Divine Matrix: Mirror, Mirror, All Around

DivMat_cvrIn 2007, Gregg Braden released his book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief. In this science-dense book, he explains how Newton’s discovery of gravity in 1687 launched modern science on a trajectory that has created huge problems in the 20th Century. It turns out that Newtonian Physics can explain large bodies like planets in orbit, but it falls apart when scientists examine smaller particles like atoms.

For smaller matter, scientists have resorted to micron microscopes and the mathematical formulas of Quantum Physics to explain what happens at levels too small for a microscope to see. Scientists have not agreed on a term for the Quantum Field, but Braden’s term for it is the Divine Matrix: an intelligent thought field that is always responding to our thoughts and feelings. There’s no way that one blog post can cover a complete introduction to Quantum Physics, but I highly recommend Gregg’s book if you want more details or suggest you view PBS’s NOVA series The Elegant Universe.

Where ancient texts and indigenous cultures have told us that everything is energy and we are all connected, modern science is only just catching the same clue. Where modern science has barely made this discovery via Quantum Physics, many cultures around the world already know this and have learned how to harness it’s energy for human good including immediate shifts in energy and nearly instant healings.

What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation? A LOT! Of the 20 Keys to Conscious Creation that Braden outlines in his book, the first one is this:

Key 1: The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created.

Everything we experience with our senses is part of the Divine Matrix in response to the energy we are sending out through the electro-magnetic field generated by our hearts. In the Divine Matrix, Braden goes on to say…

Because the Divine Matrix constantly reflects our beliefs, feelings, and emotions through the events of our lives, the everyday world provides insights about the deepest realms of our hidden selves. In our personal mirrors, we’re shown our truest convictions, loves, and fears. The world is a powerful (and often literal) mirror, one that isn’t always easy to face. With complete honesty, life gives us a direct window into the ultimate reality of our beliefs, and sometimes our reflections come to us in ways that we would never expect.

In this way, all of your interactions with everything on this physical plane (people, flora, fauna, and inanimate objects) is a mirror of your own state of consciousness. If you recognize this, you can take responsibility for what you’ve created, stand in your own power, and create a better outcome.

The wise Deliberate Creator uses each irritation and struggle in their life as a window into their own consciousness. They are fearless in looking at their mirrors and recognizing patterns, discovering where their thinking has created an undesirable outcome, and making the necessary adjustments.

You can make great strides if you are willing step out of victimhood and take back your power by accepting responsibility. We can overcome situations that others who are unaware of the Divine Matrix might deem impossible or too difficult.

We can heal our physical bodies. We can release our error thoughts that create negative outcomes. We can lovingly confront the parts of ourselves reflected in difficult relationships. If we choose not to consciously address those issues, they will just continue show up over and over and over again in noticeable patterns until we take the time to do the inner work.

When people tell me there is someone in their life they don’t like and they ask me how to use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to remove them, the fastest way is always: stop blaming the mirror and look within yourself.

If you were standing in front of a mirror wearing a red dress that you didn’t like, how much sense would it be to yell at the mirror about the dress?  The same way an image in the mirror will not change until you “change”, our own consciousness must change internally to see the change reflected back to us externally. This is why all the ancient texts and gurus have told us to heal ourselves first. As soon as we address and heal our own consciousness, what is mirrored back to us must change.

If you insist on blaming others for anything, you give them all of your power to change and keep yourself in a state of victimhood. Victims have no ability to regain their power. If you are unwilling to let go of blame and do the inner work, you can remain mired in the difficulty for the rest of your life.

The Divine Matrix is the mirror all around you, the intelligent, responsive field that some call God, Christ Consciousness, All That Is, or Source Energy. The name you give it does not “matter”. How you choose to interact with your mirrors truly does!

I’d love to know what you think about the Divine Matrix “mirror”. Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Co=Creation Cafe for July 5, 2009: Quantum Spirituality

This Month’s Special:
Quantum Spirituality—Where Science and Spirituality Converge

In the past few years, Quantum Physics and Biological studies have been proving what the ancient teachers and indigenous cultures have always known: That we are all connected and affect each other not only with our actions, but also with our thoughts and feelings. In this call, Nancy and Melissa discuss some of the latest information about these discoveries and how that interlaces with spiritual practices, including the Law of Attraction and how we can heal ourselves as well as the planet.

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How Our Attitudes Mirror Our Life Experiences

A week ago, I found myself quietly picking lint balls off of freshly clean linen. After a while, I realized I was surprisingly happy doing this rather mundane task. A thought came to mind that one can be happy no matter what they are doing (must be what all those Buddhists have been telling us for centuries), as long as we have chosen a supportive mindset. With that thought in mind, I sent this tweet:


Fast forward to this evening. I just finished watching the BBC’s 1985 adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s play “The Millionairess” starring Maggie Smith. At first blush, the plot was convoluted and bizarre. I kept checking and rechecking the Netflix movie synopsis to make sure I had the right movie because they didn’t seem to match. Eventually, the plot manages gets to the point, but at the end of the movie I found myself *enlightened*. Quite unexpectedly so, I might also add!

The play’s main character, Epifania, is a truly obnoxious millionairess with little-to-no social skills living in 1930s London. From a long line of banking magnates, Epifania the millionairess is stingy with her own money…but deep into the play, and almost at the point where I lost all interest, she decides to divorce her current husband to marry a Muslim doctor. Before they can do so, and in order to fulfill parental wishes, she must live as a pauper for 6 months, during which the husband-to-be must take $150£ and turn it into $50,000£. They are meet to again in 6 months to prove they have fulfilled the bargain.

Whether you intend to see this play or not, I don’t want to reveal the full plot except to say that it is quite revealing. Even when left to fend for herself with very little cash, she immediately discovers ways to make more money for her employers or even take over their businesses entirely. She makes bold decisions that turn out to be very savvy, proving that while she doesn’t have to work, she has learned a tremendous amount from her family’s banking business. Let’s just say, she doesn’t spend very much time being a pauper.

It reminded me of the real estate investment guy who claimed you can drop him anywhere in the U.S. with $100USD and he’d find a way to turn it into a fortune. Some people are like that: They see income opportunities where the rest of the world is counting up all the debt. Come to think of it, we need some of those people in the world right now!

What does this have to do with my tweet?

How you view your life is truly a metaphor for how you experience it.

If you believe life is hard, that’s how you will experience your life. If you believe your health is bad, that’s how you will experience your health. If you believe that you will always have to struggle to have money, that’s how you will experience money.

Choose to experience your life as easy, feel it in your heart, then it will morph into that experience! Choose to see and feel yourself healthy, and your cells will respond! Choose everyday to count your blessings, feel yourself as wealthy, and your bank account will mirror that shift!

In all the examples above, nothing has changed except your heart-centured *attitudes*. Embrace an attitude that your life is blessed, and you will soon see evidence showing up all around you. Gregg Braden has explained this in terms of Quantum Possibilities. Western Science is now catching up with this knowledge, which indigenous and tribal cultures have known for eons. Watch this video excerpt with Gregg Braden to understand how your heart-centered attitude creates your experiences:

If the above video interests you, you might also be interested in Gregg Braden’s amazing DVD, The Science of Miracles.

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