Consciously Choosing to Imagine a Better Outcome or Find the Opportunity

Do any of these sound familiar?

> Whenever a police or fire truck siren is heard, you tense up and worry about who they were responding to and where the catastrophe is…

> When watching the news, every story breaks your heart to hear…

> You avoid the newspaper and nightly news because you can’t bear to hear another negative story about the economy, the environment, and/or politics…

Recently, I have made a conscious decision that has made a real difference in how I experience my life: I consciously choose to imagine that whatever I witness is truly a wonderful thing, a great gift, and amazing opportunity.

For instance, instead of tensing up when I hear sirens, I now feel gratitude and appreciation in my heart for the folks who dedicate themselves to defending, protecting, and saving others’ lives and properties. I wish them God-speed in their efforts as the sirens pass by, and I imagine them arriving at the perfect time to help whomever/wherever they are en route to and feeling great joy in their accomplishments. Hearing the siren gives me a chance to remember the brave folks risk their lives to help others and send them positive energy to do their jobs well.

Now when I see depressing news stories, I ask myself, “Where is the blessing and opportunity in this? What is the best possible outcome?”

Napolean Hill said that every negative holds the seed to an equal or greater positive.

When the stock market plummets, wealthy investors get excited about buying into bargains while the middle class gets bogged down in fear and sells what little they have. The wealthy look for opportunities where the rest see fear and despair. Perhaps that depressing news story actually holds a tremendous seed for an equal or greater positive…but you’ll never know if you never look for it!

I keep in mind that when others experience a hardship or difficulty, it is something they have attracted into their life for a reason: A chance to experience a learning opportunity, or a new reason to give back to those that help them, or a cause to motivate them into action, or a reason beyond my personal comprehension. Unless I was personally involved in creating the hardship or difficulty for them, I am really just an observer of what other people have attracted from past thoughts and vibrations. As Abraham-Hicks would say, it’s not my pie. I need to focus my attention on and take responsibility for my pie and let others take responsibility for their own pies.

Sometimes, however, we become observers of other people’s hardships and difficulties for a reason that is specific to us: A reminder for what matters to us, or a chance to change our own consciousness on a given subject, or a reason to motivate us into compassionate action. There are as many reasons why we need to observe someone elses difficulties as there are humans on Earth.

The bottom line is, you have a choice: Feel bad (sad, angry, frustrated, irritated, miserable, etc.) about what you observe, or find a reason to feel good (appreciative, loving, grateful, compassionate, etc.) about what you observe. Based on what we know about the Law of Attraction, if you consistently find a reason to feel good then you are vibrating at a higher level and therefore have more power to be of real help than if you are feeling bad. When you are vibrating higher, the solutions that come to you will also be of a higher vibration. Higher vibration solutions provide win-win situations that help everyone involved. From that standpoint, you are of more help to yourself and others when you consciously choose to find the silver lining and feel good.

If this idea resonates for you, try this exercise for yourself to see if it makes a difference: The next time you feel yourself tensing up and getting dragged down into negativity when observing, ask yourself: Is it possible to imagine a better outcome? What opportunity does this experience offer? How can this situation be a blessing for everyone involved?

Now it’s time for you to share your example. Click on Comments below and tell us how you consciously choose to imagine a better outcome or finding the opportunity in your life.

Best Seat in the House!

A few weeks ago, I attended an outdoor event that my son was participating in. It turned out to be a very hot/not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day. I had anticipated this event, and had used my imagination to define what I wanted to experience in advance. As I wanted the best seat with optimal view, I asked my son what part of the stage he would be on, and did my visualizations from that vantage point. Unfortunately, I had not anticipated theintense heat and lack of shade. Most of the elderly in the audience had umbrellas for shade and the colorful nylon sea all around made me wonder how I would “see” the stage. Fortunately, I was able to buy some bottled water and stay hydrated.

I made arrangements to get to the location about 1.5 hours before, thinking that would be ample time, and found that all the seats in the area where I was planning to sit were already reserved by others. While this did have me wondering about all the advanced visualizations I had done, I know by now… that having done those visualizations meant I would find the best seat.

So, I went from row to row asking if seats were available. Finally, I found a row where there were some seats toward the middle of the row. I sat in a seat at the center of the row so that a larger group could sit to the left of me.

About 10 minutes later, a family came and sat in the open seats on my left. The eldest member of the family was an obese man who sat right next to me. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that the seats were so close…and it was SO HOT! This man overflowed his own chair and was essentially sitting in mine. With his hot, sticky body stuck up against my left side, I quickly began to feel the heat even more.

As soon as I recognized that I was not appreciating the experience, I knew I had better change my attitude and focus on what I DID want…not on what I was experiencing, because I didn’t want that! After all, this is what I coach clients about all the time: Take your attention off what you don’t want, no matter how hard that is, and focus on what you do want…even if that seems impossible in the moment.

The family to the right of me still had reserved seats, and no one was sitting to the right of me. I used that feeling of empty space to help me visualize no one sitting to the left of me, either. I had no idea how to accomplish this, of course, but I know that the Law of Attraction doesn’t require you to know how to accomplish what you want. Just decide what you want and focus on that.

So, I got very clear that I desired…

…no one sitting to the left of me…

…gentle breeze blowing to cool me down…

…and an unobstructed view of the stage.

I visualized that. Imagined that. Ahhh…that’s nice! My mind wandered. I gently brought it back to the visualization, and focused on the feeling of relief. My mind wandered again. Just like with meditation, I just gently brought myself back to the visualization and feeling. I never said a word to anyone around me. My thoughts were focused on my own visualization meditation, and when it wandered, I gently brought it back.

After about 10 minutes of this, the man stuck up….I mean, sitting…next to me brought out a large golf umbrella. You know, the kind with the 4 foot diameter and 2-3″ spokes sticking out beyond the umbrella? When he got it open, he dropped it down behind his shoulders and hits me in the face/shoulder. I was more than a bit surprised, as this happened while I was in the middle of this visualization meditation.

I sputtered,”Uhm, sir, you are hitting me in the face with your umbrella.”

Without saying a word to me, he got up, moved one seat to his left and sat back down! In that moment, I not only had the seats on either side of me open (just as I had visualized), but I began to feel a soft cooling breeze coming up behind me! I smiled to myself. It’s working, I thought and feeling grateful, I kept visualizing a clear view to the stage.

A few minutes later, a woman came to the stage and asked everyone to put their umbrellas away. The audience groaned. She said, “I know, but if you don’t put your umbrellas down, the people behind you will not be able to see the stage. So, I understand it is hot and there is no shade, but please be considerate of those sitting behind you.”

Less than 15 minutes after I had started, and without saying a word or complaining to anyone, my experience changed right before my eyes.

The best part?!? When my son got to the stage and sat down, he was literally straight in front of where I was sitting! Turns out, my son had given me incorrect information about his location on the stage, but Source Energy knew exactly where to sit me! If I had sat in the area I thought I originally wanted, it would have been too far away. I had the best seat in the house: no obstructions beside or in front of me, a gentle breeze blowing, and an unobstructed view of my son. What more could a mother want?

Have stories about overlooking *WHAT IS* in order to create what you *PREFERRED*? Now it’s your turn to share it below…

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