Sleep Your Way to Success

Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach, just posted her most popular blog posts for 2014 (well worth checking out this fabulous list for deliberate creators!). I was so honored to see that my guest post entitled, Sleep Your Way to … Continue reading

Scripting Success

Scripting is a process that puts you in the feeling-place of receiving what you are wanting to experience AS IF it is already happened or happening.

By using the power of your imagination, you can experience feeling in the present moment how you will feel once your desire has come into physical manifestation. Scripting moves you from the future to the present moment, thereby shifting your attitude, belief in possibilities, and physical energy into closer alignment with your desires.

See how one country used scripting to imagine something better for the entire country! Continue reading

Effective Solopreneur: Closing the Door on Success

I don’t know any business owner who consciously starts out saying, “I want to create something that will not sell, that will cost more than it earns, and that will be a waste time and money for any of the people who do buy it.” And yet, that’s the outcome that many people are experiencing. Why would that be? Because many people are unconsciously closing the doors on their own success. Continue reading

Creative Discipline Is A Recipe for Success

Recently, I got thinking all about the power of discipline on the creative mind. What started me on this odyssey of creative thought, you ask? I had just finished watching the movie, Julie & Julia, on DVD.

The creativity of the human mind knows no boundaries, and therein lies the paradox: Without something to reign in, focus and channel creativity, it tends to float aimlessly.

[This is an excerpt. Click the link to read the full post… ] Continue reading

Allowing Success

You’ve told everyone about your intentions, and set about taking actions to make your success a reality.

Instead of experiencing the success you’ve envisioned, things seem to be falling apart. No matter what you do, nothing is working. Your energy for your dream is fading—fast!

What’s Really Going On? Continue reading

Cultivating Faith In Your Business

As the holidays roll around at the end of every year, it’s a wonderful time for savvy, successful conscious creators and business owners to consciously engage this power in their business. Although many associate this power with religion, you don’t … Continue reading

Subconscious Mind Patterns

Have you noticed the same situations happening again and again with your business? Do you wonder why you are having similar issues recur with clients or vendors? When was the last time you asked, “Why does this keep happening?“ Brain … Continue reading

Letting Meaning Find You

Meaning. Fulfillment. Purpose. We’ve all heard those buzzwords for career and business. They are used so often it makes us wonder if our career or business is only valid if it involves experiencing meaning, fulfillment and purpose. So many people … Continue reading

Marisa Peer Can Teach Your Mind to Believe

If you’ve been struggling with your business success for a while, there may be unconscious ways in which you are blocking your success. A few months ago, I stumbled across Marisa Peer’s 2015 talk at MindValley’s Belief Hacking Event in … Continue reading

Enjoying Your Ongoing Journey

Whether you are new in business, or a veteran business owner with the stories to prove it, there is great benefit in recognizing the ongoing spiritual lessons that are part of the entrepreneurial journey. The Ongoing Journey In fact, the … Continue reading

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