What does trust mean to you and how are you currently experiencing trust in your life?

Where I am in complete trust, those areas of my life flow so easily. Where I do not trust, havoc seems to reign. This is not a coincidence, it is the law of attraction in action!

Like a Trusttuning fork resonating with the strings of the universe, our state of being is always being broadcast (through the body’s electro-magnetic field generated by the heart). With each heartbeat, your state of trust (or lack thereof) is telling the Universe how to mirror reality back to you.

Trusting is knowing…deep inside your heart…that ALL IS WELL. You may not know *how* situations will turn out, but you know they will. As a matter of course, they always do work out well, even if they work out in ways you may not have predicted or requested.

Allowing Trust

How do you cultivate trust when it isn’t automatically present? So many of us have been raised to believe we can only trust if what we are experiencing proves the situation is worth trusting. However, through my personal growth I began experiencing something different. In many cases, trust is something that bubbles up when we simply allow the possibility.

When we open to the possibility in our hearts and minds that we can begin trusting (whatever it is we want to experience), it’s amazing how the trust seems to bubble up from inside of us. Once we feel it, we know trust is possible. Christian Mystics call this the Christ Consciousness within, the divine energy force that flows through us, shifting based on how we are choosing to experience life. Whatever you call it, most of us have experienced this and it’s affect is undeniable!

If we are closed to trusting (someone or something), then our experience reflects that. The situation reverses when we open ourselves to trusting.

For instance, take something in your life you’ve been stressing about. Recognize the feeling you have in your body when you are stressing, and ask yourself:

What would I be feeling now if I knew this was all going to work out wonderfully? As that question hovers in your awareness, sit with it and feel the shift in your body’s energy. Notice how your body relaxes, and how trusting now feels more possible.

Soon, you will be finding yourself able to relax and trust in ways you didn’t even know were possible before! If you are familiar with Quantum Entrainment / Pure Awareness, try it on opening yourself to the possibility that all is working out beautifully for you.

Choosing Trust

You can live your life choosing to trust or not to trust. It’s always your choice to experience trust or the lack of it, and you are always free to make a new choice. You can live in doubt and worry, or you can live in trust. You can live in frustration and fear or you can trust.

For instance, I trust that I am always safe. Feeling safe and being safe are now a given. I have decided I am safe, and once I made that choice I began experiencing feeling safe more often. Even in circumstances that others would find harrowing, my inner compass trusts that “I am safe” and reminds me often. At one time in my life, this was not true. That’s how I know that we can choose something different and experience the result. I decided to choose trust. You can choose trust.

What are you choosing to trust?

Trusting Versus Taking For Granted

Know that trusting is not the same as taking something for granted. It’s a subtle vibrational difference, but it’s there: Trusting is a confident knowing inside and feels affirmative. Like you are saying “YES, that’s right!”

Taking something for granted, for me, feels ambivalent—like not caring. It’s not even important enough to choose or make a decision about. Many of us would admit that we take our government for granted. We expect it to run and focus on the things that matter to us, but we put virtually no effort toward seeing or experiencing our government improving. Then, we get mad when actions are taken that we don’t agree with.

What areas of your life do you take for granted?

Where could you begin trusting more, and taking less for granted?

As you contemplate the week ahead, I’d like to leave you with one other thought about trust. When you think of trust, think of this acronym…

T R U S T = Totally Relying Upon Superior Thoughts

Superior thoughts are those thoughts that feel good to contemplate. They raise your vibe and make you smile. They fill your heart with hope and possibility.

Now it’s your turn! What do you find easy to trust, and what helps you develop trust? Share your comments and suggestions below.

Effective Solopreneur: Trusting Into Not Knowing

Twenty days into March and this is my first blog post. It’s OK, though, because I’ve been actively practicing fully trusting into not knowing.

I fully trusted that when it was time to write a new blog post, I would know.

I fully trusted that life and business would deliver me subjects to write about as long as I stayed relaxed in not knowing.

I let go of demanding that I write a blog post just for the sake of writing a blog post.

There are probably Marketing Coaches writhing with frustration reading this post right now because they believe that every business owner needs to write a new blog post every 2 or 3 days. That may be a nice rule of thumb, but if you’ve read my blog for any period of time you know I don’t write fluffy posts about nothing just so I can meet a blog writing quota. I won’t do anything for my business that doesn’t feel aligned just to meet a quota because I understand the power of vibration in creating! If we aren’t positively aligned when we take action, then the results also won’t be positively aligned with what we desire.

Many successful entrepreneurs have a keen sense of intuition and an ability to quickly follow inspired action. We all know what it feels like to just *know* inside of yourself exactly what steps to take next and what is the right choice for you. You may even have read my blog post about this important business resource.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know very well that there are also times when you just don’t know. It can be frustrating and unnerving. Especially if you are used to *always knowing* exactly what you want to do next.

The vibration of frustration, though, is not conducive to receiving quality inspiration. Fighting anything, including the not knowing, actually puts us in a place of resistance rather than a place of receiving what you desire. Being in resistance manifests more experiences to feel resistance. So, how does one trust into not knowing?

It starts with letting it be OK to not know. For some, that means extra self-love. For others, it means addressing their impatience. Still others might really need to learn how to relax. Only you really know what emotions not knowing brings up for you. Learning to trust yourself, trust your guidance AND trust your not knowing are essential to being an effective solopreneur or business owner. For that matter, it’s essential for living a peace-filled joyful life.

When you allow yourself to be OK with not-knowing, even in a place of inner peace, some magical alchemy begins to happen: The fully allowed not knowing transmutes itself into a gentle understanding, and then into fully knowing. Gradually, your trusting energy is rewarded. You find it easy to allow what’s most important to bubble up to the surface, and soon the not-knowing shifts to knowing.

This morning, after spending nearly twenty days in not-knowing, I woke up knowing exactly what was most important to share at this time. Once again, I was reminded how relaxing into wherever you are can be one of the most helpful tools a solo business owner can possess!

What are your experiences in trusting into not-knowing? Share them below in the comments so we may all learn from each other.

How Do We Know?

Over at the lively and upbeat Good Vibe University forums, we have lots of amazing conversations on just about every subject. It really is an amazing group of deliberate creators who come together to take thought beyond which it has been taken before WHILE having a lot of fun!

Recently, one of the members asked a devil’s advocate question about Law of Attraction: How do we know that it (LOA) is working all the time? What if we are wrong?

There were many responses, all pointing out how LOA is like gravity so it’s always working AND if we don’t believe it’s working, then it won’t work for us.

The questioner didn’t like the answers and kept pushing to ask us to consider that we may be wrong.

Personally, I’m not interested in a conversation on that topic, so I might not have responded. However, I did feel there was a greater message to share. Here’s what I wrote in response:

At the beginning 10 years of my journey, I didn’t know…I thought it would be cool, but I didn’t know for sure, and looking back, I didn’t always expect it to work, either. Rolling Eyes

Then, I started having personal experiences where there was NO OTHER explanation. Shocked Very Happy Shocked

And then another. And another…until, it just became OBVIOUS to me. I now trust it. Some experiences show up in minutes, others take years. When the long-desired experience finally shows up, THEN I can *see* why it took all that time and how it was ALWAYS working perfectly for me. I can see my role in holding it back, and opening up to receive. But, that knowledge comes as hindsight. Rolling Eyes

Shocked Such knowing only comes as foresight when I consciously decide it will be so. Shocked

What I’ve written is a moot point for you, though, as this is *my* answer. My answer includes the feeling of KNOWING in my body that no one else can feel, so it will never truly be enough for anyone else. It might be momentarily inspiring to those reading, but until you’ve experienced it yourself, feel that knowing to your core, and come to trust it, other people’s accounts likely won’t sustain your faith/belief.

It’s like Abe says we can’t expect someone else to keep us as the center of their positive attention all the time. We also can’t expect another person’s positive experiences to sustain OUR belief in such possibilities.

Everyone is responsible for asking their own questions and finding their own answers.

If you want to get deep: None of us can really fully answer your questions for you.

Perhaps the more helpful question to ask is:
Which world would you rather live in…the one where you can always rely on LOA, or one where LOA works randomly?

Wink Wink Wink

Many blessings,

After posting that, I began to wonder how many of you have wondered the same thing. Do you know that Law of Attraction is working all the time? If so, share how you learned…if not, what is the source of your doubt? (For those who don’t know (yet), notice the stories those who DO know are telling…how can you shift yours?)

Intuition and Inspired Action: Your Greatest Business Resources

Intuition is that quiet voice inside of you that shows you the best direction for you. Everyone receives their intuition in different ways and places in their body. I receive my intuition in my mind as a thought or picture coupled with a feeling in my lower throat/upper chest area. When I pay attention to it, there is a feeling of ‘yes, that’s right”–a *knowing* that this is the right action for me. Do you know where you receive your intuitive guidance?

Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, it cannot be denied that intuitive guidance carries with it a deeper wisdom and powerful energy. Often what you receive feels right to you, but very *off* or strange to others. I’ve come to realize this is because the guidance is meant specifically for us”not for anyone around us. There is no use asking others whether our intuitive guidance is right or not. Bottom line: If it *feels right* to us, then *it is right* for us and meant for us to follow. If you are in doubt, then it doesn’t feel right and probably isn’t intuition.

When you listen to and act on your intuition, that is what is known as *Inspired Action*. This type of action comes with it’s own surge of energy, and following it brings far greater results with less effort than uninspired action. In comparison, any other type of action is, essentially, busy work. No other human can give you or take away what intuition provides. Make a habit of only taking inspired action, and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to grow your business and succeed!

By default, following intuitive guidance feels really good. When you are giving your attention to thoughts and actions that feel good, the Law of Attraction mirrors back to you what you are focusing upon”in this case, more experiences and opportunities that feel good!

Last year, I had the privilege of coaching a gal whose small business was not doing as well as she had been hoping. She loved the work and enjoyed working with the few clients she had at the time. On the surface, she seemed to be taking all the appropriate actions to grow her business. She had a detailed business plan and was executing her marketing plan like a pro…but nothing was working. At the point where I was speaking to her, she was considering closing her business and feeling very conflicted about the idea.

In talking to her initially, she speculated it was the area of the country she lived in or just the *economy* that was preventing her from growing her business. All the reasons she had for the business not working were external, intuitively I could feel there was much more going on internally that needed to be discussed. I know that external conditions rarely have an affect on a situation unless you internally give them the power to do so.

It turned out that a well-meaning relative with an MBA was constantly criticizing every area of her business and this triggered her to second-guess her business decisions. She never gave herself a chance to follow-through on her ideas. This relative would convince her to abort her plans and only follow their suggestions, which didn’t feel right to her at all. My client was giving more attention to her relative’s opinions than to her own intuition. No wonder her business was floundering!

So, I explained to her the way our intuition works, helped her discover how hers showed up, and encouraged her to follow that guidance before she followed anyone else’s suggestions. The shift was almost immediate! Within a week, she regained enthusiasm for her business, was re-energized, got clear on what she really wanted and took inspired actions. When the relative would chime in, she’d say, “thanks, I’ll think about it…” then refocus her attention on what felt best to her. Eventually, that relative stopped giving unwanted business advice.

A year later, you would not recognize her business! She’s dropped services that she didn’t enjoy providing, she’s changed her website and refocused her offerings in the direction that thrills her. Her business has grown exponentially, AND…most importantly, I think, she’s loving every bit of that business expansion.

When you give your intuition your undivided attention, follow what feels right to you and only take inspired action in your business, you turbo-charge your business for success!

How do you use your intuition and inspired action as business resources?

Getting Clear About How You Really Feel

It’s been 10 days since I’ve posted on my blog. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say or that I haven’t been active, because I have. I have been busy coaching and learning and sharing and co-creating…Yes, I walk my talk and apply what I learn. I’m discovering how everything is an opportunity for spiritual growth, just waiting for you to pay attention to it long enough to realize the gift it holds for you.

When I find something that works for me, I like to share it with others! So, when I found this Magic “FateBall” widget that reminded me of my childhood, I had to share it. While this tool is fun, it’s also a tremendously valuable in helping you get clear about how you feel.

Whenever you feel conflicted about a situation you are in, and are not sure how you really feel…ask the question to your Inner Being, then click the green “fateball activate” button. The answer the FateBal (below) gives is less important than how you FEEL inside when you get the answer.

For instance, if you are wondering if it best for you to take a certain job, ask your inner self, “Is it in my best interest to take this job?” Then, click the button. If the response is more or less YES, but you feel disappointed to see that answer, then you get a deeper insight into how you feel about pursuing that job. Likewise, if the answer is more or less NO, and you feel happy about that answer. The feeling you feel inside in response to the FateBall’s answer gives you a deeper insight into what previously may have felt unclear.

Click the image above or HERE to play with the FateBall.

Give the Magic FateBall a whirl and see what comes up for you. If you want to put the code for this widget on your site/blog, click the “Get Widget” link and copy the code.


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