Let’s Talk about Money!

This past Tuesday, I hosted a group call for the AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study Group. Our guest speaker was Janet Carol Ryan, creator of Abundant Blessings CD.

Janet recommends that we pay attention to how we talk about money. Using the word only in relation to money is limiting. When we say “spend money”, we imply depletion. I really like Janet’s suggestion, instead, to see yourself circulating money. Most of us think about getting and holding onto money, but the reality is that we are really just centers of energy (money) circulation. MoneyThe Abundance Book w/CD flows in, then we flow it out in exchange for services and experiences. Ideally, a percentage of it stays with us as it flows to serve other purposes in our lives. Either way, it’s always flowing…are you making the choice to receive and circulate?

In John Randolph Price’s book The Abunance Book, he created an acronym for money…My Own Natural Energy Yield. To me, that ties in with the thought of energy circulation. Are you welcoming your own energy yield? How so?

I was listening to the audio verison of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard T. Kiyosaki, and rich Dad was always saying, “Money in not real.” or “Money is what people decide it is.” While he does not stress these as spiritual points, they really are both true and spiritual concepts at their core. Money is neutral. We, as citizens have decided that paper cut in a certain shape and printed with a certain pattern in a certain colors has a value that we can exchange for services and experiences. We are the ones who decide what value everything has, including how we experience our economy!

Robert Kiyosaki mentions that his wealthy friends always talk about money and business, and brainstorm ways to help each other, while his poor friends prefer not to talk about money at all, thinking it rude. Hmmmm….interesting observation. We can all ask ourselves how we talk about money…in hushed tones with only certain company, or in excited, open dialogs where you look forward to receiving more?

Share your comments about money, circulation, and how you feel about it all. What are you willing to do to create a positive relationship with your flow?

Grateful for Abundant Blessings

Today is the 15th of the month…the one day a month that I sit down to pay my bills. I used to pay my bills throughout the month which was an inefficient use of my time and thus a great source of stress.

About 3 years ago, I figured out when the bulk of my bills were due (20-25th of each month) and arranged it so I could pay bills one day each month. This required pre-paying a few flat fee bills so that I would be paying in advance each month. Still, it was well worth it for me as I find bill paying to be a much more relaxing endeavor than it used to be, and I’ve never looked back. If you are spending a lot of time throughout the month to pay your bills, I suggest you try this technique.

Conscious Money Circulation
CD coverWhen I was ready to start paying my bills, I popped in Janet Carol Ryan‘s Abundant Blessings CD. It includes a meditation around money circulation plus 18 minutes of music with affirmations. This is such a wonderful CD to play any time, but especially when it’s time to pay bills! Janet reminds us that it is the nature of Source to support it’s creations (you and me!), and that we are all abundantly blessed when we choose to acknowledge the world around us.

I put the Affirmations with music portion of the CD on repeat and let it play as I paid my bills and worked around my office. What a wonderful and effortless way to Inside CD casetransform your energy around money!

Inside the case, under the CD, Janet has thoughtfully included tips for using the CD and developing your financial well-being. I love this CD and know you will, too! I highly recommend this CD.

What relationship have you established with your money?
Do you have a process for appreciating your bills and bill paying process?
Have you found ways to honor your conscious circulation of money?
If so, please share your comments below.

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