Finding Value in What You Offer


On Monday, I led a Business and Career call for Good Vibe University on the topic of Making Money Doing What You Love (Become a GVU member so you can have access to the recording.).

One of the questions on the call was, “How do we find value in the work we do?”

Since their work comes so easily to them, many creatives struggle to find the value in their art, music, dance, etc. They fail to see how much non-creatives value their fresh perspectives. Creatives open minds as well as hearts, inspiring and uplifting others.

Likewise, healers struggle to articulate the value of their offerings. Healers help those who cannot help themselves, often teaching new ideas about well-being along the way.

Just because what you do feels ‘easy’ for you doesn’t mean it has no value. In fact, the ease you feel is more likely an indication of your calling, and therefore, an even greater value to others.

If we’re unaware of our own value, it’s time to cultivate it…

    • Focus on past successes – One of the ways I was able to find value was to remember all the successes I had experienced in the past, from school, college, and all the jobs I held prior to starting my business. The last job I had before I started my design business was very similar, so I was able to find many examples. Make a list of the ways you’ve been of value to others, whether as an employee, self-employed, or as a volunteer.
    • Track appreciation – If you haven’t already started a warm-fuzzy file of positive remarks from bosses, co-workers, or clients, this is a good time to start one. You could also add it to your daily work journal. Find a way to start tracking the positive comments and responses all around you. What you focus on will expand, including the positive comments from others. In the process, you’ll begin to see your own value.
    • Go within and FEEL it – Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for decades, one thing all of us can do is…get quiet, go within, connect with Source, and FEEL our intrinsic value. All of us have a unique gift that only we can offer the world, which means we ALL have value, if we’re willing to see and feel it. For some it’s how they interact with people or objects, while others are exceptionally good at communicating, or creating something new from scratch. By going within and dwelling on what makes us unique, we prime ourselves to become more aware of and capable of expressing our value.
    • Affirm it every day – You’ve heard me say that EVERYTHING we think, speak, and write is an affirmation. We are either affirming what we want, or the opposite. (HINT: If you don’t want what you are thinking, speaking, or writing to be true, then it’s a clue that you’re creating what you don’t want.) Create your own unique and powerful affirmations. Affirm your value, affirm your skills, affirm your uniqueness, affirm your capabilities, affirm what you like about yourself. The more you affirm about yourself, the more your subconscious is impressed with the message and begins finding ways to mirror the affirmations back to you.

Affirmations work really well for right-brain dominant creatives. However, left-brain dominant analytical thinkers often struggle with affirmations. For the latter group, I recommend Afformations – affirmative questions, such as: “Why do my clients find me/my services so valuable?” “Why am I so unique and capable?” Why am I so skilled and appreciated?”

    • Keep your ‘Value Pipeline’ filled – The Universe is a BIG YES MACHINE, mirroring back whatever we believe about ourselves. Any of the tools mentioned above can help you get in touch with your own value. When you look for proof of past successes, track your existing successes, cultivate the feeling of value within, and affirm it (and/or afform it) regularly, your value will be mirrored back to you.

Once your pipeline is primed, and you are feeling your value, a lot of people stop…they get sidetracked…their connection to their value dips, and they have to start all over again. Prime your Value Pipeline and keep adding successes, meditating on your intrinsic value, and affirming. When contrast comes along, you’ll find the primed pipeline helps support you emotionally, and makes you mentally stronger.

Are there other ways that you have been able to feel the value in the work you do? Share them with us below in the comments…

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Watch Those Labels!


Do you find yourself observing life and labeling what you see as good, bad, or otherwise?

When most people think of affirmations, they think of POSITIVE affirmations. However, we can affirm a negative as easily as a positive. Whatever we focus upon and tell ourselves, or others, is a form of affirmation. How we FEEL inside when we say an affirmation gives us a clue whether it was a positive or a negative affirmation.

If a statement feels light and good to say, it qualifies as a positive affirmation. If a statement feels heavy and low vibration, then that would be a negative affirmation.

In fact, if you are often depressed or struggling to think positive, it is very likely you affirm more negatives than positives. Try reminding yourself to state more positives than negatives, and you will find yourself feeling better. Positive psychology research shows that a 3 to 1 positive to negative ratio is the tipping point for feeling happier¹.

We also affirm, either negatively or positively, when we apply labels to our situation.
This matters because our sub-conscious is ALWAYS listening and acting on what we are saying (aloud or to ourselves). The good news is that we can change what we affirm and change the outcome!

For instance, recently I arranged for a friend to take me to the airport so I could attend my mother’s funeral back East. I scheduled him to pick me up so we would arrive at the airport 90 minutes before takeoff, and I set my alarm 3.25 hrs before the pickup time.  Through a series of events about which I will not elaborate (I’ve learned not to expound on the frustrating stories), I managed to oversleep my alarm AND not hear the phone calls my friend repeatedly made when he came to pick me up. With the time to leave for the airport passing, I suddenly heard my phone ringing downstairs and it finally woke me up.

As you can imagine, I was in a state of panic and very vulnerable to labeling this situation a disaster when I realized I had overslept by 3 hours and could miss the plane if we didn’t leave as soon as possible. My friend is a Veteran, so his military training kicked in when he finally got me on the phone and realized I had only just woken up. To the degree that I was losing it, he was calm and collected.

He quickly parked his car in the culd-a-sac, and reassured me over the phone that we would take it one step at a time. My friend came in to help me take out the garbage, and lock up the suitcase before taking it out to the car. In my panic, shoving things in the suitcase, he suggested I postpone all non-essential actions, and put on my makeup while he drove to the airport.

When he took my suitcase out to his car, the local police were giving him a ticket for his back tire being more than 18 inches from the curved curb of the culd-a-sac (it didn’t look that far away, but I was still freaking out, in a hurry to get to the airport). This was just an unbelievable series of setbacks. My friend wouldn’t even had to park if I had been on time, so I made sure I gave him the money for the ticket.

Between my lateness and my friend dealing with the police, we were running 35 minutes behind getting to the airport.

As a side note, I am so *blessed* that I had opted for my friend to pick me up rather than a commercial car service! The latter would have called me once and left when I didn’t answer the phone the first time. My friend had patiently and repeatedly called and emailed over a 20 minute period. He even tried contacting me through Facebook, hoping to reach me. So, my best decision by far, in this scenario, was having the forethought to ask my friend if I could pay him (a single Dad) to take me there.

I hope you can imagine how frantic I was feeling, knowing how important it was for me to catch this flight. Fortunately, my friend was newly introduced to the teachings of Abraham. So, as we drove off toward the airport, he picked up on my efforts to positively label and affirm the situation.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me:(as my friend hands me the keys to my locked suitcase and starts his car) OK, we are going to get to the airport on time! (positive affirmation)

Friend: We’ll make it. (positive affirmation) Good thing you had mostly everything pre-packed. (supportive positive affirmation)

Me: Yeah, I did everything I could do in advance last night. Of course, I expected to have 3 hours to leisurely take care of the rest this morning. (based on the emotion I was feeling while saying this, it qualifies as a negative affirmation…this would have been better left unsaid)

Me: Time is malleable…it changes according to our beliefs about it. (determined positive affirmation reminding me why this was going to work out)

Friend: That’s right, it is! (supportive affirmation)

Me: I’m going to make this flight! (positive affirmation)

Friend: When is it your plane is taking off?

Me: 90 minutes from now.

Friend: Oh, then we’ll be fine! (positive affirmation) I’ve caught flights before with only 30 minutes to takeoff! (supportive affirmation)

Me: You have?!? Wow…ok, then I can relax! (supportive positive affirmation)

I must admit that as soon as he affirmed that he’d made flights with less time, I immediately felt the relief…and regained my ability to breathe normal.

And, indeed, I did get to the airport in time!

As I checked my bag, Security was to the left and past that, my gate was the first one on the right…and they were already boarding. I caught the flight, despite waking up so late, and I know that our positive focus is part of the reason why.

In my panic at the realization of how late I was, my brain wanted to label this a hopelessly BAD disaster. I was very vulnerable to falling into a trap of believing that all hope was lost, and letting my ‘label’ override other thoughts and drive other actions. It would have been easy to agree with ‘what is’after all, I *did* woke up 3.25 hours late.

But I am savvy enough to know the power of labels and affirming what I prefer rather than what is. I know that situations morph in seconds when we affirm with true feeling and conviction, and hold that truth in our hearts even when ‘what is’ is contradicting.

Keep in mind that I didn’t develop this skill overnight…I’ve been practicing affirming new stories for decades, and I’ve had many experiences where the seemingly *impossible* came together for me after I committed to affirming my preference.

Since our labels become affirmations for our life experiences, it’s good to pay attention to what you have been labeling good, bad, right, wrong, solution or problem in your life. There’s good news here, as labels and affirmations are not set in stone.

If you notice where your labeling has been holding you back, make the decision to change the label and begin affirming your preference over the appearance of “what is”. You’ll be amazed how quickly things morph when you recognize the need for a label change and consciously choose to affirm what feels better to you!

Do you have stories of where you changed your label of a situation, and things worked out well? I’d love it if you shared it below for others to enjoy.

P.S. While I was on the trip, I found myself telling the *story* of what went wrong with oversleeping and the police. After feeling the negative energy of that, I made the decision to drop the ‘what is’ negative story and refocus my attention on what went right.

When I returned from the trip, my friend confided that he really thought I had missed the flight, but he didn’t want to say that to me. Despite his *doubts*, he was willing to play along with my positive affirmations and even added comments that brought relief. I didn’t know he had doubts, though, so his support bolstered my own belief and alignment. Just goes to show, only one person really has to *believe* it’s possible!


¹Barbara Frederickson, PhD. coined this the Positivity Ratio. Learn more at


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Bridging “I AM” Statements

AlexandraSchmithausen_BridgingIAMI am so happy to share this with you…

If you have been reading my blog for a while or following me on social media, you know that I am a proponent of making affirmations *your own*. If you like a generic affirmation, great. However, most people get bored with them really fast, then blame affirmations for ‘not working’. That is a lot like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Affirmations that are customized to you are not only going to be more enjoyable to say and think (so you’ll do so more often), but they are more likely to positively shift your energy.

Today, I am delighted to share with you a personal example from Alexandra Schmithausen, a coach in Germany who recently joined Good Vibe University. After listening to one of GVU’s LOA Business Calls with Jeannette Maw, Matt O’Grady, and myself, she was inspired to play with some business affirmations for herself, then shared her results.

Alexandra used the bridging technique with affirmations, where you find a baby step or middle step from where you are to where you want to go. She graciously agreed to let me share it with you here..see my bolding below for emphasis.

Inspired by a call about identity shifting, I played around with „I am“ statements.

First I found a central one for me which felt good to think and say out loudly. As I am in the process of leveling up my business, it is „I am a very successful coach“.

Then I took some time to focus on „successful“ and define exactly, what this means to me. I wrote a long list of things that are part of being a successful coach for me – like being „well paid“ or „in high demand“. And while writing them down it felt really good and I didn’t feel any discord.

What was very interesting to me, was: When I started to make „I am“ statements with the single points of the list, I realized it felt uneasy to say something like „I am well payed“. It just felt wrong. As long, as it was „Success is – being well paid“ it worked… but „I am well paid“…

But then I found a solution, very fast. I was inspired to change the statement, by adding „this means“ to it. And suddenly it felt REALLY GREAT to say it! „I am a successful coach – this means I am well paid“ has no wobble in it for me at all. This way I can use it as an absolutely good feeling affirmation!

I went through the whole list like this and it was so much fun!! Afterwards I felt absolutely magnificent!!!

Isn’t grandiose? Sooo easy

AND: Evidences of my vibe shift showed up the same day! I randomly met two old friends of mine who both are very successful at their job and whom I didn’t see for quite a while. One just tapped on my shoulder while I was waiting in a line. The other one passed by on the sidewalk when I drove by and waved.

It’s easy for me to love this example — Alexandra started with a basic generic affirmation and followed what felt good for her until she was INSPIRED to find a solution that works really well for her.

I wish this for everyone who is just starting out with affirmations and wonders how to make affirmations that are truly powerful and life changing. Start with something basic that catches your attention, then play with it until it becomes *yours*, and evidence of your shift in energy will come swiftly. If you could use a little bit of help, download my free Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations eCourse and audios.

Thank you, Alexandra, for sharing your example with us!

Do you have some great examples of how you made generic affirmations your own? Share them with us below…

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