Heart-Centered Pure Awareness Meditation

meditationBy request, here is the Heart-Centered Pure Awareness Meditation that I use to lead my LIVE Business & Career OutSourcering calls for GoodVibe University. I invite you to follow this guided meditation (approx. 23min long) and share the link to this custom-recording.

What is the Heart-Centered Pure Awareness Meditation?

This is a guided meditation that puts you first in a heart-centered, heart-coherent state before you are then guided into a state of Pure Awareness.

The heart coherence technique is based on HeartMath Institute’s Quick Coherence Technique, which is taught to first responders so they can quickly recover and focus their energy.

The Pure Awareness meditation is based on The Kinslow System, originally called Quantum Entrainment. I highly recommend Dr. Frank Kinslow’s books and audios. He used to offer his basic Pure Awareness meditation free, on his site. But when he aligned with HayHouse, that free audio was removed. His technique is not new, and is likely as old as the ages. It just happens to the be the place I first heard about it.

When we’re in a mindful, present state, it’s not only very healing for the mind, body, and spirit, but it also helps us release the energy that is no longer serving us. With renewed energy, we are aligned to focus on new intentions and appreciation.

How I Use This Meditation

I use this meditation to start my LIVE Business & Career OutSourcering Calls for GoodVibe University twice a month. Attendees have repeatedly asked me to record a version so they could experience guided meditations between calls. My apologies for how many months it has taken me to record and post this.

May you enjoy this meditation at the beginning of your day, or at the end just before you fall asleep. Feel free to share with anyone you believe will benefit and enjoy it, as well. Many blessings from me to you!

Image credit: Barry-Jansson & Associates
with image from NASA.

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