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I offer a lot for free on my site, besides my blog posts and articles…feel free to share these with your friends.

FREE eCourse: Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations
If you’ve struggled with affirmations, or even if you have tried them but wish they worked better for you, this is the eCourse for you.

In the PDF you download (no email required), I walk you through the six steps and show you how easy it is to custom craft affirmations that are really powerful!

Included on this page are two audio downloads, so you can learn even more about affirmations. Download, listen, and give it a try. You’ll be thrilled to discover how fun affirmations can be, and how well they can work for you — even when you didn’t think that was possible!

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My Favorite Vibelifters
Vibelifters are fun and interesting resources that can help us shift our vibe higher. This page has a whole bunch of them, including:

• Podcasts
• Movies / Videos
• Online books
• Powerful processes
• and so much more

Check them out, enjoy, and share!

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Prosperity Affirmations

Collected affirmations from my work and across the web. Read through these, and FEEL your money vibe soar!

Be sure to share them online with your friends, too!

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Rock Medicine Info
Did you know that rocks and crystals have their own vibrational energy, and they are capable of entraining the human body back to health and well-being?

The right combination of stones can help an individual, or an entire community. They can purify water, inside or outside the body.

If this information even remotely interests you, click the link and learn more!