Heart-Centered Pure Awareness Meditation

meditationBy request, here is the Heart-Centered Pure Awareness Meditation that I use to lead my LIVE Business & Career OutSourcering calls for GoodVibe University. I invite you to follow this guided meditation (approx. 23min long) and share the link to this custom-recording.

What is the Heart-Centered Pure Awareness Meditation?

This is a guided meditation that puts you first in a heart-centered, heart-coherent state before you are then guided into a state of Pure Awareness.

The heart coherence technique is based on HeartMath Institute’s Quick Coherence Technique, which is taught to first responders so they can quickly recover and focus their energy.

The Pure Awareness meditation is based on The Kinslow System, originally called Quantum Entrainment. I highly recommend Dr. Frank Kinslow’s books and audios. He used to offer his basic Pure Awareness meditation free, on his site. But when he aligned with HayHouse, that free audio was removed. His technique is not new, and is likely as old as the ages. It just happens to the be the place I first heard about it.

When we’re in a mindful, present state, it’s not only very healing for the mind, body, and spirit, but it also helps us release the energy that is no longer serving us. With renewed energy, we are aligned to focus on new intentions and appreciation.

How I Use This Meditation

I use this meditation to start my LIVE Business & Career OutSourcering Calls for GoodVibe University twice a month. Attendees have repeatedly asked me to record a version so they could experience guided meditations between calls. My apologies for how many months it has taken me to record and post this.

May you enjoy this meditation at the beginning of your day, or at the end just before you fall asleep. Feel free to share with anyone you believe will benefit and enjoy it, as well. Many blessings from me to you!

Image credit: Barry-Jansson & Associates
with image from NASA.

Staying Inspired in Your Business

staying inspired

For me, it’s not enough to just ‘get inspired’. Staying inspired in my business is very important to me.

One of the tools I use, and find very helpful, is to look for the inspiration I see in others – not because I want to do what they’re doing, but because I enjoy observing their energy, their inspiration which then boosts my own.

When we feel inspired, either on our own or through watching someone else, that is the signal we are sending out to the universe. Likewise, the Universe will mirror back that feeling of inspiration in other parts of our life and business.

Staying Inspired

It’s been said that we are the sum of the 5 people we hang around most. What if you don’t have business examples around you to find unique inspiration? Look for them in the greater world. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, the more you look, the more you’ll find!

Here are a few examples of who I take inspiration from:

Pete Nelson, ‘The Treehouse Guy’– If you’ve ever seen Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, then you’ve witnessed this guy’s infectious enthusiasm for all things trees and treehouses. We’re not talking dinky little kid-only treehouses. He designs, then builds with a team, the kind of ideal-for-all-ages treehouses that make your jaw drop. Many include indoor plumbing, heating, internet/wi-fi and full electrical…and amazing views. It’s not hard to see why Pete is so enthusiastic.

What fascinates me is that Pete has a degree in Economics, but his heart had never grown tired of treehouses. His creativity and enthusiasm would not be contained. In a leap of faith, he and his wife decided to start a business based on treehouses . They built a few on their property for an event center and overnight retreats, and taught workshops on building treehouses. They also sell the supplies for making treehouses. Pete has written a number of books about the most amazing and beautiful treehouses all across the globe. That was many years ago, and now with the TV show where he custom designs and manages the building of treehouses all over the U.S., their company is reaching even more people.

I cannot imagine him doing anything else, and it’s addicting to watch the sheer joy and delight he delivers with each project. At the end of each show, he leaves his viewers with lesson from life he’s learned from the trees.

Even if you have invested in a more conventional education, but your heart is calling you to do more creative work, listen to your heart. If Pete and his wife could create a viable business out of treehouses, you can create one doing what you love, too.

Oprah Winfrey, ‘OWN Network’ – I have to mention Oprah, who has inspired millions of people for different reasons. The reason she inspires me? After 25 years of a highly successful TV show, Oprah didn’t owe anyone anything. She could have retired early and lived out a comfortable life as a billionaire. No one would have faulted her for doing so.

Instead of retreating or retiring, Oprah also followed her heart by starting her own television network that would feature unique shows others networks wouldn’t offer, such as Super Soul Sunday, spiritual conversations, and the stunningly beautiful series Belief, exploring how different and similar our beliefs are across the globe.

Starting a new network is not for the faint of heart, and Oprah had many doubts and fears. She did it anyway, because that is where her heart was calling her. She was willing to risk her fortune to make it happen. She was willing to walk her spiritual talk. Along the way, she’s healing herself and others.

If you have a cushy job and bank account(s), it can be scary to step away and try doing something that hasn’t been done before…or currently isn’t being done…to follow your heart’s calling. Yet, when we do, it just feels right…to us. Even if it doesn’t feel right to anyone else.

Neville Goddard, ‘New Thought Author and Lecturer’Neville Goddard is the first example here who is no longer alive, but still an amazing inspiration to me. He lived and worked in the 20th century, and died in the 1970s. There have been a LOT of people in the last 150 years who have been New Thought authors and/or lecturers, but (to me) very few have the ability to express metaphysical concepts so eloquently as Mr. Goddard. There is something about his writing that literally transports me AND allows me understand the concepts at a very deep level.

I’ve lost track of how many times I have sat in awe while re-reading Neville’s writings, realizing that I am understanding the material NOW at an even deeper level due to his phrasing and stories. In those moments, I am simultaneously filled with deep appreciation for his work as a metaphysical teacher AND inspired by his communication skills. It is my full intention to help others the way that Neville has helped me.

Neville didn’t set out to do this work. He was called to it by his own teacher, a Christian Mystic of Arab descent who recognized Neville as the one he was to teach the esoteric mysteries that had been handed down to him. They met when Neville was ‘inspired’ to attend a talk given by the man who would become his teacher. It took a while for Neville to recognize this calling, as well. Once he did, however, he never looked back and the world is so much better off for it.

If you haven’t found your calling, don’t despair. Stay curious and open to possibilities. Allow inspiration to direct you on your own path. It might be a path that you will have to create. Or, you might be creating a new branch from someone elses path. Trust that you are in the right place, with the right people, at the right time.

There are countless people who inspire me, and these are just a few. The ones who inspire me have followed their heart, despite their education and/or background. They excel at what they do, and their ‘heart’ shows in their work. I am inspired as a business owner by these people because they are showing me that I can follow my own heart, excel at what I do, and show my heart every day in my work.

It’s your turn: Who helps reignite inspiration for your own business? Share your insights in the comments below…

Connecting to the Sun?

connecting to the sunOK, this is really fascinating…at least, I hope it is as fascinating to you as it is to me!

Many of us know that the Institute of HeartMath has discovered that the human heart is the largest generator of electro-magnetic fields in the body. The heart creates an EMF Vastly greater than the brain, which was previously thought to fully “control the body”.

Science also tells us that atoms can be changed either electrically and/or magnetically. This means that the human heart, through which we feel emotions every time we think a thought, is capable of changing the atoms around us. Quantum physics concurs with this and delves further into multiple dimensions and probabilities.

Furthermore, the Earth itself has it’s own electro-magnetic field which our heart-based EMFs tap into.

Add to this information, this astonishing video…

Pilots knew about this phenomenon, but they were afraid to share this information for fear it would put their mental fitness in question. Scientists admit they don’t understand the lightning that happens on the Earth, let alone what happens in the atmosphere. However, NASA has found there is an electro-magnetic connection between the Sun and the Earth. The clouds, it appears, act as a kind of circuit-breaker that protects the Earth from potentially catastrophic lighting in the ionisphere. Well, at least from the electrical effects…what about the magnetic affects?

Many indigenous cultures refer to Mother Earth and Father Sun, fully honoring and recognizing the conscious connection that exists between the two.

Law of Attraction is based on the idea that, in this vibrational universe, everything is energy and we are all connected. The fact that our emotions connect us to the Earth which is also connected to the Sun, it’s not hard to imagine that our Sun and entire solar system is connected energetically with the rest of the Universe and multiverses!

Those of us who are finding their sleep and rest cycles disturbed by the most active Solar Flares may not be surprised by this connection. In fact, it might be a relief to have a better idea how the Sun is affecting humans on Earth.

It fascinates me that Science is catching up with what the ancient and indigenous cultures have been saying for eons! In the past, we had to accept these concepts on faith alone. I LOVE that Science is helping us examine the nuts and bolts, rubber-meets-the-road understandings of the ancient wisdom!

What do you think about all this? Share your thoughts and comments below…

* * * * * * * * * *

Nancy Barry-Jansson is a Teacher and Mentor of energy-based techniques, as well as an illustrator and creator of AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Cards. A 33+ year student of metaphysical and energy studies, Nancy is also a faculty member at Good Vibe University. Contact her at her site or on her AffirmingSpirit FB page

Choice Versus Money: A Powerful Lesson

Rikka ZimmermanEarlier today, I was listening to Rikka Zimmerman’s interview about the Access Consciousness process ~ a process that includes asking a series of questions to unlock the mind and also a clearing statement to remove limiting beliefs.

As I listened to this today, one of the most powerful things Rikka discusses is not putting “money before CHOICE”. What does that mean?

Putting money before choice is when…
You really want something with all your heart, whether an object or an experience, but before you allow yourself to entertain the idea of having or experiencing, you shut it down with negative thoughts like:

  • I (We) can’t afford it
  • That will never happen
  • There’s no way I’d be able to do that
  • I never get what I want, anyway
  • Everyone else’s needs come before mine
  • Fill in the blank…the excuse doesn’t matter because they all have the same affect of shutting down the possibility

How often do you put money before choice, or before what really makes your heart sing?

People who have continually have money make choices based on the outcome they prefer (choice), not the presence or availability of money, itself. In fact, many wealthy people will happily go into debt temporarily, using other people’s money in return for interest, in order to make even more money. That’s called investing.

The interesting thing about whether you can ‘afford’ an experience is that we can always AFFORD what we believe is possible. There is no shortage of money when we believe in the possibility of having or experiencing something we truly desire.

People who attract and always have a flow of money coming in not only know how to steward that money, how to invest it to make it grow, but they know that CHOICE always takes priority over money.

To be very clear: I’m not telling you to whip out your credit card and head to the nearest mall. Far from it.

What I am suggesting is that you first become fully conscious of how you feel and never put money before something you truly desire to experience. I am asking you to shift your focus from what you don’t have to what lights you up!

When you focus your attention FIRST on what lights up your heart…the Universe gets that signal and will knock itself out to bring you the experience or the money to purchase the experience! Either someone will offer the experience to you, or will hire you in a way that provides the money for the experience, or the money will make it’s way into your account.

The first time I realized this powerful truth, I really wanted to have solar panels installed on my home so that I would be generating electricity all year round. When I thought about the cost of the solar panels, I could feel the wind being sucked out of my lungs. I didn’t have any extra money for anything other than paying my bills. Just the thought of how much it cost made me want to forget about it all together!

However, the Abraham materials have taught me that emotions are important indicators of where we are vibrationally. When something feels good to think about, it means those thoughts are in alignment with what Source, or the greater part of you, feels about the same subject.

When I thought about having solar panels on the roof of my home, always generating electricity, it just lit me up inside. The feeling was infectious, expansive, delightful – it just felt really, really GOOD!

So, I stopped thinking about the cost, and focused my imagination on *seeing* those solar panels installed on my roof and knowing that they were always generating electricity for my home. Within 7 months I had the cash to pay for those solar panels in full. Every day, I am thrilled to know the solar panels are on my roof generating electricity and I am so happy that I put my choice above the money.

Money will come from wherever it is to wherever you want it, as long as you don’t put it before what lights you up and fills you with joy. Money is energy that is meant to serve you, not for you to become a slave to it. Putting your choice before money sends a signal to the Universe/Quantum Field about what makes you truly happy. The signals we send out are always answered. Life mirrors back to us what we think is possible based on where we are focusing our attention.

Now it’s your turn – I want to hear from you. Share your experiences putting choice before money below…

Power Animals

Have you ever contemplated the power that animals bring to your life experience?

animalsAs I type this post, I am sitting next to an open window with the sounds of hundreds of birds chirping. No, I don’t live in the country but in a rather large suburb, an area known as Birdland. Groves of mature trees attract birds to nest…from hummingbirds in my backyard to ravens and even some hawks and wild parrots! I happen to live near a large intersection, yet, more often than not, the noise from the birds is so loud that you can’t even hear the nearby traffic.

I love the sound of birds chirping, even at night. It connects me to nature and soothes me.

Indoors, my kitties have a way of bringing me into the Vortex of love and appreciation simply by BEing—reminding me of the importance of rest, relaxation, connection and quiet time…and a little play time is good for everyone! When it comes to napping coaches, they are the best hands-on paws-on coaches!

Their presence is ever-felt, even though they are usually just quietly sleeping nearby or fascinated by a spider or bug in the corner. Unconditional love, openness to experiencing the moment just as it is, and willingness to be vulnerable with a human (many times their size) are ever-present lessons that pets gift their human companions.

The HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, CA has discovered that the relationship between humans and animals is mutually beneficial, and it can be profoundly beneficial for both humans and animals. In addition to the emotional benefits, research conducted at the institute found that a type of heart-rhythm entrainment, or synchronization, can occur in interactions between people and their pets. People also benefit from befriending farm animals…actually, I have heard that chickens are quite a lot of fun, as are pigs, goats, cows and horses! Farm animals have been used to rehabilitate wounded soldiers, psychiatric patients, and former convicts.

Not only do the humans enjoy it and benefit, but so do the animals! The heart-rhythm coherence improves the health and immune system for all parties involved. I’ve adopted cats who looked like they were not going to live long, and then noticed their health, coat, and disposition improve immensely as they were exposed to plenty of love and appreciation. (I’ve heard avid gardeners say the same is true of plants.)animals

It’s  also quite possible that repeated physical benefits of connection with animals could be entraining humans to feel good even when just *thinking* about animals and nature. We remember how good the last connection felt and look forward to experiencing that again.

Even when we have suffered the loss of a pet, we are able to fondly remember past experiences even as we cuddle and enjoy the company of a new pet. Pets teach us the profound lesson that real love never dies~it just transforms, like all energy. When we connect with our pets, the love we feel is so deep and meaningful that almost nothing else matters in that moment, and we are transported away from anything not matching that loving vibration.

Deliberate creators know that a beloved pet has the power to shift us almost instantly from a bad feeling place into a high-vibration. When we are in a high vibratory energy pattern, we become a closer match to our high-vibing desires and therefore closer to bringing them into our physical experience.  Most deliberate creators will quickly admit that their love for their pet(s) is their go-to vibe shifter that works every time!

Another thing cats teach Deliberate Creators: You are not a victim to what is happening around you. You always have the power of choice toward something that (or someone who) feels better. Never settle – if you have to, get up and MOVE to find good-feeling people and experiences.

So, the next time you hear birds chirping or connect with animals, remember the AMAZING power they provide us…day after day, freely and only with the hope that you will join in the love.




The Power of the Human Heart

Long time readers of this blog have read about the amazing research that the HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, CA has been doing on the human heart. HeartMath LLC began this research to better understand how to reduce or eliminate stress, which can be detrimental to the heart, with their patented emWave device and software. Since then, additional research, including information obtained from satellites, have really shown the power of the human heart.

The HeartMath Institute discovered that the human heart generates the strongest electro-magnetic field in the body, far greater than the brain–approximately 100 times more powerful electrically, and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically! Scientists already knew that atoms can be altered if the electrical or magnetic field surrounding them changes, so realizing the heart is capable of doing BOTH makes you realize how powerful the human heart truly is!
So, knowing about this research, I was not really surprised by this story shared recently on Facebook:
Heck, if the collective electro-magnetic field of humanity can affect the electro-magnetic field of the earth, then it makes sense that the powerful emotions a mother and father feel at birth could surround their baby in a powerful life-resuscitating electro-magnetic field.
What’s even more interesting for Law of Attraction students is that this couple had accepted the loss of their baby, yet still allowed themselves to feel their feelings of love, and talk to him of his healthy sister. They surrendered to the situation at hand and kept their hearts open.
The next time you have a desire, remember this family and try surrendering while keeping your heart open!
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HeartMath, lead by research at the Institute of HeartMath, discovered that the human heart generates the strongest electro-magnetic field in the body, far greater than the brain–in fact, approximately 100 times more powerful electrically, and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically! Scientists already knew that atoms can be altered if the electrical or magnetic field surrounding them changes, so realizing the heart is capable of doing BOTH makes you realize how powerful the human heart truly is!

So, knowing about this research, I was not really surprised by this story of a mother and her premature baby, shared recently on Facebook:

Links to Today Show video, September 2010

Links to Today Show video, September 2010

Heck, if the collective electro-magnetic field of humanity can affect the electro-magnetic field of the earth, then it makes sense that the powerful hormone-driven emotions a mother and father feel at birth could surround their baby in a powerful life-resuscitating electro-magnetic field.

What’s even more interesting for Law of Attraction students, is the way in which this experience came about: The mother and father had accepted the devastating loss of their baby, and chose to spend the precious time they had left appreciating him. Although saddened, they allowed themselves to be in the moment and to fully feel their feelings of love, and talk to him of his healthy sister and all that they had planned to do with him. They surrendered to the situation at hand while keeping their hearts open.

Who can really say if this situation would have turned out the same had the parents decided  to *try* to bring the baby back to life? Perhaps with such a hefty-agenda, the emotional release, surrender and open-heartedness may not have been in place.

The next time you have a desire, remember this family and try letting go… be in the moment, and surrender to the possibilities while keeping your heart open.

Now it’s your turn! What do you think about this video and story? Share your comments and ideas below…

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We are Vibrational Transmitters

coherence_heartAnyone who has worked with me has heard me speak about the science behind metaphysical teachings, specifically how the mind, brain, and heart work. Of all the people I know who speak on this subject, Gregg Braden is the one who really *understands* this material, and *communicates* this somewhat complicated information very clearly.

Below is one of my favorite videos of Gregg speaking about how scientists first realized that the emotions of humans was affecting the electro-magnetic field of the Earth, and how *that* realization led to more studies.

Take few moments to watch this *powerful* clip:

Here are some of the major points you’ll want to listen for in this video:

1. We have the power to affect the magnetic fields of the Earth. Shifts in the Earth’s electro-magnetic field spike in response to human emotions (i.e. after disasters) and have been picked up by the U.S. GOES satellites.

2. This lead to research to understand how this can happen. It has revealed two false scientific assumptions: A.) Everything is separate from everything else,  and B.) Our inner experiences (thought, feeling, emotion, and belief) have no effect on the world beyond our bodies.

3. We can intentionally choose to positively effect the magnetic fields of the Earth, to which every human is linked. When we feeling appreciation/gratitude/compassion in our hearts, for ourselves and/or others, it is called a heart-coherent state. Abraham-Hicks refers to it as being in the Vortex.

4. The brain generates an electro-magnetic field, but it is relatively weak compared to the heart. The human heart creates an electro-magnetic field that is FAR more powerful than brain waves ~ 100x more powerful electrically, and up to 5,000x more powerful magnetically! (Researched by the Institute of HeartMath)

5. The physical world, as we know it, is made up of the two fields of energy ~ electrical and magnetic. Our physics books now tell us that *if* we can change either the electrical or the magnetic field of an atom, we *change* that atom. This is how we change our bodies and the stuff this world is made of ~ through the heart-coherent emotions we transmit through our hearts.

6. When we get into the research and ancient teachings, what we experience appears to be less about attraction and more about *mirroring* back to us what we transmit out into the quantum field.

Watch the video for more details, and then share below how you will use this information to improve your life and those of your loved ones? How will you use this information to improve your business?

Co=Creation Cafe for July 5, 2009: Quantum Spirituality

This Month’s Special:
Quantum Spirituality—Where Science and Spirituality Converge

In the past few years, Quantum Physics and Biological studies have been proving what the ancient teachers and indigenous cultures have always known: That we are all connected and affect each other not only with our actions, but also with our thoughts and feelings. In this call, Nancy and Melissa discuss some of the latest information about these discoveries and how that interlaces with spiritual practices, including the Law of Attraction and how we can heal ourselves as well as the planet.

To listen to the call online or download the MP3 file, visit:


OR, to listen to the call online only, visit:

Provocative Communications.com

To respond to this call, submit questions, or get the links to the audios and videos referenced in this call, go to the Co=Creation Cafe Blog.

Check out the links for books referenced in this call.

EnJOY! :o)

How Our Attitudes Mirror Our Life Experiences

A week ago, I found myself quietly picking lint balls off of freshly clean linen. After a while, I realized I was surprisingly happy doing this rather mundane task. A thought came to mind that one can be happy no matter what they are doing (must be what all those Buddhists have been telling us for centuries), as long as we have chosen a supportive mindset. With that thought in mind, I sent this tweet:


Fast forward to this evening. I just finished watching the BBC’s 1985 adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s play “The Millionairess” starring Maggie Smith. At first blush, the plot was convoluted and bizarre. I kept checking and rechecking the Netflix movie synopsis to make sure I had the right movie because they didn’t seem to match. Eventually, the plot manages gets to the point, but at the end of the movie I found myself *enlightened*. Quite unexpectedly so, I might also add!

The play’s main character, Epifania, is a truly obnoxious millionairess with little-to-no social skills living in 1930s London. From a long line of banking magnates, Epifania the millionairess is stingy with her own money…but deep into the play, and almost at the point where I lost all interest, she decides to divorce her current husband to marry a Muslim doctor. Before they can do so, and in order to fulfill parental wishes, she must live as a pauper for 6 months, during which the husband-to-be must take $150£ and turn it into $50,000£. They are meet to again in 6 months to prove they have fulfilled the bargain.

Whether you intend to see this play or not, I don’t want to reveal the full plot except to say that it is quite revealing. Even when left to fend for herself with very little cash, she immediately discovers ways to make more money for her employers or even take over their businesses entirely. She makes bold decisions that turn out to be very savvy, proving that while she doesn’t have to work, she has learned a tremendous amount from her family’s banking business. Let’s just say, she doesn’t spend very much time being a pauper.

It reminded me of the real estate investment guy who claimed you can drop him anywhere in the U.S. with $100USD and he’d find a way to turn it into a fortune. Some people are like that: They see income opportunities where the rest of the world is counting up all the debt. Come to think of it, we need some of those people in the world right now!

What does this have to do with my tweet?

How you view your life is truly a metaphor for how you experience it.

If you believe life is hard, that’s how you will experience your life. If you believe your health is bad, that’s how you will experience your health. If you believe that you will always have to struggle to have money, that’s how you will experience money.

Choose to experience your life as easy, feel it in your heart, then it will morph into that experience! Choose to see and feel yourself healthy, and your cells will respond! Choose everyday to count your blessings, feel yourself as wealthy, and your bank account will mirror that shift!

In all the examples above, nothing has changed except your heart-centured *attitudes*. Embrace an attitude that your life is blessed, and you will soon see evidence showing up all around you. Gregg Braden has explained this in terms of Quantum Possibilities. Western Science is now catching up with this knowledge, which indigenous and tribal cultures have known for eons. Watch this video excerpt with Gregg Braden to understand how your heart-centered attitude creates your experiences:

If the above video interests you, you might also be interested in Gregg Braden’s amazing DVD, The Science of Miracles.

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