Thinking About Others

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, 2007

In the last week alone, I have had at least three people ask me this question:

How can I possibly feel good when [fill in the blank people, animal, or organization] is experiencing [fill in the blank hardship or difficulty that seems unfair]?

The Law of Attraction is always working, whether we believe it or not. Like a tuning fork, we are sending our vibration out into the quantum field. The Law of Attraction is lining us up with like-vibrations in people, locations, and experiences. When people first learn about this, they do their utmost best to stay positive about their own life, but often struggle to maintain a positive attitude about people and situations around them that seem unkind or unfair.

There is no need to expand on what those negative situations could be since most of us can quickly identify those in our own experiences. Worrying and fearing for oneself or others is praying for what you don’t want. Instead, make the decision to use your energy to uplift yourself and others.

10.2013.ThinkingAboutOthersWhile it’s true that we cannot create in the reality of another person because we cannot think and feel for them, feeling bad about or for another person only lowers your vibration and consequently will drag you down. In this way, even choosing to think bad about someone else is also harming you. What you give out energetically is what you receive back.

Vibrationally speaking, how would you want others to view you? Would you rather have them feeling pity for you, worrying about you, imagining the worst…or would you rather have them seeing you as capable, strong, successful, and easily able to overcome anything?

Think back on the hardships you’ve experienced. With hindsight, most people can say that every hardship they’ve endured helped them learn more about themselves and grow positively from the experience. Personally, I’ve discovered that every experience holds the seeds of blessings, if we are willing to see it that way. It’s not up to us to deprive others of their opportunities to learn and grow, but we can positively support them in their journey.

Like the time when I was 15 and the adults around me were clearly suffering from the belief that I had uterine cancer. X-Rays showed a mass over my uterus, but without major surgery they wouldn’t know for sure. Fortunately, I had an inner knowing that said I was fine, so I couldn’t figure out why people were putting so much attention on a negative outcome that wasn’t going to happen. Turns out, it was benign cysts on my ovaries that were easily removed during surgery. While I told every one around me that I was fine, I also let them hold onto whatever belief they wanted. Looking back, though, it would have been nice had the adults around me been imagining the best into the unknown, seeing me as coming through the situation with ease and trusting that all was well.

Research is now showing that it matters what the doctor thinks, too.  That is, if you give that kind of power over to your doctor. Even as a teen I was clear that the doctors were wrong and they’d eventually figure that out, which they did. I remember my mother saying she wished that she could trade places with me to prevent me from dealing with this, but that experience at age 15 taught me many important things that I have carried through my life.

What about when you don’t have a inner knowing that all is well? Cultivate it. Start where you are, and build from there. See the blessings that are always present. Appreciate what is working well, notice how the situation is better than it could have been, and begin to look for ways that good could present itself. As you make this your practice, you’ll find it gets easier and more fun…and the results make it worthwhile.

For most of us, seeing others as capable, strong, successful, and finding their way through their situation will feel better than fearing, worrying or gossiping about them. Am I expecting you to be jumping for joy and celebrating someone’s hardship? NO! I’m not saying that.

This is what I am saying: hold the space for hope and possibility for others. Be the person in their life/lives that imagines the best outcome possible and sees them as capable, strong, thriving, and benefiting from the experience. For some people, you can be present around them during their struggles and others you may need to distance yourself. Either way, thinking well of them and holding a space for good will benefit everyone involved.

Not only will this feel better to you, the onlooker, but it will feel good to them to know someone sees a light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll appreciate it, too, when they return the favor during your difficult moments.

Your turn! What helps you stay positive and imagine the best outcome for those you see suffering? Share your comments below.


Image: The Thinker by Auguste Rodin,
California Palace of the Legion of Honor, 2007

Power Animals

Have you ever contemplated the power that animals bring to your life experience?

animalsAs I type this post, I am sitting next to an open window with the sounds of hundreds of birds chirping. No, I don’t live in the country but in a rather large suburb, an area known as Birdland. Groves of mature trees attract birds to nest…from hummingbirds in my backyard to ravens and even some hawks and wild parrots! I happen to live near a large intersection, yet, more often than not, the noise from the birds is so loud that you can’t even hear the nearby traffic.

I love the sound of birds chirping, even at night. It connects me to nature and soothes me.

Indoors, my kitties have a way of bringing me into the Vortex of love and appreciation simply by BEing—reminding me of the importance of rest, relaxation, connection and quiet time…and a little play time is good for everyone! When it comes to napping coaches, they are the best hands-on paws-on coaches!

Their presence is ever-felt, even though they are usually just quietly sleeping nearby or fascinated by a spider or bug in the corner. Unconditional love, openness to experiencing the moment just as it is, and willingness to be vulnerable with a human (many times their size) are ever-present lessons that pets gift their human companions.

The HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, CA has discovered that the relationship between humans and animals is mutually beneficial, and it can be profoundly beneficial for both humans and animals. In addition to the emotional benefits, research conducted at the institute found that a type of heart-rhythm entrainment, or synchronization, can occur in interactions between people and their pets. People also benefit from befriending farm animals…actually, I have heard that chickens are quite a lot of fun, as are pigs, goats, cows and horses! Farm animals have been used to rehabilitate wounded soldiers, psychiatric patients, and former convicts.

Not only do the humans enjoy it and benefit, but so do the animals! The heart-rhythm coherence improves the health and immune system for all parties involved. I’ve adopted cats who looked like they were not going to live long, and then noticed their health, coat, and disposition improve immensely as they were exposed to plenty of love and appreciation. (I’ve heard avid gardeners say the same is true of plants.)animals

It’s  also quite possible that repeated physical benefits of connection with animals could be entraining humans to feel good even when just *thinking* about animals and nature. We remember how good the last connection felt and look forward to experiencing that again.

Even when we have suffered the loss of a pet, we are able to fondly remember past experiences even as we cuddle and enjoy the company of a new pet. Pets teach us the profound lesson that real love never dies~it just transforms, like all energy. When we connect with our pets, the love we feel is so deep and meaningful that almost nothing else matters in that moment, and we are transported away from anything not matching that loving vibration.

Deliberate creators know that a beloved pet has the power to shift us almost instantly from a bad feeling place into a high-vibration. When we are in a high vibratory energy pattern, we become a closer match to our high-vibing desires and therefore closer to bringing them into our physical experience.  Most deliberate creators will quickly admit that their love for their pet(s) is their go-to vibe shifter that works every time!

Another thing cats teach Deliberate Creators: You are not a victim to what is happening around you. You always have the power of choice toward something that (or someone who) feels better. Never settle – if you have to, get up and MOVE to find good-feeling people and experiences.

So, the next time you hear birds chirping or connect with animals, remember the AMAZING power they provide us…day after day, freely and only with the hope that you will join in the love.




Learn and Benefit from Meditation!

Announcing The AffirmingSpirit Meditation Mentor Program!

So many of my clients have been struggling with finding clarity, dealing with the dramas of life, and feeling over-stressed. Are you one of them?

Meditation is one of the most amazing ways to calm your mind, release stress, become more aware of intuitive guidance, and encourage your body’s natural healing processes.

If you’ve struggled to learn meditation, then you aren’t experiencing any of the positive benefits!

It also took me a long way to learn, and I gave up many times along the way. Since so many of my clients also have struggled to learn to meditate, I put together a process that will teach you how to easily and effortlessly begin a meditation practice. The introductory price for this digitally downloadable program, which includes 5 audios and a PDF Guide, is only $19USD!

I am so happy to be sharing this simple-yet-effective and very affordable solution so you can end the struggle to learn meditation once and for all!

You can purchase the AffirmingSpirit Meditation Mentor Program and download it immediately, so you can begin learning right away!

Many blessings,

Take the Bounce: A Reason to Appreciate Contrast!

This past week, those of us who receive Abraham-Hick’s twice-a-month MP3 files were treated to a new phrase: Take the Bounce.
Abraham used this phrase in answering a question about dealing with contrast, the unwanted experiences that are so different from what we believe we really want to experience. They patiently pointed out to the questioner that when you know what you DO NOT want, you *immediately* know what you DO WANT, so in that moment that you realize what you prefer…let it bounce you in the direction of what you want. Put aside the content of the contrast  and TAKE THE BOUNCE in the direction of what you do want.
Divers uses springboards to propel themselves into a swimming pool. In the moment you realize that contrast is present, it is also pointing you in the direction of your newly discovered preference! That energy of discovery, if seized in that moment, will aid you in *bouncing* away from the contrast and toward your new preference.
When the Contrast is…Take the bounce to…
Realizing you don’t have enough money…Image yourself having all the money you desire, any time
Showing you unkind behavior from your partner…Feel yourself with a loving, kind partner who is thoughtful to you
Tight-fitting clothes…Visualize comfortable close or your ideal body weight and fitness level
Not enough clients for your business…See yourself serving and appreciating the perfect number of clients
A health issue…Believe in your ability to heal yourself, feeling better than before
Now it’s your turn. Where is there contrast in your life that you can begin to appreciate for the bounce it is providing?

Anyone who follows the teachings of Abraham know that they are very creative in explaining concepts of Deliberate Creation, developing new phrases to help illustrate their points. This past week, those of us who receive Abraham-Hicks’ twice-a-month MP3 files were treated to a new phrase: Take the Bounce.

Abraham used this phrase in answering a question about dealing with contrast (Ashville, NC 11-1-09 workshop), those unwanted experiences that are so different from what we believe we really want to experience. They patiently pointed out to the questioner that when you know what you DO NOT want, you *immediately* know what you DO WANT, so in that moment that you realize what you prefer…let it bounce you in the direction of what you want. Put aside the content of the contrast and TAKE THE BOUNCE in the direction of what you do want!

Take the Bounce

Divers use springboards to propel themselves into a swimming pool.

You can use contrast as a springboard toward what you really want to experience. In the moment you realize that contrast is present, it is also pointing you in the direction of your newly discovered preference! That energy of discovery, if seized in that moment, will aid you in *bouncing* away from the contrast and toward your new preference.

When the contrast shows you that you don’t have enough money…Take the bounce to imagine yourself having all the money you desire, any time!

When the contrast shows you unloving behavior from your partner…Take the bounce to feel yourself with a loving, thoughtful, and appreciative partner.

When the contrast shows you how tight your clothes are fitting…Take the bounce to visualize yourself in comfortable clothes OR creating your ideal body and fitness level ~ whatever your preference is!

When the contrast shows you not enough paying clients in your business…Take the bounce to see yourself serving and appreciating the perfect number of paying clients, rewarding you for the value you provide!

When the contrast shows you an undesirable health issue…Take the bounce to know your own ability to heal yourself, every cell in your body aligned with health, and you feeling better than ever before!

Taking the bounce toward your preference gives you energetic momentum to focus on what is wanted. From there you can get into the Vortex about your preference.

When you look at it this way, the contrast that shows up in your life and is part of living, is really a blessing in its ability to provide that energetic bounce toward your preferences! Did you ever think you’d be so appreciative of contrast? Now you can actually look forward to contrast so you can take the bounce!

Now it’s your turn. Gather all the contrast showing up in your life, and see where you can take the bounce!

Do You Argue For Your Limitations?

Have you ever met someone who complains for hours about all the problems in their lives, then when offered several really great solutions they begin to argue about why they must continue to do what is clearly not working for them? This is called “arguing for your limitations”~arguing for why it’s impossible to change, why it’s necessary remain stuck in misery.

Like a proverbial stuck record, this person is convinced that the world is out to get them, nothing goes their way, all the existing solutions and opportunities have failed them (even while they work beautifully for others). Furthermore, if they try to change what’s not working for them, they are convinced it will turn out *worse* than it already is! This person will argue for hours about why *nothing will ever change*.

Convinced that nothing works, that is in fact what these people experience ~and they can PROVE it! In fact, they could go on for days with example after example of how this is true. Deep down, these people feel powerless and keep wondering why someone doesn’t come along an *solve* the problem for them.

The sad irony is~even if others DID solve their problems, it would only be temporary because this person believes and is therefore attracting “nothing works for me, my life is constant struggle”. Whatever gains they receive through others helping them is quickly lost, and they are soon back behind the eight-ball of life. They are forever stuck in a cycle of nothing working and constant struggle.

You may think you are pretty evolved and are grateful you are not like this. However, many who consider themselves conscious and deliberate creators about most subjects may find that they still harbor similar attitudes on *certain subjects*. Money is the most common one for individuals. Business owners often have it about selling and marketing.

Is there an area of your life where nothing seems to be working, and everything you try fails? How often do you tell *that* story? Do you find yourself justifying why your problem is unsolvable? These are all signs that you *might* be spending some of your energy arguing for your limitations on this subject.

If you think you might be limiting yourself in a certain area, ask yourself:

How has this limiting belief served me? We usually took on a limiting belief to protect ourselves when we were younger, without realizing we have outgrown the need as an adult. Be grateful for how it has served you and recognize why you no longer need it.

How would I show up in the world if I didn’t believe this? How does it feel when you consider a life without this belief?

What would it take for me to feel safe in replacing this limiting belief with a supportive one? When you know what you don’t want, it points to what you DO want. By choosing supportive thoughts ahead of time, and developing a plan you can implement, you have something to turn to in lieu of the limiting beliefs.

Based on your answer to the last question, begin implementing your plan for replacing the belief. Then, notice what begins to change around you.

Just like it’s important to clear the physical clutter, it’s important to release the limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.

Note: If it just feels too scary to release a limiting belief, that’s OK, too. Recognizing it is the first step. You can always change your mind, or seek a coach or counselor to assist you in the process.

Are you harboring limiting beliefs? Have you recently let some go? What helped you release the beliefs that were not supporting you?

Crafting Your JOY List

So…you’ve decided what you truly desire. With your clear vision, you’ve set your intent, connected your mental image with the related heart-felt emotion, and can feel that your request has been granted.

Now what?

Well, now it’s up to the Universe to deliver it to you. The trouble is, often whether or not you have wanted something (person, thing, or experience) for a long time, or you really-reeeaaallly-REEEAAALLY NEEEED it as soon as possible, there is often such a strong emotional charge to receiving that we are actually unconsciously blocking the very thing we say we want.

That emotional charge is sometimes referred to as resistance. It comes in a variety of flavors, including but not limited to: neediness, anxiety, worry, frustration, irritation, and flat-out desperation. At worst, you begin immediately assuming that what you want is impossible, which triggers a feeling of heartache.

Buddhists suggest that you ‘let go of the attachment to the desire’. While I understand the concept they are advocating, I personally find it *very difficult* to suddenly stop wanting the very thing that I really-reeeaaallly-REEEAAALLY believe I want or need. To me, it’s like saying, you know that itch that’s driving you crazy~the one that is driving you WILD right now? Don’t scratch it. Whatever you do, DON’T scratch that itch!

Being OK with NOT getting something you really want, or worse, are in dire NEED of, is a huge mental shift. While I do believe it’s doable, I leave that particular technique to those more evolved souls who rival Christ Jesus and Buddha.

In my experience, at my level of consciousness, it’s a WHOLE lot easier and more efficient to just go do something FUN! Seriously. When you are doing something fun, you are usually more relaxed, breathing deeper, maybe even smiling or laughing, and you almost always are thinking about something else besides your worries and fears. As you relax, breathe, smile and laugh, you are also raising your vibration…all of which contribute to manifesting faster!

As I explained in my article, Getting Out of the How Business, I needed the help of my kitty cat to shift my energy into a better feeling place. It was worth that shift: Hours later, my desire showed up. We often need help to step into a better feeling place, and if you know this, you’ll feel better about seeking that help.

To facilitate this, I have created my own JOY LIST~ my ever-evolving go-to list of experiences that I know always lift me up when I need a little help in feeling better.

My list looks like this:
> Hang out with my kitty cats (any beloved pet will do nicely)

A friends puppy with the stuff toy I bought for him.

A friend’s puppy with the little stuffed hedgehog toy I bought for him.

> Spend time with children or loved ones (who are in a good mood and won’t discuss my creation process)

> Doing something with friends, like go for a drive or watch a movie (making a point not to discuss my creation process)

> Get out into nature (go for a walk or hike, picnic in a nearby park)

> Certain music (including *singing* certain songs like Zippity-Doo-Dah or I Can See Clearly Now)

> Exercise (moving my body’s energy)

> Other creative endeavors I enjoy: painting, drawing, baking, etc.

Don’t have a pet? Visit sites like & for a quick pet-video fix.

These are in no particular order, although I find hanging out with my pets to be very effective mood shifter. It’s important to remember you are getting your mind off your desire, as you would if you *knew* what you wanted was already a done deal. I don’t have to do all of the things on the list at the same time. Each one of them does the job, depending on how I am feeling.

Once I’ve relaxed and feel better, and depending on the day or time, I often get inspired ideas to take action. Sometimes that means taking a nap (how’s THAT for inspired action!?!). It’s amazing how many times I have woken up from a nap to discover that what I wanted had manifested perfectly while I was napping!

Have you crafted a JOY LIST? If not, write one out and put it near your computer or bathroom mirror so you’ll know where to find it when you need it.

Already have a list? What’s on your JOY LIST? It’s your turn to share your stories and comments below

Keys to Effective Affirmations

AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation CardsMost people hear about affirmations in a book, usually where a few generic examples are sited or recommended. They say these generic affirmations for a day or two, find them boring because they are so generic and don’t apply to their life, and eventually give up. Based on this misguided experience, some people actually conclude that affirmations don’t work, and give up on them permanently.

Effective affirmations need to be more than just positive and in the present tense. They need to evoke an emotion in you when you say them, because it’s actually the positive emotional shift in you coupled with the meaning of the words that makes affirmations so powerful!

So, how do you get affirmations to evoke a feeling in you? By connecting what you really are passionate about, what you really desire, with the words you are speaking. One of the best ways I know to do that is with the no cost eCourse I developed entitled Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations.

When you download this no-cost eCourse, you will receive a PDF file that will walk you through the process of discovering your emotional connection to your desires, and in some cases your negative blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want. I have also provided 2 audio files to inspire you further.

One student who followed the course had this to say…

“I just completed step 6 and I wanted to let you know I think this was great! Absolutely GREAT! It made me see just how many negative emotions I associate with things I want to do. I would say it was about 90%. I would have never known this information without going through your 6 step course. I want to say THANK YOU for letting me see myself. You are a godsend.”

F. O., Saratoga, CA

Try it and see what you discover from Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations. Afterward, share your experience in the comments below.

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