Are You A Gracious Receiver?

There are three steps to the Creative Manifestation Process:

1. Ask (you automatically do this as you notice what you like and don’t like in your life experience)

2. Answer (this is not your work, the Universe does this for you)

3. Receive (put yourself in the place of allowing what is being given to you)

Since step 1 is automatic and step 2 is not our work in this space-time reality, most people struggle with step 3 of the Creative Manifestation Process. They get hung up on what they didn’t like in step 1 and dwell on every aspect of  what they don’t like, why they don’t like it, explaining how much they don’t like it to others, joining support groups of folks who also don’t like it, and then get upset when that is all that seems to be showing up in their life. Instead of receiving what they want, they end up receiving even more experiences they don’t enjoy and feel like complaining about!

How do you expect to receive what you are asking for
if you are not willing or able to receive it?

It is possible to consciously choose positive experiences and to receive graciously. One of the ways to get good at Receiving is to *practice* Receiving. Just like the muscles of the body need flexing to grow, your ability to receive grows with practice. However awkward it feels at the beginning, with practice receiving becomes easier. You’ll find yourself giving from a place of joy and love, and receiving graciously from that same energy. Pay attention to any negative feelings or emotions pop up when you first begin practicing receiving. These emotions are *gifts* showing you the work you need to do to grow. Be grateful that those thoughts and feelings are no longer unconscious—they have come forward to be healed.

Here are a few ways to build your “receiving” muscle:

1. Make a decision to *receive* graciously. Notice all the opportunities in your life to receive openly and joyfully. The more you notice and appreciate opportunities to receive, the more opportunities the Law of Attraction will line up in your life. If you are feeling uncomfortable or guilty about receiving *too much*, then you kow your work is removing the barrier you have to receiving more.

2. Enjoy compliments. Train yourself to just say “Thank You” and feel appreciation in your heart every time you receive a compliment. If your mind is questioning why the person complimented you or whether they were lying, or you feel compelled to downplay the compliment, then you know your work is to find out why you do not feel worthy.

3. Appreciate free gifts and unexpected opportunities. When someone offers you a gift or a great opportunity for free that you would really like to experience, choose to accept it graciously with open arms. Let the giver know how much it is appreciated. If you find yourself questioning the gift and/or the motive of the giver because it was offered for free, then you know that your work is to understand why others giving to and receiving makes you uncomfortable.

If you are offered a gift or great opportunity that you are not interested in experiencing, consider passing it along to someone you know who would really appreciate it. You might be the Angel that Source Energy needed to get that gift to the right person.

4. Record your receiving. In the same journal where you write your Gratitude List or your Appreciation List, add the list of what you’ve received each day—including smiles, unexpected companionship, and kind words. If you find yourself not being able to remember receiving, then you know your work is to be more aware of all you are receiving in every moment of your day.

5. Practice receiving positive energy. When you meditate, spend a few minutes envisioning yourself *receiving* white light and love from Source Energy through your crown chakra (top of the head) or heart chakra (heart area). Let it soak into your skin, bones, and muscles. Feel it penetrating every cell of your body, healing your body as it goes. Allow yourself to feel deep appreciation in this experience. If you find  it hard to accept energy from Source, then you know you have been blocking your own success in this way.

How do you practice receiving? What gifts have you received by choosing to be a gracious receiver? Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments section so others may benefit from your experiences.

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