Could Coaching Help You?

Is there something in your life that you’d like to change but don’t know how to go about it?

> Do you feel stuck and wonder how you can possibly get unstuck?

> Are you needing support and encouragement to move through a phase of your life?

> Have you tried using affirmations before with little or no results for your efforts?

> Do you wish you could create powerful affirmations that bring change?

If you answered yes to any of the above, coaching might just what you are looking for. Coaching is often the fastest, most efficient way to address issues that we cannot address on our own. Imagine quickly receiving the support and guidance to get where you want to go, and discovering the amazing creative power you have within yourself!?!

Affirmation Study
This year, I launched the AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study to examine and track ways that people get the most out of their affirmations. As part of the process, I provided weekly ‘Affirmation Coaching’ for the first month, followed by monthly check-ins, to support the participants in their process of creating and crafting their own, powerful affirmations. This was the first time we had offered coaching of any kind through this site.

Much to my surprise, study participants unanimously rated the coaching as the main reason they were experiencing success with their affirmations! I began receiving requests from the volunteers and from their peers, for coaching. Several participants asked to have more frequent check-ins, as they realized the coaching was vital to their success. As it turns out, coaching has become a passion for me as I’m able to apply all I’ve learned over the past 23+ years, and I’m enjoying it as much as those who are appreciating their amazing results.

What is Affirmation Coaching?
In the last section, I used the term ‘Affirmation Coaching’ in quotes because it really does not fully explain what I offer. At the beginning, someone may be interested in developing some great affirmations of their own, but in order to succeed they have to first release negative thoughts that have kept them stuck. In that process, depending on their situation, a single coaching client could be discussing life issues, business issues, spiritual issues, or a combination of all 3. Most often, I’ve personally experienced the same block as the client, so I can share first-hand what worked for me and why. This helps them see that they aren’t alone.

In addition, through coaching, I discovered that I am highly intuitive—feeling and sensing precisely the solution that will benefit each person. Since I do not limit you on what you are allowed to desire, the coaching is also unlimited. If you can imagine it, the Universe can provide it to you…as your coach, I will be your guide in that process as an unlimited intuitive resource focused on serving you.

Coaching is Neither Therapy Nor Consulting
Coaching is designed as a support for people who are ready to make changes in their life, but need guidance and encouragement along the way. During the coaching process, I track our conversations, so if it becomes obvious that you really need professional therapy, I will refer you to someone in your local area. If you are currently on prescribed medications for a mental health issue, or are seeing a mental health professional, I recommend that you complete or get stable in that process before working with a coach. That way, you are ensured to get the most from coaching.

Learn More
If you have some goals that you would like to achieve or change you would like to experience, and you are ready to benefit from a different perspective, visit the site for more information about coaching. Once, there, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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