Creating Your Own Economy

If you’re breathing, it’s pretty hard to miss it: Everybody and their brother is talking about the economy. Most are labeling it everything from slow or down, to a recession, and some even consider it the beginning of a depression.

Here’s the thing: Everything is energy, including our economy. In our attraction-based Universe, what we focus upon, we attract energetically. What we focus upon with emotion, we attract even faster energetically. Doesn’t matter what emotion ~ Quantum Physics and heart-based studies show that feeling an emotion boosts the energetic broadcast of your focus across the quantum field of possibilities and brings THAT possibility closer to you much faster than if you thought about it with no emotion.

economySo, when mass-consciousness is focused on something (in this case the economic state), what is being focused upon is being created. If you are worrying and complaining about the economy, you are actually contributing to the current state!

Do the masses who are focusing negatively on the economy really want an economic slowdown, recession, or a depression? I highly doubt it, since their source of focus is usually complaining, blaming, and worrying. They are just unconscious of their true creative powers.

Nevertheless, their incessant attention and their worries lock them in fear which just adds MORE energy to the creation process. If people truly understood their incredible power of creation, I believe they would choose differently. Surely, these folks are not conscious that their attention and energy is adding to such possibilities.

The best way to counteract the mass energy moving toward a non-desired outcome is for those who choose to be Deliberate Creators to consciously focus attention in a desired direction, and tune-out what the less conscious folks are saying about the matter. This is not a time to engage in never-ending conversations about the problems with ‘what is’. Abraham has said (paraphrasing, here) that one conscious person who is tuned into Source Energy is far more powerful than millions who are not.

When it comes down to it, we create our own economy with our vibration (how we interact with the Source Energy around us), our thoughts/attitudes that drive our actions, and the belief in the possibilities. We create our own luck by believing in the possibility of opportunities. What we are willing to perceive is what predominantly shows up in our world. This is why *it seems* as though those who are doing well continue to do so, and those on the edge seem to slip off.

By the way, don’t let the fear-mongers who tell economic horror stories designed to paralyze your efforts fool you: More millionaires were created during The Great Depression than any other time in U.S. History, and this article explains how and why this happened. It boils down to Deliberate Creators believing that something else was possible, focusing attention there, and being aware of all the opportunities available to create their own economic booms. Oh, and if you are letting people talk you out of reaching your dream, then you are not a Deliberate Creator.

Have you made a conscious decision to be a Deliberate Creator, or do you live by default allowing others to decide how you will experience your life?

Here are some steps that conscious, Deliberate Creators can take today to create their own economy:

1. Take responsibility for your own vibration. Pay attention to how you feel and use it as a guide to keep your vibration as high and clear as possible. Meditate regularly so you become attuned and accustomed the higher vibrations. Then, when you begin to feel your vibration slip, you’ll notice it faster and be in a better position to course-correct. Only you are in control of your vibration, as no one else can think and feel for you.

2. In quiet or meditative moments, get clear about the outcomes you would prefer to experience. Knowing clearly what you are aiming for allows you to use your energy most effectively. Not sure what you really want? Deliberately collect more data until you get clear, and you can always define and add further clarity.

3. Find ways to activate the vibration of your desired outcomes: Put yourself in the feeling place of already having what you are seeking such as through visualization, affirmations, creating vision boards or mind-movies, talking about the possibility with other deliberate creators, writing about experiencing your manifestation. Write down & read or say your affirmations regularly. Imagine the perfect clients contacting you again and again. Know what it feels like to be successful and create a profitable economy for yourself.

4. Deliberately seek and connect with other conscious creators. There are *many* of us out here in your real and virtual networks. You can tell who we are by the enthusiasm in our voices and sparkle in our eyes. Those who vibrate much lower find us irritating to be around because we remind them that they have a choice. Begin engaging folks in conversations. If the conversation quickly turns to complaining and blaming failure on the *economy*, then you haven’t found us, yet. Keep believing in the possibility of connecting with other Deliberate Creators.

Good Vibe University is one of the best communities for Deliberate Creators I have seen so far! If your search hasn’t turned up a consistently positive and supportive community, check out GoodVibeU.

5. Get picky about the energy you allow around you. Turn off the news and lo-vibe media. Choose instead to read uplifting books, articles, and blog-posts. Listen to uplifting podcasts. Limit time with low-vibing fault-finders and complainers. Join an uplifting business group such as Quantum MasterMind. Find ways to inspire others and be inspired everyday. Many folks who did this saw their businesses grow exponentially. It’s not a coincidence.

Now it’s your turn:
What do you do to be a conscious, Deliberate Creator of your own economy?

Energy Lessons: Taking Responsibility for Our Experiences

Everyone is talking about the change they have felt, not only in the economy but even in the mass consciousness around them. Science is now recognizing what the ancient sages taught about the power of our consciousness.

We are all receiving important energy lessons: Now it is time for each person to realize their own personal power and responsibility in creating whatever experiences they are having whether they are ‘labeled’ good or otherwise. The days of blaming others for our choices is gone.

The past few months, I have been seeing what happens to people when they choose to live on auto-pilot, allow others to make decisions for them, or project their issues on other people. Chances are, you’ve seen the same thing and know what I’m talking about. People can complain and blame all they want, but it’s a waste of energy. The way you feel and what you experience are entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Why? Because we each have a choice how to think, feel, believe, and interpret what we experience. No one can make an adult think or feel differently than they choose, unless that adult has chosen to give away their power to another person then play victim, and blame the one they gave their power to. No matter how you look at life, those who take responsibility for how they think, feel, and believe, then consciously listen to their own internal guidance, and follow the action steps that feel right for them, are the ones who seem to miraculously side-step every kind of disaster. You might call them lucky. I call them responsible.

Personal Responsibility
The current economic state is giving us a great opportunity to step up and take responsibility by focusing on growing our own personal economies.

Yes, that’s right! Each of us is responsible for our own personal economy…flowing money into to it…and circulating money out of it back into the world. When we are in a state of peace, knowing that the Universe is supporting us in all ways, we begin to shift from judgments of right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative. We shift into a recognition that everything is unfolding in a perfect way. When we feel it unfolding in a way that doesn’t please us, we know that it is mirroring back to us where we need to shift our thoughts to release what isn’t working for us…so we can then embrace a better solution.

Epiphany in a Parking Lot
Despite the fact that I do all my holiday shopping early, the Friday before Christmas I had to go to the busiest mall in Silicon Valley…during rush hour. And I needed to do it between two appointments. Yeah, I know. Just the thought of it boggled my mind, but there was no getting around it. So, after meditating on Friday morning, I envisioned myself getting there easily, finding the perfect parking spot, getting what I needed quickly, and getting to my next appointment right on time.

When I got to the mall, and entered the parking lot…everything came to a standstill. People trying to get out of the parking lot could not because the traffic lights were red, and those entering couldn’t move around because those wanting to get out of the lot couldn’t (get out). It was a scenario for a perfect holiday nightmare.

Undaunted, I remembered my vision and how great it felt. Immediately, upon recalling the vision, I was guided to drive down another aisle where there were no cars waiting. When I came around the corner, I found myself at the end of a long line of cars trying to get out of the lot. This is a point at which many people would have given up, but I knew better.

While waiting I was consciously choosing to focus on the perfect spot that was waiting for me, trusting and knowing it would reveal itself. All of sudden, I saw the white backup lights on a car down the parking aisle to the left of me. The other cars weren’t interested because they were leaving. I turned down that aisle and parked my car in the space just left vacant. As I parked, I realized…this spot was right outside the main entrance I needed to access the store I would be visiting! I had gotten a perfect parking spot, just as I had visualized, while literally hundreds of other shoppers were stuck in the parking lot maze.

As I walked into the store, I wondered…should I be feeling badly for all those people still stuck in the parking lot, when I easily found a place to park?

In the U.S., we believe in rewarding people who take responsible action. Not only had I spent some time envisioning what I wanted, but when I got to the mall parking lot, I continued to send energy to that positive belief despite what I was seeing around me. As a result, I was rewarded by being at the *exact* right place to get a great parking spot. Everyone else had the same opportunity (to envision what they wanted), whether they believe it or not. However, I was the one who envisioned and followed my intuition to take action. I took responsibility for what I wanted when others chose to put their energy elsewhere. Therefore, it makes no sense for me to feel sorry for others who had the same opportunity that I had…but chose not to take the necessary action or who gave up too early.

After I found what I was shopping for, and returned to the lot about 10 minutes later, I realized that getting out of the parking lot might be difficult. I realized, again, that I needed to take (mental) action. I chose to imagine what I wanted to happen and focus on how that would feel: I would easily get out of the lot, and make my next appointment in perfect timing. As I got into my car, and backed up, I maintained this focus.

As if the Universe was directing traffic just for me, I was able to get out of the lot in less than 5 minutes and indeed got to my next appointment at the specified time. I chuckled when the person I was meeting said, “I just saw the clock change to the time of our appointment, and when I looked up, there you were!” That’s right. Just like I had envisioned it!

Where do you need to take responsibility in your life? Have you already taken responsibility and living the rewards? Share your experiences below.

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