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Rock Medicine ImageInformation on this page is derived from this book:
Rock-Medicine: Earth’s Healing Stones From A to Z;
A Guide to the Practical Use of Rocks, Crystals & Gemstones

by Sela Weidemann Randazzo

Ways to utilize Rock Medicine:

1. Hand-hold – the stones or a quartz crystal that has been set with the stone’s energy (up to 18min at a time; 3-4x a day, 3hrs apart).
2. Wear – the stones or a quartz crystal that has been set with the stone’s energy (up to 18min at a time; 3-4x a day, 3hrs apart) against the skin in a bracelet or necklace set with non-metallic material (stretch or cotton cord will work). Shield stones can be worn 24/7 against the skin without any rest break.
3. Water Essence – charge the water for at least 3 hrs in a glass or ceramic container with the stones or a quartz crystal that has been set with the stone’s energy. As long as the charged crystal remains under water, and the water is not touched by metal or other beings (human hand, pet’s tongue, etc.), the crystal retains it’s  charge. If you drink from the container with the crystal, you’ll have to uncharge and recharge the crystal, so it is recommended to pour the water into a container from which you will drink. Once pets drink Rock Medicine water (Seven Cleanser water for pets), they generally prefer it to all other water.

4. Focus Direct – read the full description in the  book for proper placement of the stones or a quartz crystal that has been set with the stone’s energy.




In the serious pursuit of wellness, it is necessary to treat not only the symptoms of illness but also the causes or catalysts.  Over the years we have had many experiences with combining the specific stones for a single malady.  In countless instances where the prescribed application was administered, the malady itself would disappear.  However, a secondary illness would often surface elsewhere.  In treating that second condition, we often found the process repeated itself, again revealing a subsequent illness.

This led us to the obvious conclusion that we were not addressing the areas of distress that initially bring on the experience of imbalances.  The underlying imbalances can include everything from accident to attitude to illness.  We have formulated a combination that we call the Master Blend.  It is this combination that we feel enables us to do the most complete cleansing for the purpose of eradicating any and all predispositions to imbalance.

The methods of application are quite simple.  Everyone should begin with the Master Blend combination, for an initial cleansing.  This grouping of thirty-three stones works to clear the spirit, mind, and body of these factors that contributed to the initial imbalance.  The hardest part about doing this therapy is remembering to do it faithfully for at least three weeks.  Some individuals may require up to six weeks.  After at least twenty-one days of consistent use, it is important that you re-evaluate your condition.  Some of your symptoms will have disappeared.  As we discussed earlier, by the time we see evidence of imbalance in the physical body, the spirit and mind have already been affected and have rolled it down to the next level in an attempt to signal that something is wrong.” 

~Sela Weidemann Randazzo, author of Rock Medicine


The complete Master Blend list includes thirty-three stones and incorporates the seven physical cleansers as well.  The Master Blend list is as follows:

Adamite Elimination of blame
Agate* First aid, rescue, and guardian angel
Amazonite* Judgment
Amber** Memory/DNA structure; memory of wellness
Aventurine* Elimination of prejudice
Carnelian** Blood purifier for age 55 and older
Celestite Truth
Chrysocolla* Comprehension, education, matriarch, wisdom
Citrine Irritability and irritation
Clay** Detoxification of immune system
Coal Self-esteem
Covellite** Radiation toxicity
Diamond* Conscious harmony and balance
Dinosaur Bone Eliminates waste
Gold* Strength
Granite* Kindness and gentleness
Hematite** Blood purifier for ages 55 and under
Hemimorphite Transformation
Jade** Detoxification of emotional and spiritual residues
Jasper* Shield for positive outcomes
Kunzite Surrender
Lapis Lazuli Strengthening of spirit, transmitter
Moonstone (Labradorite) PMS-related syndromes and regular monthly upset
Onyx* Shielding from intense energy exchange
Opal* Elimination of fear or denial of divine calling
Petrified Wood* Stress
Pyrite** Air purification
Quartz-Rose*Qtz.-Smokey** Comfort and joy at times of sorrow over lossWater purification
Selenite Children’s phobias and traumas
Sodalite* Celebration
Sugelite* Self-discipleship
Topaz* Changing negative energy to positive

* The Shield Stones

** The seven general cleansers (with hematite for those under age 55 and carnelian for those older than 55)



After 3 to 6 weeks with the Master Blend, you are ready to move on to the…


Rock-Medicine works because it is based on the combined electromagnetic messages of seven stones: amber, smokey quartz, pyrite, covellite, jade, ancient clay and hematite (or carnelian-depending on age of user).

Amber links the healing to ones DNA, finding the template or pattern of perfection.  If the imbalance is from birth, the DNA provides that template from an ancestor, going back as far as required.

Jade detoxifies the body of emotional and spiritual residues. It breaks down any blocks or barriers to healing.  Its action, as well as ambers, is vital for any real healing.  Amber and jade are the “Grandmother and Grandfather Stones” of Rock Medicine.

Smokey quartz cleans the water in the body.

Pyrite cleans the oxygen in the body.

Covellite cleans the body of toxic radiation.  In more severe cases there are other Rock-Medicine combinations that can do this job.  See Paranoid-Schizophrenia.

Ancient clay over 300 years old, was dug up and fired before the advent of air pollution.  Its action is to detoxify the immune system.

Hematite purifies the blood of those under the age of 55, carnelian for those over 55.  The Master blend contains both hematite and carnelian.


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