Taking Full Responsibility for Your Energy

responsibilityIf you listen closely, you can hear the sound of humans all over the planet getting sucked into the negative energy vortex created by those who are not taking responsibility for their own energy. If you doubt me, just check our our media. Examples of this phenomena are ever-present.

But they don’t have to be. We have the power within us to change the dynamic.

Responsibility is Owning Our Own Power

Whether you live or work with someone who is continually contentious and angry, or routinely playing the victim role, we have a choice in our response. While we are not responsible for other’s energy choices or how they perceive us, we are always responsible for our own energy, and therefore, our response.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor spoke in her TEDx talk and book, My Stroke of Insight, about her experience feeling the energy of every person who entered her room while she was recovering from a stroke at the age of 37. Even if people tried to hide their emotions, she could still feel it, and she wished there was a sign on the door asking people to take responsibility for their energy before entering the room.

responsibilityImagine if we all saw this sign, and remembered to take responsibility for our own energy?!?

When we’re paying attention, all of us can feel the energy of others, although empaths and those in physical recovery may feel it even more deeply. If you’re unconscious about your own energy, then you’ll likely also be unconscious of the influence of other’s energy.

The question is whether you will maintain control of your own energy, or allow other’s energy momentum to overpower you?

To me, this is among the most important energy work we do as humans, let alone as business owners. Refusing to take responsibility for your responses means you are more likely to be sucked into other people’s negativity and get stuck in what I call The Drama Trap.

Other people may not choose to take responsibility, and that’s their business, anyway. But that doesn’t stop *you* from taking responsibility for yourself. All peace, inner and outer, starts within as each of us chooses to take responsibility for our own energy and behavior.

Responsibility Starts with Awareness

Awareness of your own triggers is the first step in healing them. Taking full responsibility for your energy doesn’t mean condoning other people’s inappropriate behaviors. It DOES mean doing your own inner work: Connect to the energy inside of you, get clear on who you really are, become aware of your triggers, and cleaning up that energy so you are no longer so easily triggered.

responsibilityThe fact is, if someone said you had blue hair, you’d laugh it off because you know it’s ridiculous. But, when someone says something you might internally question or doubt or fear, that is how you get triggered. It’s much easier to take responsibility and stay out of the negativity than it is once you’ve been sucked into the trap.

The best news about becoming aware of triggers and traps, is that now they can be healed. Appreciate your powerful and transformative ability to use the awareness for your own inner growth!!! Remember that without the awareness, healing could not take place.

When I recognize my own triggers, I’ve learned to BLESS the trigger, and the ones who trigger me, then do my inner work to clear the underlying story(ies) that keep(s) the trigger alive. Awareness itself is a powerful healer, and blessing the trigger begins the process of releasing the underlying story.

OK, now it’s your turn…How do you take responsibility for your own energy? Click comment and share below what you’ve learned from this process.

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Value Contradictions?

Most of us grew up in a world that said, “The way to success is to work hard and be kind to others.”  Yet, we are also routinely taught by the most successful people that…

You have to be bold ~ nice guys finish last.

It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

You can’t help others if you are not wealthy.

Winning at all costs is most important.

Winning = having a lot of disposable income.

contradiction_180x240You may not think you have made value judgements about money, earning money, spending money, saving money, or having an excessive amount of it, but chances are those judgements are subconscious.

Chances are you are already very clear that there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to make money. You’ve likely made value judgements about people who make money drug dealing, prostituting, pimping, money laundering, or even as an elected official, etc. These value judgements are actively at effect in your unconscious mind whenever you think or talk about money.

Today, I heard about this study at the University of California at Berkeleywatch this 8 min video and you’ll quickly see why it caught my attention:

At the beginning of this video, I could relate because I’ve noticed the same thing in the SF Bay Area: luxury cars are usually the first to run stop signs, drive through cross walks with pedestrians, and will literally drive hazardously if you get in their way. I’ve actually gotten to the point of just pulling over to let them past me because they often drive so aggressively.

One time, I was driving in the far left carpool lane of Interstate 280 North, doing the speed limit with my son in the car when a Mercedes station wagon with 1 person overtook me on the left side in the *Emergency Lane* (freeway shoulder for emergency vehicles only) because he didn’t want to follow behind me. Incredibly dangerous and stupid behavior that probably only saved him less than one minute in travel time.

Still, I don’t think of myself as a person who thinks ill of wealthy people…

It had never occurred to me that I may have so internalized beliefs based on observations that it might be blocking me from greater financial success. Never had it dawned on me to think less of myself when around people who are wealthier, and yet…I often pull over to let the obnoxious luxury car drivers past me rather than put up with their tailgating…and more than once have tolerated those same drivers not giving me the right of way as a pedestrian.

I was actually shocked by some of the findings in this study, and yet I routinely put up with and tolerate inappropriate behavior of others. Humans make value judgements against those we consider selfish or only “out for themselves”, while at the same time…

1. Virtually all spiritual teachers/channels tell us to take care of ourselves, first. Make feeling good a priority above everything/everyone else. Take action only if it feels good to do so. So when this study shows that wealthy people are *looking out for #1*, that could explain how they got wealthy to begin with!

Is there a fine line between taking good care of yourself and being compassionate for your fellow man? Or is it a big WIDE line?

2. All spiritual teachers and most religions point to our Divine Right to be,  have, and do *anything* that our heart’s desire. We are innately entitled as humans, and we have treated animals accordingly. Yet a large percentage of people are stuck in jobs they don’t like, putting up with circumstances they find almost unbearable at work and home, and barely surviving financially.

I hope you can you spot the contradictions here! What do you think after watching this video? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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