Power Couple: Appreciation + Relaxation

We all know how great it feels to relax, right? Turns out relaxing in one of the most powerful things that a Deliberate Creator Solopreneur can do to be in a vibration of allowing.

Last week, I listened to a fabulous call on Good Vibe University lead by Abigail Steidley. The subject of the call was BodyTalk, tapping into the wisdom of the body to induce relaxation which aids our other manifesting skills, including inspired action. Earlier today, I was reading Jeannette Maw’s blog post about relaxation and the human tendency to resist it.

By now, you know that I see appreciation as essential to creating a life you love. It turns out that combining appreciation with relaxation is a powerful formula for health and success! Science now has some compelling reasons why you will want to begin consciously combining appreciation with relaxation.

Gregg Braden talks about this in his wonderful DVD, The Science of Miracles. It is one you will want for your reference shelf!

Here are some highlights from this DVD:

  • Scientific experiments conducted by the U.S. military have shown that human DNA responds to our emotions in *real-time*, not bound by time/space, as would normally be expected.
  • The HeartMath Institute studies have shown that when humans are in a state of appreciation, love and compassion, our DNA *relaxes* by stretching out long. Relaxed DNA enhances our immune response, making us healthier and better able to cope with the stresses of life.
  • Conversely, the HeartMath Institute found that when humans are in anger, rage, hate, jealousy, DNA tightened up into a knot, essentially shutting down and depleting the immune response.
  • We have the power, on demand, to shift the shape of our DNA and therefore our immune response, simply by choosing to feel appreciation and love.
  • Many ancient civilizations knew this, and told us how to use it in our daily life. Why is western civilization only now learning about this? Twice in human history, western civilization lost this information, whereas the eastern civilizations retained the knowledge.

Add to this knowledge Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s discoveries documented in his ground-breaking book, PsychoCybernetics: Humans are more likely to receive inspiration and find viable solutions when their mind and body are in a state of relaxation. Furthermore, all of this contributes to our overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Now can you see why it’s so important to go for that walk in nature, and spend time with your beloved pet(s), and consciously choose to look for reasons to appreciate your current life experiences? Together, appreciation and relaxation are powerful partners in controlling your DNA, enhancing your immune system, managing stress, connecting with inspiration, finding solutions, managing stress, and contributing to happiness and a sense of well-being.

OK, now it’s time to share what you’ve been thinking as you read this article. Have you already been combining appreciation and relaxation? If not, what will you do today to start?

The Value is in the Mirror

Coaches are trained that the client knows everything. Seriously. We’re taught that only *you* have the answers to solve your own problems. So, if you already have your own answers, how is a coach of any value?

The value is in the mirror: one of life’s major ironies is that hardly anyone alive can *see* what’s truly blocking them. OK, *maybe* the Dali Lama and *possibly* the Pope. The rest of us need others to help us see what is standing in our way. Gregg Braden described it this way: When riding on a bus to see the great reflecting Buddha, he was able to see the reflection of the Buddha in the still lake before he was able to actually see the statue itself. Life is like that if you are paying very close attention: you’ll see your blocks reflected by those around you.

Most people don’t want to know that other’s problems have anything to do with their own. They feel as if they have enough of their own problems. They miss the point that the problems they have ARE the ones reflected in those around them.

Is there a faster, more expedient way to see those blocks, process their release, and get support moving forward with new energy? Yes. It’s called Life or Business Coaching, which differs from Counseling in that it’s future-focused, only delving into the past so that blocks can be revealed, then it resumes being future-focused. Working with a life or business coach will help you gain clarity, define your focus, release blocks to receiving, and stay on course. Coaches are partners in your success who help you see your own thinking in a way that shows you what is working and what is not working.

Coaching is so important to personal and professional growth that fellow coach, and soon-to-be Counselor, Melissa Quiter and I devoted one entire Co=Creation Cafe call to the discussion: What is coaching? How can it help you? How do you find the best coach for your needs?

You can listen to this Co=Creation Cafe call online or download the MP3 file.

For me, personally, there have been major AHAs and breakthroughs in coaching that I simply wouldn’t have experienced had I been slugging it out on my own. These blocks were in my blind-spot, so I may never have found them if it hadn’t been for working with my coach.

Have you benefitted from Coaching? Please take a moment to share how coaching was beneficial for you.

AffirmingSpirit 2008 Affirmation Study

July 31st was officially the last day of the AffirmingSpirit 2008 Affirmation Study. This is the first study I have ever done and the first time I ever officially ofoffered coaching for the creation of affirmations. What an amazing experience! It has also been an incredibly life changing for myself as well as the participants.

For years, my coach has been telling me that I am a natural coach and should also consider being a writer. Writing has always come easy to me, but it took conceiving of the study and implementing it for me to discover my coaching and intuition skills.

Miraculously, I found myself able to guide the participants in the study and watch their lives blossom as a result. I realize now that I’ve had these skills for years, but honed them as a self-employed illustrator and presentation designer. Many times, my clients weren’t exactly sure of what they really wanted, but by talking to them I could hear what they really wanted but hadn’t been able to articulate, then use that information to intuit and create a final result that the the client truly loved.

On Saturday, August 2, 2008, I spoke with Melissa Jean Quiter during our Co=Creation Cafe call, sharing details about the study, the participants, and some of the success stories. Every participant experienced positive results, but some had such incredible experiences that, even as someone very well versed in the topic of Law of Attraction and Affirmations, I was astounded!

You can listen to the conversation I had with Melissa in mp3 format by visiting my Co=Creation Cafe Archive section of the site. After listening, visit the Co=Creation Cafe blog to continue the conversation by posting your questions and comments.

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