Embracing Contrast While Living What I Teach

contrastPlease forgive any typos. I am typing with my left hand, which tires me.

About three weeks ago, I entered a new reality.

Yes, this is contrast for me, but I also know that sometimes life falls apart so something much better can emerge. I am embracing this process in real time / real life.

I let myself feel what I feel. Every day. When my emotions are strong, I speak aloud what I’m thinking and feeling in that moment. The clarity this brings is immediate and powerful!

This simple process is allowing me to acknowledge and release judgement and resistance moment by moment. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes both. It’s all part of the process. I am healing and I am blessed!

Where doors have been closed, I look for windows and secret passage ways.

I constantly remind myself of the blessings: In the fullness of the contrast, in my life, in my heart and Spirit. Thank God for my friends and family!

Multiple times a day, I meditate on, pray (affirmatively), affirm, and visualize my healing and prosperity (to pay uncovered medical expenses and cover living expenses while I heal).

I am remembering to relax and allow. Every day. I am usually the one helping and supporting others. Now it’s my turn to relax and receive.

I am deeply appreciative, milking the blessings. My heart is full, my community is a true gift. Thank you for being part of my recovery!

In Spirit, I am already fully recovered with full use of both hands. I deliberately chose that in the moment I realized the injury.

As a metaphysical teacher, I am embracing the blessings in the contrast while living what I have been teaching for years…and learning to accept help!

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Catching a Break

breakLast month, I did something very important, which I highly recommend for your well-being and entrepreneurial success: I took a break from posting a blog!

While I had a few ideas rolling around, none of the ideas inspired me enough to move forward. I took notes, mulled over the ideas, and ultimately…realized it was simply time to give myself a well-deserved break!

As I wrote in a FB post last month, I have been publishing this blog for ten years, and I learned early on to only publish what inspires me and feels important to share. Which is why it was easy for me to give myself a break last month  and why that lesson is part of the message this month. I know from past experience that when nothing feels inspiring, I will come back with inspiration after some time to relax and recharge.

Giving Yourself a Break

More and more, psychologists, brain researchers, and successful entrepreneurs are discovering how much more productive and healthy (and successful) we are when we experience regular rest, relaxation, and fun!

It makes sense, too, because we now know that the brain begins to lose clarity and become less effective when it is tired or stressed. If productivity and creativity matter, then giving yourself a break is essential.

You may even have experienced being overwhelmed and stressed, then notice that you feel so much better after a few minutes laughing with colleagues and friends, spending time with loved ones, getting some fresh air while watching clouds go by, or taking a drive in your car. These are just a few ways we can ‘catch a break’!

I don’t know anyone, employed or self-employed, who isn’t working long hours and juggling their personal and professional lives. The human body is not meant to work 18 hour days on an ongoing basis.The importance of building in some time to relax, mentally unwind, rest if needed, and find some joy in life cannot be over-stated.

Catch A Break Every Day

breakYou might be thinking: WHEN am I going to find time to take a break? Here’s the ‘catch’: We don’t need to take a month away from our work to benefit from a break! In addition our regular vacation time, we can easily build ‘break’ time into every day life.

In fact, developing a regular wellness habit of resting, relaxing, and having fun every day will make you less likely to need long vacations.

Below are ways you can develop a regular wellness habit:

• Set boundaries and Honor Them – If you’re not used to doing this, give yourself 30 days to commit to setting boundaries around your work and personal life, and the demands put upon you by other or yourself. Know what works for you, and make the boundaries clear to yourself so there’s less blur and more clarity!

• Meditation and Mindfulness – Both meditation and mindfulness provide important rest to the mind, body, and spirit. If you already have a meditation practice you love, that’s great. If you’re still working on one, consider Intentional Resting or even just taking time out to watch clouds or the wind in the trees. Nature provides endless ways to stop, notice, and watch (plants, animals, birds, bugs, wind, clouds, etc.).

• Exercise – Whether it’s full-on time at the gym, a walk around the ‘hood, or 15 minutes dancing in your livingroom, exercise helps us release built-up stress and is it’s own form of relaxation. Whatever form of exercise you choose, it’s suggested that we ‘break a sweat’, the body’s way of letting go of emotions and toxins (along with deep breathing)!

• Laughter, Joy, and Appreciation – For me laughter tends to be spontaneous, and my kitty is often the source of laughter, great joy, and deep appreciation. Find some sources of laughter, joy, and appreciation you can seek out every day. It might be a certain YouTube channel, or a favorite book or movie series. A gratitude journal lets you milk the joy and appreciation even more.

• Wind Down – I started doing this a few years ago, and find it contributes to sleeping very well at night. I set a time, at least a half hour before bedtime, to turn off all screens and (if possible) all lights. Backlighting on electronic screens send a signal to the brain that it’s *daytime*, which keeps us awake and unable to wind down before bedtime. Turn off all screens, and give yourself a good 30 minutes to be…mindful, meditative, or just deep breath while snuggling with your pet(s) or family. You’ll be amazed how much better you sleep!

The added benefit of developing a habit of ‘catching a break’, is that you’re energetic sending a signal to the Universe that you value your time, that you enjoy the journey, and that you are ready for more ways to experience value and enjoyment. Imagine what wonderful experiences you’ll bring into your life!

How do you catch a break every day? Share your experiences in the comments section, below…

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based on image from iciakp.

Nancy Barry-JanssonNancy Barry-Jansson is a Metaphysical Teacher / Mentor who specializes in helping creative and healing women entrepreneurs grow and prosper through their businesses. She has spent more than 33+ years with metaphysical studies and been running her own creative business for more than 23 years. Learn more at AffirmingSpirit.com.

Are You Functioning Optimally?

functioningAre You Functioning At Your Best?

How you feel physically affects how you feel emotionally, and how you feel both physically and emotionally has a trickle-down effect on how you experience life and running your own business.

This is particularly problematic for solopreneurs and freelancers who are the primary ‘workers’ in their own businesses. If you don’t do the work, take the actions, then your business will falter.

If your mind is frequently clouded, or you don’t have the energy to take inspired action, it could be that your body is not functioning optimally and that includes your brain. When the body is not getting what it needs, neither is the brain!

Functioning Optimally

Starting today, practicing Functional Medicine physician and 10X New York Times best-selling author, Mark Hyman, MD, is releasing the first of 8 videos inoptimally his docuseries, Broken Brain. (You can sign up for this free online series at BrokenBrain.com or by clicking the white logo.) The series addresses the simple, easy, and inexpensive choices we can make every day to feel better and function optimally. I am not an affiliate and I get nothing for sharing this with you other than knowing that this important information is getting out.

As a Deliberate Creator, I don’t care for the title of this series because it implies that a part of us is broken, which I don’t believe is actually possible. There’s too much perfection built into the human body system for it to be permanently ‘broken’. Ultimately, that’s exactly what Dr. Hyman and the other experts in this series are illustrating: When the body gets the simple things it needs, it functions optimally!

When I watched the first episode of this series, it was clear to me that Dr. Hyman is referring to how the medical establishment sees the related problems of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, and Brain Fog. Traditional medicine treats ALL of those issues as if it is solely the problem of the body part, the brain. Functional Medicine, which is featured in this series, views the entire system of the body and recognizes how the brain can be effected when the rest of the system is out of balance.

Click the graphic below to watch the highlight reel from this series:
When you feel anxious, it might be due to having low blood sugar? Try first eating protein and fats. If you have low blood sugar, you will immediately calm your anxiety.

I’m sharing this series with you because I know first-hand the importance of what Dr. Hyman is sharing. In 2012, I personally healed myself of brain fog, increase my energy exponentially, easily (effortlessly) lost weight, and returned my body to functioning optimally using many of the techniques he speaks of in this series. It was like a heavy veil had been lifted from me. When you have that kind of life-changing experience, you want to share it with others!

You can sign up for the free series now, where the videos are each available for 24hrs after release, and (if you haven’t already) watch the highlight reel while you wait for the next video.

I am not an affiliate of Dr. Hymans and I get nothing from sharing this information with you other than making sure this important information gets out to the world. (This is also how the U.S. could begin saving TONS of money by overhauling it’s outdated and non-functional medical system.)

Have you had similar experiences to mine and what Dr. Hyman speaks of? Share your experiences below in the comments…

Image credit: Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
and BrokenBrain.com

Grounding / Earthing for Master Manifestors

Murphy enjoying his earthing mat — FloppyCats.com

Have you heard of Grounding or Earthing?

Feeling healthy and full of well-being is important for everyone, but particularly anyone who has chosen to be a conscious creator. Although doable, it is a lot more challenging to pivot toward better feeling thoughts and focus on what feels better when you are chronically tired or don’t feel physically well.

For my birthday, I got an Earthing Starter Kit. I’ve been enjoying the benefits so much, it felt important to share it here.

Links to author's siteWhat is Grounding/Earthing? The two terms are often used interchangeably, but Grounding refers to what’s happening, and Earthing refers to how. Earthing is grounding and reconnecting the human body back to the Earth. You can do this by walking bare foot on ground (wet grass improves connectivity), beach sand, or damp/moist concrete (in direct contact with the Earth) for at least 10+ min. every day.

When the weather is inclement or too cold, there are kits that help you ground indoors, where we are surrounded by electrical noise from computers, major appliances, and the electrical wiring in the walls. You can ground through a rod pushed into the Earth that is connected to a cable that comes into the house…or you can ground through the home’s grounded electrical system.

In addition to better sleep and greater feeling of well-being, there are many documented experiences of rapid healing, it naturally thins the blood, and offers a dramatic reduction in inflammation which facilitates healing. (Yes, there are Earthing mats for pets, too!) Earthing.net has more information.

Most of us will recognize that Native and Indigenous Cultures around the globe have always understood the power of and importance of connecting to the energy of the planet.

It’s really only those of us who have lost our connection to the Earth, which we had as kids running barefoot through the grass or sand or swimming in concrete pool, who really need to reconnect.

I had heard about Earthing via social media in late spring 2010 (I may have also read some discussions about it at the awesome Law of Attraction Membership Site, Good Vibe University), and began visiting my local parks to have my bare feet on the earth. Unfortunately, a lot of the parks are using some kind of chemical fertilizer on the grass that was not ideal for my skin. Plus, we rarely have a deep freeze (like we did last year) so the fleas usually live year round in the grass. I’d come home from the park covered with flea bites and rashes…and after that summer decided not to bother with Earthing. Rolling Eyes

Then, in 2012, a friend (one of my former bosses from when I worked at Adobe Systems) was raving to me about Earthing. She had used *indoor Earthing kits* during her cancer recovery…never got sick from Chemo…and she recovered so quickly it astounded her oncologist. It was her alternative health doctor who recommended this resource. Later, when her husband had hip replacement surgery the kits helped him also recover much faster. She also raves how much better they both sleep now.

The kit comes with a half sheet I put on my bed and a pad to use while on the computer, all the cables, testers, book, and a DVD of the movie Grounded. I went from not being grounded to being grounded a large portion of the day (at the computer or while in bed, sleeping). The moment I plugged everything in and grounded myself, my kitty Louise ran over to *join in*. She made sure every paw was touching my body, so she could also be grounded. Animals know!

Four nights before the starter kit arrived, I had started going to bed at 9pm at night. Initially, I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep that earlier, but was surprised to discover I easily fell asleep and slept 9 full hours each night.

So, the first night I had the grounding/Earthing kit, I again went to sleep at 9pm and set my alarm to wake me in 9 hours. This time, when the alarm went off, I was still so sleepy, I barely remember shutting off the alarm and going back into a deep sleep. When I woke up, I realized three things…

Shocked I had slept very deeply for a full 13.5 hours!!!

Shocked My body felt incredibly refreshed and that lasted longer throughout the day!!!

Shocked Every cell in my body felt like it was vibrating …humming …dancing!!!

The second night was similar. In bed by 9pm, alarm set for 9 hours…don’t remember turning off the alarm…slept 13.5 hours and woke up feeling great.

I was a little distressed about sleeping that long and wondered if this was normal, so I sent an email to my friend to ask her. She replied that it must mean my body needed a lot of extra deep sleep. Ironically, after I sent the message on the third day, the third night, I slept only 7.5 hours and woke up feeling great. The next night, I was wide awake after 6 hours of sleep. After a week, I now I feel my sleep pattern is evening out. Rolling Eyes Your experience will vary depending on your sleep patterns and overall health.

In addition, over the past week I have been feeling this infectious sense of well-being bubbling up inside of me…All is WELL…and getting weller, as Abraham has said. Laughing I have to admit, I didn’t notice it at first because the shift was very gradual. Cool

If you want to start grounding/Earthing, you can go outside with your bare feet on non-fertilized grass, concrete (doesn’t work on asphalt, though), or a sandy beach for at least 10 min every day and build up to longer periods. Apparently, it also works while *swimming in a concrete pool*! This costs nothing if you have grass, beach, concrete or a concrete pool nearby.

When the weather turns cold, I can recommend the indoor Earthing kits from Earthing.com. The elite athletes in the Tour de France use Earthing Bags (zipped cotton bags, similar to a sleeping bag) so they sleep in a *grounded cocoon*. Some people who benefited from regular Earthing kits found the Earthing Bags to be too much grounding, while others found them helpful. Seems like the athletes are the ones who do well with the Earthing Bag.

So far, I am enjoying the Earthing sheet and mat…I am not sleeping as much as I was in the beginning, and the feeling of well-being is pervasive.

The DVD included with the kit was underwhelming for me. I do believe the filmmaker (a wildlife filmmaker) had good intentions, but it was more like a collage of film clips. There are YouTube videos that do a better job of explaining and interviewing people, although the movie does show how an entire town in Alaska benefited from grounding. A number of those people were interviewed, but their responses were basically, “I used to have pain before I started Grounding. The pain is gone and Grounding is great!” No indepth explanations and a lot of the doctors are still unsure how it works, other than the heart being electrical (it’s also magnetic, but don’t get me started…).

Here’s a trailer for the updated documentary (not the one I have), entitled Grounding 2…showing, among other things, how grounding/Earthing impacts plants and humans:

If you read/listened to my Why I Am Still Alive post on my blog then you know that I’ve had two blood clots (30 and 16 years ago). The fact that the grounding also thins the blood is good news for me. However, if someone is on blood-thinning medication, they will need to be on doctor supervision while employing grounding/Earthing because too much thinning is not good.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist from Connecticut, said that he had been wondering for years why his patients freshly returning from Florida always needed their meds lowered. He thought it was the warmth and sunshine, but now realizes it could have a lot to do with being grounded on relaxing walks on the sandy beach.

What does this information mean for conscious creators? I know for a fact that I have had more energy, been more aware, and felt more well-being in the last week since I’ve added Grounding/Earthing, which is serving me as a Master Manifestor. My vibration is naturally higher with little physical effort on my part. Whether you ground yourself bare foot on the Earth or with indoor products, this is a tool that helps in many ways.

If you’ve tried grounding/Earthing, share your experience below!


Image credit: Top – Grounding Post on FloppyCats.com;
Inset – Earthing book, Earthing.net

Why I Am Still Alive

Why I am still alive

Due to the length of this post, I am providing an audio version:

Depression, suicidal thoughts, and deep shame

Today’s post will be different from what you are used to reading on this site. I apologize in advance for the length. This is my personal story which I now feel compelled to share, and know that I must do so to help others. This is not something I have ever discussed in public, and for a long time it was a tremendous source of deep shame, but I realize that now is the time. If it helps one person, then it’s served it’s purpose for me to break my silence!

We are all painfully aware that beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams died last Monday from an apparent suicide. Normally, when a celebrity transitions, I send them good energy for their journey, and let it go trusting that all is well. Of course, I did the same for Robin, but the immense gift that he left us (besides an incredible body of work) is that we are now all discussing mental illness, depression, and suicide openly, in a generally thoughtful way.

This was not the case in the 1980s when I went through one of the most terrifying and debilitating experiences of my life.

It made complete sense, at the time

When I was in my senior year of college, I became so morbidly depressed that I could barely function. The lack of energy and internal motivation was so profound that I could not see my way forward. Suicide truly seemed like the most logical and sound solution! Just breathing felt emotionally and physically exhausting. Trying to catch up with my classwork made it worse. I was barely existing. Then, my fiancé of 2 years, with whom I lived, announced that he had changed his mind and no longer wanted to get married. I was crushed. It was too much for me to handle.

A month or so before this, I had developed a blood clot in my chest. Doctors were stumped. This was many years before I learned about my power to create health in my body and mind, let alone my power of creation. The University hospital Chief of Staff was dumbfounded how a young, active, physically fit woman, who was not on birth control pills, could suddenly develop a blood clot in her chest (not a common area for a blood clot). The reason for the clot was never determined.

Since most people who get blood clots are elderly, the treatment usually includes intravenous blood thinner until the clot is dissolved. Then, upon release from the hospital, patients are transitioned from I.V. blood thinner to a pill. The amount of time anyone remains on prescription blood thinner depends on the individual case.

Once I returned home, taking this prescription medication (Warfarin), resuming my college classes and living with my then-fiancé, it wasn’t long before a dark cloud came over me. I’m a naturally optimistic and happy person, so this darkness which crept ever-so-gradually over me is something I had never experienced. Suicidal thoughts became more frequent and sucked me into a hole that I felt incapable of resisting or escaping from. It got to the point that suicidal thoughts felt like such relief, that I felt crazy not taking action! I was fully in the throes of severe depression…and thinking I was being logical and thoughtful in my decisions.

Someone in their right mind would have questioned those thoughts, especially if this is not a normal experience. At that time, I didn’t even know I wasn’t in my right mind.

My suicide attempt (it must be called an attempt because it was not successful), which seemed like the absolute right solution, only opened the door to greater humiliation, being treated like I was unworthy of trust, generating deep shame and greater depression. After my fiancé intervened, I was sent to psychiatric ward and placed in an observation room (2 padded walls, 2 glass walls facing the nurses, completely stripped clean of potential hazards).

At this time, my fiancé, the person I had trusted the most and felt was my soul mate, used my absence to move out of our shared home so that he would never have to interact with me. Now, I was not only trying to recuperate from the blood clot, but I was also dealing with severe depression and grieving deeply the loss of my 3 year relationship. Later, I found out that he had told the psychiatrists about my behavior after the blood clot, that he intended to leave, and that is what convinced them to hospitalize me.

While in the psychiatric ward, they took me off the Warfarin, put me on the anti-depressants, and talk therapy. It was determined I could stay off Warfarin and just take a baby aspirin, once a day, if needed.

When asked why I attempted suicide, my answers did not satisfy the doctors, and it didn’t make a lot of sense to me afterward, either. I certainly didn’t *feel* mentally ill, and at the moment that I had suicidal thoughts, they seemed quite rational. For years, I carried the humiliation and shame of making a choice that the rest of society believes is inappropriate. Wrong. Not right. Sick. Stupid. Idiotic, even. What was wrong with me that I couldn’t manage those thoughts? Was I mentally ill? Was I unstable? I felt I had to hide this from others, lest they think ill of me.

The blessing of déjà vu

Fast-forward 14 years. I have moved to another state, married, had a child, divorced, started a business, bought a home, and was learning how to ballroom dance. I was a single mother and thriving…but, the deep shame I carried about this experience was a dark shadow I rarely discussed.

One night at a dance party, a dance instructor made a comment to me about not holding up my arm. Except that, I was holding my arm up. That arm had been feeling heavy all day, come to think of it. I recounted to him my experience of the blood clot (but not the experience that followed). The next morning I woke up and felt my ‘heavy’ arm was asleep. That was the same way my arm felt when I had the blood clot before. I checked the color of my skin and it was obvious: the heavy arm was purple. The blood was not flowing properly.

The Advice Nurse told me not to call an ambulance but rather go straight to the emergency room. Once there, I showed the doctors where to look and they gasped when they saw the blood flow from my chest to my arm was only 10%. Installation of the Coumadin I.V. was next. Upon release from the hospital, they once again prescribed Warfarin pills. This time, I was told I would need to be on them the rest of my life.

pills-wide-diffThen, I began to notice… over the weeks, my energy waned. I felt frustrated more often, I need to sleep more often, and eventually so drained that suicidal thoughts began to creep in. They were, once again, a welcome relief. Then, it DAWNED on me: it was the Warfarin that was making me suicidal!

I immediately made an appointment with my doctor and our conversation went something like this:

The young doctor, fresh from his internship, listened to my explanation of how the Warfarin was affecting me and promptly replied, “That’s not possible!”

Cocking my head, I asked, “How can you say it’s impossible? I am the one feeling the effects! Who do you usually give this drug to?”

He replied, “Those in their 70s, 80s or older are usually the only ones on blood thinners. No one has ever said they felt suicidal from taking this drug.”

“When an elderly person tells you they feel tired and depressed,” I said, “why does no one question that? Clearly, I am not elderly, but I am telling you right now: this medication is making me feel suicidal and it has already wrecked havoc once before. I will not let it do so again.”

He shook his head in disbelief. “You must be mistaken, and you have to be on this medication the rest of your life or you will die.”

For me, the only choice was to advocate for myself. The doctor would not listen to me, and since I had accidentally discovered that certain foods naturally thin the blood, I made a decision to take myself off the drug*. I regularly eat the foods that naturally thin the blood and I’m still here to talk about it, without the suicidal side effects. That was more than 16 years ago…and  this is why I am still alive.

The humiliation and deep shame I had carried for years was completely unwarranted! I have forgiven myself for not knowing, for how could I have? The relief I feel now is that despite the dark urges, I was able to find out the true source of those feelings.

Why did I feel so compelled to share this story now?

Robin Williams death has opened the door for discussions of depression and suicide in social media. When I briefly mentioned on Facebook that sometimes prescription drugs (for other ailments) can trigger deep depression and suicidal thoughts, a number of people responded that basically a similar situation (different ailments, different drugs, same outcome) had happened to them: prescription medication for unrelated ailments had wrecked havoc on their mind and body to an extent that living no longer made sense.

When our body/brain chemistry is altered by a drug, whether recreational or prescription, we may not know it. We may feel we are thinking clearly. Suicidal thoughts in this situation may feel like our clearest thinking, the solution that does everyone a BIG favor. Telling people to seek help is nice, but not necessarily realistic. They may truly need an intervention.

In my case, the realization 14 years later, that the same drug was inducing suicidal thoughts allowed me to discount those thoughts, more than I had been able to do when I was in college. Thank goodness for that second blood clot!!!

Now, I am not telling you to get off any medication you are on or to never be on prescription drugs. I do not recall feeling suicidal while I was in the hospital on the I.V. blood thinner Coumadin, but the gradual increase in those suicidal thoughts took place when I was on the pill form of Warfarin. Perhaps the I.V. blood thinner was fine but the pill just doesn’t work with my body chemistry. There may be people who cannot handle Coumadin but do well on Warfarin. Alternative doctors are quick to explain that every human being has different body chemistry, so it is impossible to say that one drug will have a beneficial or maleficent affect on every human. Even placebos don’t affect everyone the same.

I am not telling you to ditch your medication or your doctor, but I am telling you to be aware of your body, and communicate with your medical professional. If you are on a prescription medication and finding yourself unable to think positively, emotionally exhausted, and/or finding relief in suicidal thinking, tell someone and speak to your doctor if you can. It’s your body and no one knows how medications will affect it as much as you do. If your doctor will not listen, go find another doctor. If no allopathic doctors will listen, go find an alternative or integrative medicine doctor who will!

It’s your life. Who will care enough to advocate for your own quality of life, if not you?


*Various insurance companies penalized me multiple times for making the decision that saved my life. Why they would penalize a patient who could not get proper medical advice or a doctor who would listen to them is puzzling, to say the least. I was forced onto unnecessary state-sponsored Major Risk insurance because of this choice, and later made to sound like I was a “difficult patient” for not following doctor’s orders…the one that would have led to another suicide attempt, or possibly worse.

Original photo source: nenovbrothers / 123RF Stock Photo
Derivative image credit: Barry-Jansson & Associates

Your Beautiful Power


Have you seen this video by Dove?

Showing us in sequence just exactly how powerful our beliefs are in affecting our perceptions, researchers asked women to apply a “Beauty Patch”. They told them what to expect, and asked them to wear the patch as well as keep a video journal. Watch what happened next…

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you are probably smiling and nodding your head. The Placebo Effect exhibited in this video is just one of the well-documented examples of how our beliefs can literally change our life experience. Many of us have wondered (more than just out loud), if the Placebo Effect is so effective (at least 30% of all placebos work better than the actual drug being tested), why aren’t we harnessing the power of the placebo with no side effects to heal versus harmful medications? Well, we know the answer from the past…we get to decide the answer for the future. 😉

Actually, many doctors hate the Placebo Effect and think it’s a hindrance drug testing. In fact, the Placebo Effect is so maligned in the medical community that most doctors want to figure out how to ELIMINATE it completely, rather than figure out how to make it work for us so we can take less medications. Imagine how much nations could save in national medical costs if we worked with placebos instead of eliminate them. 😉

Each of these women started the study feeling they needed something outside of them to make them more beautiful, and ended up discovering the deepest truth of life: life is an inside job. What a powerful and beautiful lesson that is!

Now there’s also brain science that can explain how this works. Janette Dalgliesh, the LOA Brain Whisperer, states in her new book, Mastering Your Everyday Superpower:

For me, these concepts lead to one inescapable conclusion: that my reality is unique to me, not just in the sense that it’s my own perception, but in the sense that as I interact with it, there is a two-way flow. I create it through my brain. Sometimes I do that in a self-aware, conscious way, and sometimes I do it in a default, unaware way.

So do you. And so does every human being on the planet.

Amazing, isn’t it? Here’s something else amazing: Mastering Your Everyday Superpower is currently free on Amazon! You want to get your own copy and learn how you can master your own beautiful power.

Disclosure: Because I know Janette Dalgliesh’s work in this area, and believe in the importance of getting this information out to the world, I have chosen to become one of her affiliates. When you make a purchase of Janette’s offerings, you not only benefit from the experience but I am also compensated for sharing this material with you.

What is Stress Doing to You?


If you’ve been paying attention to health media over the past 20 years, no doubt you’ve heard the message that “Stress Kills” – it weakens the immune system and is the common denominator in all disease. Lots is being done to help us relieve stress, but here’s a solution you probably never considered…

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing Shawn Achor of GoodThinkInc.com speaking about The Happiness Advantage. If you haven’t seen Shawn’s hilarious TEDx talk from 2011, take a few minutes to watch it…you’ll laugh and likely relieve some stress, too:

When we choose to feel happier, there are many beneficial results: Our brains are flooded with happiness hormones (like Dopamine and Serotonin, and the hormones they control), we are more relaxed, and more likely to make better decisions.

What does this have to do with stress? Visiting Achor’s site after the webinar, I stumbled across a mention of a study that showed when people were taught to view stress as a “good thing”, it changed how their bodies responded to stress! Yes, something as simple as reframing ‘stress’ into a positive experience, one we would want to look for and appreciate, was enough to cause some people to truly thrive.

In perfect timing, psychologist Kelly McGonigal had more to say about this phenomenon recently, also via TED:

So, it turns out that what stress is doing to you has more to do with how you VIEW stress than the actual source or experience of stress! If you look for ways to find that stress is beneficial and helpful in your life, then you will become more resilient and better able to manage stress. Does this finding surprise you?

From a Law of Attraction point of view, your beliefs control how you experience the world—or more accurately, how the world is mirrored back to you to support your existing beliefs about the world.

Take a moment to ask yourself how you might be able to view stress differently, and share your thoughts below.

Vibration or Bio-Chemical?

vibration_or_biochemical_paleoFor years now, I have understood and been teaching the power of vibrational alignment. I don’t just teach this stuff, I live it and apply it to every area of my life! This also means that much of my life is a work in progress as I move toward what I am desiring to create…each improvement leads to a new vantage point from which to decide ‘what’s next?’. This constant growing is, as they say, what keeps life force flowing through me.

Sometimes, though, life experiences have me questioning what I know to be true. Questioning everything until you receive answers that feel right can be a good thing. This time, I am questioning if the food we consume is only affected by our vibration (as some teachers say) or if there is more to the story.

Last week, I was sharing with my friend, Jeannette Maw (the Good Vibe Coach), how much I am appreciating eating Paleo (no dairy or wheat/grains) for the past 10 months *despite* the energy that I had been flowing about it when I started:

With Paleo, the energy I was flowing in advance was MAJOR SKEPTICISM shifting to MILD WONDER. That’s what I was flowing. I had heard about it for a while and thought it was just a fad. Then, someone I respect shared some resources and I began researching. I was reading a doctor’s website where he systematically showed how it was the most beneficial diet for humans, way above vegetarianism which he had also tried and found defective.

If only a fraction of the benefits that doctor listed were true, I thought it was worth trying…BUT…a huge part of me (not just my butt) didn’t think it was even possible to live without eating wheat! I’ve been a baker since a kid and couldn’t imagine *enjoying* a life without wheat/grains. Bread I might be able to pass on, but pastas, rice, cookies, cakes, doughnuts?!? NO WAY!

That’s why I set a timeline and gave myself an OUT if it was too hard. Instead, I was shocked to find it was easy! I didn’t get what I believed or was suspecting AT ALL!

There is NO WAY that this experience with Paleo was “just about my vibration”. There HAS to be more to the story…chemical…biochemical?!? It’s not about emotions either, for folks who claim you can only lose weight if you have your emotions worked out. Once I started eating Paleo, I lost more weight than ever with no effort and no emotional ‘work’.

After that, Jeannette just wrote a blog post about when our expectations don’t match results and briefly mentions our conversation as proof that I must have been flowing a positive expectation.

You see, Abraham teaches that when you enjoy your food, then it’s good for your body and you will metabolize it well (i.e., be at a good weight and feel healthy). Likewise, Abraham says, when you don’t enjoy eating food, then it’s not good for your body and you suffer the consequences.

Now, I have mostly been a meat-eater, but I started eating Vegetarian a few years ago because I *expected* it would be healthier for me. That was the intention and energy with which I approached this change in my diet, but that was not my experience. While I was eating Vegetarian, I very much enjoyed the food, yet still my brain felt muddled, I felt lethargic, and gained weight around the middle. I also pulled back on exercising because I had no energy, which compounded the weight-gain. I actually enjoy exercising, but while eating Vegetarian I’d be so worn out afterward and needed lots’o’naps! I’ve since heard that this is a common experience and a major reason why Vegetarians shift to eating Paleo.

Meanwhile, I kept hearing people rave about eating Paleo. As I mentioned to Jeannette, for almost 2 yrs, I dismissed eating Paleo as a ‘fad’, then researched it with major skepticism. Looking back, I researched it mainly to prove to myself why it was not worthy of my attention. I’m laughing as I type this realizing the vibrational discord on this subject!

In fact, I was so doubtful that when I finally decided to try eating Paleo, I set the intention for only 30 days, I gave myself an easy OUT that I would stop immediately if it didn’t feel healthy to my body.

I also made dietary modifications in advance of starting to eat Paleo! Reading that the strict Paleo can be difficult for anyone to handle if they don’t have a ‘health reason’ for sticking to it, one site recommended that we make allowances for a few foods that technically aren’t Paleo. My allowances are Greek Yogurt (technically dairy, but high in protein and probiotics) and dark chocolate. Pretty sure the cave men didn’t have chocolate but would have EATEN IT if it was a choice! 😉 I also chose to include potatoes and rice in the grain category, but allow legumes because I like them in my beef chili (with fresh diced onions and Greek Yogurt!). Mmmmmm…it’s so good!

Anyway, within the first week, with no sugar withdrawals and no feelings of deprivation, I not only LOVED it but the cravings for wheat-based foods that had been a life-long desire had vanished completely! With the cravings gone, I enjoy eating so much more and lost at least 2 dress sizes (maybe more) without effort. Eating this way is effortless for me, so maintenance is easy. Now I understand what they mean when they say it’s less a diet and more of a lifestyle choice.  My taste buds clearly have changed: 3 months later, when I saw sugary wheat or milk-based stuff, it made me gag. I remember how those baked goods tasted, but have no desire to eat it again.

With the cravings gone, I noticed that I enjoy vegetables and fruits so much more than ever before. They now taste so much better than when I was eating Vegetarian! Talk about ironic. This is NOTHING like what I was expecting or the energy I was flowing in advance. I was practically DARING it not to work!

NOW, when I look back to when I used to eat the dairy & wheat-based stuff…I LOVED THEM…even though they weren’t good for my body! I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. According to Abraham and Jeannette, they must have been really good for my body except how awful I felt. Clearly, despite loving the food, it wasn’t healthy for me.

The Deliberate Creator in me is well aware of the power of our vibration, thoughts, feelings, and emotions…but THIS experience has shown me that there is way MORE involved! Clearly, when my body got what it needed in nutrients, it figured out the rest despite my doubting vibration. Plus, I’ve heard that while a large percentage of us do well on Paleo, a smaller percentage actually does do well on the Vegetarian diet that didn’t work for me. That tells me there is also a bio-chemical issue at hand.

I recognize that with every thought, our brain cascades chemicals to the body, so there is a biochemical factor to every thought and experience. LOA purists may say that I must have been flowing a positive vibration, but I know that is not true in this instance. This experience showed me that even with major skepticism/doubt, a positive outcome can be created!

Yes, I was skeptical before I even started eating Paleo and that negative vibrational start should have had an equal affect on my experience. Still, I took each step in *good faith*, approaching each meal with the attitude of “what do I feel like eating that is Paleo-compliant?”. When I noticed at the end of the first week how easy it had been, how good my body felt (light yet fully satiated), how the hunger and bloating was gone, and how much more energy I had, I was delighted! I proceeded with that feeling of delight, and a month later when I started noticing weight loss (I no longer have a scale, so I don’t know how much), that was icing on the proverbial cake…gluten-free, of course!

What are your thoughts about vibration versus bio-chemical response?


Image: © Ernie Garcia

Lizzie Velasquez Will Inspire You!


Lizzie Velasquez is here to show us all that what the doctors and bullies or anyone else says or does will only affect you if you let it. To me, I can see the Law of Attraction all over Lizzie’s life story!

Born with a rare disease that only 2 other people on the planet are known to have, her body is unable to create fat. Before you get jealous, realize that Lizzie’s parents were told she’d never walk, feed herself, or live a normal life. Doctor’s told her parents, “don’t expect much”.

Lizzie’s parents treated her like a normal child, so that is how she saw herself. It was easy for her to prove the doctors wrong. Her internal dialog was that of kindness and self-love, and since our cells are ALWAYS LISTENING to our thoughts and feelings, it’s not surprising that she thrived.

When she was a teenager, Lizzie was bullied for her looks. Teens made a YouTube video calling her the “world’s ugliest woman” and suggesting she commit suicide. She could have gotten really angry and sunk into depression. Most people would have.

Instead, Lizzie set 4 audacious goals…and she’s meeting them! Watch this video and hear Lizzie and her family share her remarkable story…

The lessons I see in this story are…

1. Love yourself unconditionally for the unique being you are. Your body and mind hear and feel every thought and feeling. Be conscious about thinking and feeling lovingly toward yourself.

2. Where you are today isn’t the end of the story. Your body and mind changes when you decide to think and feel better. Every morning is the start of a new day, a new opportunity. If you didn’t think well of yourself or feel good yesterday, let it go. Start anew today…it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

3. Bless that fat on  your body! Admit it: Prior to reading this, you had thought of the fat on your body as an enemy. No matter how much you have, bless and appreciate your good health.

4. Let the haters talk amongst themselves. You’ve got better things to do with your life! Decide what really matters and go for it.

5. NO ONE has the power to decide how your life will be, except you. If Lizzie’s parents had listened to doctors, they would have planned for her early death. If Lizzie had listened to school mates, she might not be here. Lizzie is now a thriving college student, published author, and motivational speaker because she decided how she was going to live her life.

What conclusions have you drawn from this inspiring story?

Use the Holidays to Lift Your Vibe!

Whether you are feeling down this holiday season and need a quick lift, or you find yourself mired in negativity on occasion, having some positive resources to turn to is vital to keeping your energy positively focused. Here are some quick resources to have ready when you are looking to be uplifted or maintain your positive energy.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

I have been recommending for a long time to create your own JOY list. No one knows what makes you feel good and lifts your spirit better than you! So, get started on one or update the one you have and put it out where you will see it daily and remember to refer to it.

Check out my updated VibeLifters page with even more vibelifting goodies…free or for a fee, but all highly recommended! There are podcasts, books, audios, videos, and more! This list is constantly being updated, so bookmark it, share it, and check back often.

Watch something eye-opening and inspiring right now…Don’t have something inspiring to watch? Below is an interview Lilou Mace did with the co-founder of New World Library, From Drop-out to Multimillionaire. His story is eye-opening and inspiring on many levels. Grab a cuppa your favorite and treat yourself to something amazing:

How do you life your vibe during the holidays? Share your thoughts below…

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