Enjoying Your Ongoing Journey


Whether you are new in business, or a veteran business owner with the stories to prove it, there is great benefit in recognizing the ongoing spiritual lessons that are part of the entrepreneurial journey.

The Ongoing Journey

In fact, the women business owners I serve who most-quickly accept and enjoy their entrepreneurial journey as a delightful adventure also tend to be most successful.

From an energetic, Law of Attraction point-of-view, it’s easy to see why these business owners are most successful: Their energy is lighter, more relaxed, and trusting that everything is all working out well. They carry a natural humbleness AND a great sense of humor. They can find the humor in almost every situation and laugh at themselves while learning new skills. The upswings in business do not disorient them or distract them from their core mission, and the downs become sacred opportunities to grow…the fertile ground for the next upswing.

Your business will show you where you (personally) can be more patient, more accepting, and more compassionate.

You will be confronted with any underlying money, health, and relationship issues you may have. If you thought you could avoid those personal downfalls by throwing yourself into your business, think again.

Your business will also show you when and how to set boundaries, and when to hold them firm. You’ll discover strengths you didn’t know you had, along with your weaknesses. You’ll quickly learn to  either overcome each weakness or hire others to handle those aspects of your business.

One of the first lessons that I learned was that no business is successful in a vacuum. As business owners we are dependent on the connections with our vendors as well as our clients and colleagues.

Connecting with other business owners via my local chamber and networking group not only kept me up-to-date on local business news but also put me in touch with potential clients and vendors. It also gave me a reason to set my work aside, get away from my office, and interact with other people.

When you love your business, especially if your business is mostly online and you are a solopreneur, you can forget the importance of socializing and connecting with others in-person!

The more I connected with others, helping others along the way, the more my business flourished. Still, I didn’t realize my business would lead me even further down a spiritual (not religious) path, and that it would benefit from ongoing conscious self-improvement.

It Gets Easier

If you are at the beginning of your business journey and feeling a little daunted by the emotional and spiritual demands of your business, know that it does get easier over time.

It’s like compound interest: What you learn about yourself this week, this month, this year, builds upon itself and will continue to serve you as you move forward.

Learning what spiritual tools work best for you, and practicing them like it matters, will not only make you happier in business but also enrich your ongoing journey. At this point in my journey, regular meditation, affirmations and visualization are all part of my processes. When I am emotionally drawn into a situation, I know it’s time for me to do my inner work.

As it turns out, your business is NOT just business, it’s personal!


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Being Ready: A Journey in Consciousness

You’ve probably heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I personally know the truth of this statement.

I’ve been seeking spiritual understanding and applying self-growth techniques since the late 1970s. While spiritual subjects have captivated me most of my life, deep down I am also a *very practical person*. I like tips and tools I can apply immediately. I appreciate seeing results from my efforts. Needless to say, I’ve tried a lot of “spiritual” techniques that were better in theory than in practice.

In the late 1980s, I was inexplicably drawn to a library book about Ramtha, a 35,000 year old entity channeled by J.Z. Knight. At the time, Ms. Knight’s story about how she discovered Ramtha and how he began communicating through her resonated with me. Prior to this book, I had never even *heard* of channeling, and there was nothing in my background that would make channeling an easy concept to accept. Despite this, I found myself drawn to Ramtha’s materials and fascinated by what I was reading, despite the lack of tips or tools that I could actually apply in my life. I read as many of the Ramtha books as I could locate between 1988 through 1995.

However, by 1995, I began evaluating what I had learned from Ramtha. The practical person in me had to admit: I liked the concepts that Ramtha spoke of, but after 7 years I felt more confused about what I’d learned and none of it could actually be applied to my life. I remember speaking to other friends about my disappointment with the Ramtha materials, and their advice was almost universal: Channeling is all a sham and a waste of time! It’s too bad that I listened to their negating views before paying closer attention with what kept happening around me. By not being open to what came next, I actually held myself back from growing in consciousness.

As I began noticing that Ramtha’s teachings were not giving me practical ways to apply them, I began asking the Universe for practical teachings. As a result, I began to meet people who would recommend I read or listen to Abraham’s books and tapes. A massage therapist here, a stranger in a bookstore there, an acquaintance there, a workshop leader or two…all of them would enthusiastically say that I really would benefit from reading or listening to Abraham. Curiosity peaked, I’d ask who Abraham was and be told…”Abraham is a group of entities channeled by Esther Hicks”. Ugh. I was DONE with channeling, so I’d waive them off and say, “No, thank you. Not interested.”

This went on for years. At least 11 years, as far as I can tell. Then it happened. I saw Esther channeling Abraham in the original version of “The Secret” DVD.

Every time Esther spoke Abraham’s words, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt chills of resonance. Not only did it make sense, she was giving practical advice on how to apply techniques to your daily life! Afterward, I ran to a storage cabinet and dug out an Abraham Intro CD someone had thrust upon me and listened to it. I was stunned and amazed by some of simple, yet-effective techniques they recommended!

After this, I searched my local library and bookstores for Abraham-Hicks books, CDs, and DVDs. Each one was more helpful and useful than I could have imagined. I apply the techniques daily5CD set with great success and have renewed a deeper connection with Divine Source through their teachings.

Now, I am one of those enthusiastic people who actively recommend Abraham to anyone who seems like they might want this knowledge.

The thing is, just as I wasn’t ready to receive Abraham’s teachings in the mid-90s, not everyone who follows me on Twitter, Facebook, and reads my blog posts are ready for their teachings, either. They read my tweets and posts, and love the *concepts* that I speak of, but the idea of reading channeled teachings is just *too weird* for them. Some have told me they read Ask & It Is Given but found themselves more confused afterward. And truly, because of the journey I took to *find* Abraham, I empathize.

Interestingly, a few years after immersing myself in the Abraham teachings, I came across all my Ramtha books. I gathered them all up with the intention of donating them. For some reason, 🙂 I felt guided to pick up one of the Ramtha books, flip it open and see what passage revealed itself. As I read the passage, *the hairs on the back of my head stood up*! Not only was I understanding everything that I was reading, but I was realizing how deep and profound the words were.

In that moment, I realized: All those years I had read Ramtha, I was not *ready* for the deep and profound message they were teaching! My consciousness was not at a level where I could appreciate what Ramtha was explaining. Imagine being tuned into radio station 100.1 FM and wondering why you can’t hear 103.2FM. It took finding Abraham, which I had resisted for at least 11 years, to get the basics under my belt so that Ramtha’s words *made sense* and were applicable to my daily life.

If you have found the Abraham materials and love them, I’d love your comments below and to know what made you ready to receive what they were teaching.

If you are among those who haven’t read Abraham because the material was channeled or have read them without understanding what they were teaching, take heart from my story. Follow your intuition and follow what feels *right* to you. Neither Ramtha nor Abraham teachings are for everyone. If they are meant for you, they will resonate in some way. Find the information and teachings that resonate for you.

When you do, you will be grateful *every day*, just as I am now.

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