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easierMaking It Easier

Ahhh…do you feel the ease in that statement? I realize “easier” is not the message most of us are accustomed to hearing, when it comes to our businesses, but bear with me. Starting and building your business can be easier and more fun than you have been taught or might have imagined.

If you’ve been struggling to start or build your business, it’s possible that you have been reading and listening to experts who make it seem difficult and complicated. Without knowing what step to take next, the whole process can feel overwhelming. Most of the business experts, themselves, share and compare business hardship stories as if that is the only way successful businesses function.

Emphasis on ‘Easier’

Businesses have their trajectories, which are a reflection of the owner/leader’s energy. The focus of this post is on EASE: There are many tips and tools that we can combine to make the process of starting and running a business easier.

If you’ve grown up hearing other ‘grown ups’ talk about business, likely they were talking about how hard it was to find clients, get paid, grow their business. What they affirmed (hardship) was confirmed to them, so in their minds, they were right.

Self Check-In:
What are you affirming / confirming about your business with your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions?

The energy generated from your words, thoughts, and feelings drive your actions, and the resulting outcome. The one(s) who line up energetically, SEE, FEEL, and KNOW themselves as successful before they take any actions toward their business are more likely to experience successful outcomes.

This is why two people can start the same business in the same city, but one succeeds while the other fails before they even open their doors. What you hold to be true about your business in your words, thoughts, and feelings establishes how you will experience your business.

First, Alignment!

Before you take another action toward your business, get into alignment with your success:

• SEEING: In your mind’s eye, your imagination, practice seeing yourself successful. Imagine you are in your place of business, or at a networking event meeting new clients. See your schedule filling up with a list of great clients. If this feels awkward, keep doing it until it feels natural.

• FEELING: Notice how you feel when you’re imagining your successful and thriving business. How do you feel when you’re working, when you’re reviewing your financials, when you’re paying bills, dealing with vendors and clients/customers? What do your successful business days feel like, and what do you feel at night as you’re drifting off to sleep?

• KNOWING: As you practice seeing and feeling your success, and the idea of success and the feeling of success will become second-nature to you. This is when you are ready to begin knowing within yourself that even if you don’t know everything about your business…you are capable of learning, growing, and guiding your business. Knowing may initially come to you in flickers and hope-filled thoughts. That’s good! Nurture those until the knowing grows within you.

Pre-Pave Your Success

Abraham-Hicks talks about Segment-Intending as a way of pre-paving future events so they will transpire easily and joyfully. You can also use the basic concept of segment-intending to pre-pave your business success:

• Start by making a list of all the steps you know you’ll need to take with your business
– Setting up your business structure, business location
– Setting up promotional materials: website, business cards, stationery/envelopes, brochures (if any)
– Identifying potential clients and letting them know about your products / services
– Networking to meet potential clients / customers
– Speaking / Writing to increase awareness of your products / services

SEE, FEEL, and KNOW yourself taking the appropriate action in each list with ease, and with a highly successful result. In our imagination, we can ‘take the journey’ first, energetically. If it feels awkward, we’re not yet in alignment. Keep going until it feels natural, and the positive outcome feels obvious to you. Clarity and confidence will fill your being. This is on-going practice for the successful business owner.

Actions you take after getting into alignment and pre-paving will have a much better outcome and likely to feel easier, than if you are taking the same actions from fearful or frustrated energy. The feeling of the journey has a direct effect on the outcome.

Address Your Fears

When I first started my illustration and design business, I realized that I was literally afraid to ‘sell’ my services. Selling would be important to my business success, so I had to address it if I was going to move forward.

Fortunately, before I started my business, I had (even before knowing about these processes) FELT myself highly successful. I didn’t know HOW, I just felt that I would be and I milked that feeling long before I took action. So, when I realized my fear around selling I immediately sought resources that could help me. A book on marketing one’s services gave me the tools I needed and my confidence began to build. I saw myself successfully identifying possible clients, educating them about my services and how to reach me, and then letting those businesses decide if they would like to hire me. My job was to market / educate. This took the ‘sales’ pressure off, and I felt ready to move forward.

Within a few days, I was making cold-calls to area businesses who might need my services. Of my total list of 50 potential clients, 2 of them called me back to hire me then, and for years afterward. None of that would have happened had I not addressed what I feared, and pre-paved a positive outcome!

Know that you can make starting and growing your business easier using the tools I’ve shared here. You ARE capable of starting, running, and thriving with your business!

For the past decade I have specialized in working with female healing and creative solo- and entrepreneurs in various stages of starting or growing their businesses. If you’ve been struggling to start or build your creative or healing business, it doesn’t have to be that way. You always have the choice, and help is available when you are ready for it.

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You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

Long and winding road

How often do you give yourself credit for how far you’ve come along your spiritual path?

When I look back at where I started on this path more than 35 years ago, it is amazing to realize how much I have learned, lived, and grown. Taking stock of what I’ve learned through life experience is often awe-inspiring.

There are concepts that blew my mind in the first 10 years and seemed too far-fetched to even think about that I now not only fully embrace, but understand that science now supports those ideas.

Abraham has often said it is not words that teach but life experience. There’s no denying the phenomenon of channeling (we ALL do it!), the power of the mind and heart, or the ability to shift energy on the fly when you’ve experienced it over and over again. Those examples might be easy to imagine.

How about shifting quantum possibilities? Parallel universes and alternate realities? Past, present and multiple lives? Life between life (no such thing as death)? Those ideas might seem truly far-fetched…until life experience makes them real.

There’s a reason that the ancient Hawaiians knew they could shift energy and clear it just by speaking a few heart-felt words in sequence.

Medicineless hostpitals in China, Tibetans monks, and the shamans of Peru all understand how to instantly heal the body, even if they’ve never seen the inside of a “civilized” western medical facility. Yet, most western doctors find it hard (if not impossible) to believe the healing can happen without surgery and drugs.

There is a lot that we, in the West, are only just beginning to learn that the rest of the world not only knows is true but are regularly putting into practice. The “science” that we hold sacred has only been around the past three or four hundred years. That’s barely a blink of an eye in comparison with the age of the planet and how long humans have walked upon it.

It is interesting to me that my mind and heart has expanded what is possible, I’ve learned the science behind spiritual teachings, and through it all I have a deeper, more meaningful connection with the Divine than ever before.

If you are new to spiritual teachings, there may be some things you are learning that are hard for you to grasp. Be gentle with yourself. When you learn something new, hold it in your heart and feel if it resonates for you. If it doesn’t let it go. Even if you reject something now, it is possible that in the future your life experience and science will show you, firsthand, the full truth of the teaching.

Even if something resonates for your without a logical reason, it has something to teach you. Be open to it.

If you’ve been on this road a long time, as I have, you are probably nodding your head as you are reading this. Isn’t it wonderful that all paths lead to the same place?

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Effective Solopreneur: Tending the Inner Garden

Personal growth benefits you personally, but are you aware how much personal growth and inner healing grows and heals your business?illustration by Nancy Barry-Jansson

Everything on this planet is vibrational in nature, including your life and your business. Form follows vibration, because everything is first conceived vibrationally before it comes into physical being. Even our senses are vibrational interpreters.

Everything. The chair you are sitting in. The body you are inhabiting. The life you are living and the business you are growing. Everything is vibrational!

So, it makes sense on all levels that a business grown from a healthy, fertile and strong foundation creates a legacy that continually feeds that enterprise.

Others around us sense the energy from which we create and serve. Customers and clients are either attracted or repelled by that energy.

When you take the time to go inward, hear your own heartsong, know the gifts you offer the world, and understand your intrinsic value, your life and business benefit! That’s tending the inner garden so that you reap a physical reward that’s beautiful to behold.

Your intuition is always serving you, and guiding you to the best solutions. Are you paying attention? When you listen to and act on your intuitive guidance, your business thrives. When you question or doubt your guidance, ask countless others for their opinions, and fight what feels good because it seems too easy, your business suffers. And so do you!

Tend your inner garden by scheduling regular time for…

* Meditation and quiet time

* Physical exercise that’s fun

* Affirmations that uplift you

* Visualizations that thrill you

* Rest, relaxation, and fun that renews you

* BEing the essence of your intentions daily

* Time with uplifting people and experiences

Now it’s your turn to share what you do to tend your inner garden!
Share with me how you have set up your life and business in a way that serves you and your clients…

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