “Hell, YES!”…that was, until, I remembered my Crockpot! I have a special insert pan that lets me bake bread and cakes inside my crockpot. Immediately, I grabbed my cookbook and located a suitable pound cake recipe that I could poke holes into so it could soak up the buttered rum. Mmmmmmm….

I looked at my watch. I had about 30 minutes before my next Quantum MasterMind call, and I suddenly felt *sparked*: That burst of energy that coincides with an inspired idea! I was primed for inspired action. In less than 3 minutes, I had the crockpot, all the ingredients, and the cookbook on my counter. Twenty minutes later, I had the cake batter in the crockpot, set the temperature to high, and began cleaning up the kitchen.

By the time that Quantum Mastermind call was done, so was my cake! I poked holes all over the cake, and while it was still piping hot,  I quickly melted the butter and sugar together, then stirred in the rum and nutmeg. The sweet warm liquid was poured over the hot cake so it could soak it all up. Within two hours of my call finishing, I was sitting down enjoying a piece of delicious, warm Butter Rum cake with a bit of whipped cream…

And by end of day on Saturday, two days later, my Christmas tree was up, and my whole house was fully decorated for the holidays! And believe me, no one is more surprised about this chain of events than me! Seriously. Two weeks ago, and even two days ago, I would never have predicted that my Crockpot would lead me gently toward inspired action on getting into the holiday spirit.

Sometimes inspired action happens in a moment, and sometimes it creeps up on you like that! It starts out on Tuesday with a random thought that snowballs, and by Saturday, you don’t know what came over you. When you’re in the Vortex taking action, you’ll not only accomplish everything much faster, but the results will be far better.

Is there something that you feel you should do for your business, but you haven’t been *feeling it*? At some point, every business owner experiences this. From my experience, the best ting you can do is make peace with not feeling it, let go of expectations, and take no action except from the place of, “OH, YES!”. Know that when, or IF, you do finally feel inspired to take action, the results will always turn out so much better than if you had forced yourself when you weren’t feeling any inspiration.

Now it’s your turn: Do you have a surprising story of inspired action? Share with us below…

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