Believing in the Power of Possibilities

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Possibilities for Improvement

Whenever someone wants to create change in their life, whether it be to their body, their home, their relationships, their career, their income, or all of the above, they first have to be able to develop a positive concept of “what is possible”. It is from that place of positive possibilities that they can determine what the next steps will be, for otherwise they would not know where to start.

What IS Possible?

The answer to that question depends entirely on who you ask! What’s interesting about ‘what is possible?’ is that the answer is not a one-size-fits-all solution as some experts would claim. It is really a range of answers, a realm if you will, from the easiest to more difficult, from the very small to the grandest of grand to that which has never been considered…and the answer is constantly changing as the universe evolves!

Every person’s realm of possibility is the unique intersection between what they have heard others accomplishing and what they can currently imagine is possible in their minds.

Why is this so important? People act on what they believe is possible for them. If they don’t believe they can do better, they rarely try. Plus, each person is going to have a realm of possibility that is slightly different from others, pre-set by what they learned was possible in their youth, and based on life experiences. Someone growing up poor being told ‘you can’t have what you want’ has a much different pre-set realm of possibility than one who grew up wealthy being told ‘you can have anything you desire, and you deserve the best that life has to offer’. Furthermore, if as an adult you’ve received additional feedback about ‘what is possible for you’, that also goes into the realm of possibilities.

Are you getting a picture of how complicated this can be?

Can you see that how you were raised may be slightly less important that the kinds of personalities support you as an adult?

Can you see how co-creation is more difficult between parties who have opposing realms of possibility?

Many people, if they haven’t heard of others doing something will conclude that it simply cannot be done (which is rarely true) and will not even try. If they are surrounded by people who do not support their desires to be better and do better, they might give up. However, if they have the support of those around them and a creative sense or internal vision of the possibility, they will make an effort…some even feel compelled to try. This is how inventors come up with stuff the rest of us say, “Brilliant idea…why didn’t I think of that?” Engineers who find break-through solutions have done so from an expanded viewpoint of what’s possible. Inventors are willing to open their minds to a greater realm of ‘what is possible?’. Scientists who make great breakthroughs, artists who create new mediums, all of the people who go beyond the barrier of ‘what is possible’ have the same thing in common: A willingness to challenge preconceived ideas and allow themselves to imagine a better way.

Extreme Makeovers: Who Holds the Vision for Improvement?

Extreme makeovers on TV are very popular. Unless you have permanently unplugged your TV, or never owned one, you have likely seen one of the many makeover shows on TV. There have been makeover shows on virtually every theme possible: losing weight, improving wardrobes, decorating or renovating new rooms and/or entire homes, improving physical features or looks…you name it.

I often wonder: What happens to the ‘made over’ after the cameras are gone? How does someone, who has a low opinion of themselves, move forward when others have shown them the possibilities to do and be better? Some follow-up shows have revealed that the inner work needed for change was lacking in these shows, so the recipients went right back to their old way of being. The way of being they knew and were comfortable with experiencing.

A while back, I saw a makeover show on Food Network where an award-winning chef and interior designer came into a run-down restaurant to help the owner improve their business by making over the entire restaurant. New menu and new restaurant decor. The restaurant had been successful once, but started going downhill and never recovered.

Apparently, anyone walking into the restaurant could see (and smell, according to the chef) and probably taste, too, why the restaurant was suffering…anyone, that is, except the owner and his family. They were used to the sights and smells, and had developed a mind-set that it was too hard to change. They no longer saw the possibilities for improvement. They needed outside help to change.

It was also very clear to see that the award-winning experts had a much grander vision of what was possible than the failing restaurant owner. The owner was so stuck in the negativity surrounding the failing of his business that he had a hard time accepting the suggestions of the chef and interior designer. He had not been able (or willing) to see their vision and was highly critical of their efforts until the restaurant makeover was complete. Once he actually stepped into the new vision for his restaurant, and sat down to taste the new menu items, then he was able to grasp what was possible. As a result, he’s kept up with the improvements, and the restaurant is now much more successful than ever before.

That episode of Restaurant Makeover illustrates why so many people stay stuck when they are spirally downward, unable to correct the problems and change course. On one level, they do want improvements, to change their course, shift their experience—but they are so mired in the “what is” that they are unable to envision something greater, something better, something beyond. They absolutely need someone who can see more options, who isn’t mired in “what is”, and can create the space for greater possibility where none existed before. And they must be able to listen without judgement to suggestions that are offered. For many people, that is really hard to do! But, it’s not impossible.

Making Big Changes
So, what do you do when you know big changes need to happen, but you aren’t quite sure change is possible? Here are some suggestions that have worked for me:

Step 1: Decide It starts with deciding that you are ready and want to make big changes. Whatever change you are envisioning will require stepping outside of your comfort zone, and believing something greater is possible. It absolutely cannot be done unless you are committed to the process.

Now, deciding doesn’t guarantee you will know HOW, in that moment, to proceed. However, the power of deciding will set you on the journey of discovering how.

Step 2: Seek help Can you do this on your own? Most people cannot make big changes without the assistance of someone else. We need someone who isn’t emotionally involved in our life to show us other possibilities. Seek an advisor, mentor, coach or counselor who will hold you accountable and help you shift out of your pre-set preconceptions about what is possible for you. Most people choose a coach or counselor because they are readily available, ready to start immediately, and already experienced in helping others.

Step 3: Raise your vibration Allow your subconscious to connect the dots for you. Meanwhile, go do some fun things…go for a walk in the sunshine, play with your pets, visit friends, spend time with loved-ones, meditate, journal, watch an uplifting movie, or whatever you identify as fun for you. Use this time to life yourself vibrationally, and refresh yourself mentally and emotionally.

If you are really struggling, taking a nap to release stress can be very beneficial. You might need to repeat this step many times between the other steps to keep your mind relaxed. A stressed mind will not be helpful, as it is more likely to direct you to vibrationally-equivalent stress-filled ideas and stressful outcomes.

Step 4: Research Find out what the most successful people in the related industry are doing. If you want to lose weight, find out what the experts suggest for diet, exercise, and supporting therapies. These days, the web is a great place to begin searching. Refrain from pre-judging what you read about or deciding that you don’t have the money or resources to do what others have done. Just concentrate on finding out what others have done as it might spur other ideas.

Step 5: Brainstorm Then, it’s time to ask your imagination to provide solutions: Brainstorm ideas, and withhold judgment of any single idea until later. Just let the ideas flow forth. Write down whatever ideas come to you. The more you try this technique, the more ideas will flow. You can even ask the person assisting you to brainstorm with you, if they are willing. Ask first. Most mentors and coaches will do this, but I am not sure about all counselors as different kinds of therapies have different approaches.

Step 6: Take a break before reviewing Remember to rest your mind regularly during this process, and allow yourself to have fun doing things that feel good. Once you feel you have completed your research and brainstorming, set the information aside, and again, go do some fun things. Let your mind relax, while the subconscious works out some solutions. When you are relaxed and feeling good, review your compiled list of ideas. Notice which ideas feel good, even if you are unsure about how to do it, or fear you don’t have the resources/time/money/whatever to go that route. The ones that feel good are the best options for you. This is where a coach or counselor can really help you believe in yourself. Also, notice what new ideas come to mind that might be better options for you. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to learn to dance, consider taking lessons as a way to learn AND get aerobic exercise.

Step 7: Pay attention for right action Right action is the action that is, deep in your heart, right for you. Once your subconscious mind begins to work on these ideas of what’s possible, and you’ve reviewed your research and brainstorming, you may begin noticing opportunities. New information may be sent to you. New ideas will pop into your awareness. Hybrid ideas—a combination of what has been and done what really appeals to you—may bubble up. Be willing to consider ideas that may have seemed out of reach. Pay attention to everything that shows up or comes to mind, and how you feel about each idea.

Follow and take action on everything that feels good to you! The way you feel is guidance for what is best for you…your right action. When you feel sure about a certain action, take it. When you feel unsure or doubtful, go do something else. Often, when we are in a relaxed state, we’ll know exactly what steps are best for us.

A good advisor, mentor, coach or counselor can also support you in weeding out the unhelpful energy, so you can discover the right choices for you.

Is there something in your life that you are now committed to changing? Share below what possibilities you are choosing to believe in….

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How Do We Know?

Over at the lively and upbeat Good Vibe University forums, we have lots of amazing conversations on just about every subject. It really is an amazing group of deliberate creators who come together to take thought beyond which it has been taken before WHILE having a lot of fun!

Recently, one of the members asked a devil’s advocate question about Law of Attraction: How do we know that it (LOA) is working all the time? What if we are wrong?

There were many responses, all pointing out how LOA is like gravity so it’s always working AND if we don’t believe it’s working, then it won’t work for us.

The questioner didn’t like the answers and kept pushing to ask us to consider that we may be wrong.

Personally, I’m not interested in a conversation on that topic, so I might not have responded. However, I did feel there was a greater message to share. Here’s what I wrote in response:

At the beginning 10 years of my journey, I didn’t know…I thought it would be cool, but I didn’t know for sure, and looking back, I didn’t always expect it to work, either. Rolling Eyes

Then, I started having personal experiences where there was NO OTHER explanation. Shocked Very Happy Shocked

And then another. And another…until, it just became OBVIOUS to me. I now trust it. Some experiences show up in minutes, others take years. When the long-desired experience finally shows up, THEN I can *see* why it took all that time and how it was ALWAYS working perfectly for me. I can see my role in holding it back, and opening up to receive. But, that knowledge comes as hindsight. Rolling Eyes

Shocked Such knowing only comes as foresight when I consciously decide it will be so. Shocked

What I’ve written is a moot point for you, though, as this is *my* answer. My answer includes the feeling of KNOWING in my body that no one else can feel, so it will never truly be enough for anyone else. It might be momentarily inspiring to those reading, but until you’ve experienced it yourself, feel that knowing to your core, and come to trust it, other people’s accounts likely won’t sustain your faith/belief.

It’s like Abe says we can’t expect someone else to keep us as the center of their positive attention all the time. We also can’t expect another person’s positive experiences to sustain OUR belief in such possibilities.

Everyone is responsible for asking their own questions and finding their own answers.

If you want to get deep: None of us can really fully answer your questions for you.

Perhaps the more helpful question to ask is:
Which world would you rather live in…the one where you can always rely on LOA, or one where LOA works randomly?

Wink Wink Wink

Many blessings,

After posting that, I began to wonder how many of you have wondered the same thing. Do you know that Law of Attraction is working all the time? If so, share how you learned…if not, what is the source of your doubt? (For those who don’t know (yet), notice the stories those who DO know are telling…how can you shift yours?)

Yes, You ARE a Master Manifestor!

Through the course of working with small business owners with Quantum MasterMind for Solopreneurs and coaching individuals, most of the clients struggle to get to the place where they can imagine RECEIVING what they are asking for. Many struggle to believe that it’s possible to have what they want. They do not see themselves as powerful manifestors.

Of course, they usually have a non-supportive story in their head that goes something like this…

“OMG, this is really BIG! I really WANT this to happen, but I just don’t know how to create it! How can I possibly bring it into my life IF I don’t know how to make it happen? Maybe this is too big for me. Maybe it just isn’t possible…”

Seriously, with that kind of story going on, who could expect to receive what they want? One of the keys to receiving what you ask for is to practice FEELING AS-IF you are already living your new desire. Doing so conditions the mind to be open to the experience, and then you notice those opportunities all around you. This is how you begin deliberately molding consciousness into reality.

The Law of Attraction is always lining you up with experiences that match your dominant vibration. So, when you vibrate at the place of…I just don’t know how to create it…I don’t know how to make it happen…this is too big for me…it just isn’t possible, take a wild guess what you’ll experience?

One day, I was thinking about how I could help my clients overcome their block to receiving while sitting on my couch with my legs up on the ottoman. My kitties, sensing an opportune moment for being loved, immediately commenced pinning me down. Louise got in her usual spot on my lap and began purring loudly. Thelma then cuddled herself closely to my left, effectively wedging me into the corner of the couch. Amidst this abundance of purring fur, which always evokes an avalanche of loving feelings, I began recalling how these elderly kitties had come into my life: I intended it.

I intended that when it was time to adopt a new kitty, the next one would love to lie in my lap and be petted, would have long hair and be beautiful, would not claw me, and would be very well socialized. I intended being open for two cats, and if I did get two cats, they would get along very well. Where I live, only indoor cats are allowed so I knew it would have to be a cat who was happy being indoors. Then, I let it go. In fact, I recall it was a weekend and I took an afternoon nap.

Notice that I set forth an idea of what I wanted to experience, imagined how that would *feel*, and then let it go. I didn’t judge my current experience, I just put my mind on what would be great, imagined some of the details that would make me happy (long fur, not being clawed, possibly 2, both kitties getting along, etc.), and let it go. By letting go, I mean that I trusted that when the time was right, it would all come together.

Almost a month-to-the-day after setting this intention, I was unexpectedly in a position to adopt when my previous cat died. That same day, I found Thelma and Louise: Two older (calmer) sister kitties who were long-haired, declawed, and were gorgeous. They had to be indoors because they were de-clawed, and it’s clear they *like* being indoors.  Louise looked like a cat who had previously owned me and purrs like a motorboat, so I took first to her. However, Thelma soon won me over with her amazingly loving and human-like personality.

Just thinking about how I had intended something very specific, then GOT IT, made me begin to look at other experiences I had intended and they came to pass. There were many! In fact, the more I recalled, the more there was to recall. Suddenly, it dawned on me that probably MOST people have many experiences they recall desiring and then they experienced them at some point. I bet you have MANY experiences you can recall that will get you into the feeling place of RECEIVING!

Recalling those times in your life when you decided that you wanted an experience, and then did, is a fantastic way to:

1. Remind yourself of all the times you have had an intention and then lived it, and…

2. Remember the FEELING of RECEIVING what you’ve asked for so you can practice feeling it often!

Take a moment to recall those times you’ve asked or intended for an experience, and the Universe provided it. Remember the feeling of getting it? Hold that feeling in your heart and allow yourself to really FEEL it. Practice that feeling as often as possible.

If you do this, it is doubtful you will question your ability to receive what you ask for. However, if the question does come up, you will quickly be able to recall and FEEL the memory of asking and receiving!

Can’t recall anything worthy of  a Master Manifestor? Start with your BODY! The fact that you are alive and that you manifested something that cannot even be created by other humans nor the components bought to build a body means you are a Master Manifestor.

It’s your turn! Click comments below and share some memorable intentions that came into physical form for you…

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