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Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations!


I am so delighted that you are here taking advantage of this fabulous free tool. Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve your daily life. Unfortunately, most people have wasted their time with generic affirmations or don’t even know what affirmations are. My intention is to help you experience the incredible power of affirmations for yourself!

I used to provide this free eCourse in exchange for your email address, and send 1 step every day for 6 consecutive days. Now, I’ve decided to make this eCourse freely available, 24/7 so anyone can download it and begin completing the six steps immediately.

It’s convenient to print out the PDF and write your responses to each step on the back of the paper. At the end of 5 steps, you will have completed the groundwork for your own personal affirmations. Step 6 will show you how to take the information and use it to create your own powerful affirmations. At the end of the PDF is a Quick reference guide to the 6 steps for your future reference.

Not only will the six steps unlock what matters most to you, they also will help you consciously see any previously hidden blocks you may have missed before. Once you know how to create affirmations that delight you, you will be happy to say, think, write and repeat them often! Since repetition is an important key to successfully working with affirmations,  having affirmations you love is important. Anything that makes you smile and think positive thoughts more often is worth the effort.

“I just completed step 6 and I wanted to let you know I think this was great! Absolutely GREAT! It made me see just how many negative emotions I associate with things I want to do. I would say it was about 90%. I would have never known this information without going through your 6 step course. I want to say THANK YOU for letting me see myself. You are a godsend.”
—F. O., Saratoga, CA


For more information about how affirmations can help you, please listen to these free audios:

> January 2010
Co=Creation Cafe Call “Affirming a New You!”

> June 2011 Good Vibe University Call
Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations

(see player and download link at bottom of post)

I sincerely hope you enjoy the eCourse and invite you to learn more about what I offer that will help you become a master deliberate creator!

Many Blessings,

P.S. If you enjoyed this eCourse and/or the free audios, leave a comment below and share the link with your friends!


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