Intuition and Inspired Action: Your Greatest Business Resources

Last year, I had the privilege of coaching a gal whose small business was not doing as well as she had been hoping. She loved the work and enjoyed working with the few clients she had at the time. On the surface, she seemed to be taking all the appropriate actions to grow her business. She had a detailed business plan and was executing her marketing plan like a pro…but nothing was working. At the point where I was speaking to her, she was considering closing her business and feeling very conflicted about the idea. Continue reading

Staying Inspired in Your Business

For me, it’s not enough to just ‘get inspired’. Staying inspired in my business is very important to me. One of the tools I use, and find very helpful, is to look for the inspiration I see in others – … Continue reading

Law of Attraction and Advice: What happened?

Has this ever happened to you… You are so thrilled about a product or service, in your joy, you spontaneously shared your appreciation with your friends. Then, several of those friends choose to try out the same product or service, … Continue reading

Living the Law of Attraction: Growing in Consciousness

Wow…it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted to this blog, but believe me, I haven’t been sitting on my…ahem…laurels. Nosiree! In addition to creating the latest AffirmingSpirit 2008 Autumn (Quarterly) Newsletter, and managing my presentation business, I’ve been living … Continue reading

Acting on Inspiration

Although I’ve previously written about Intuition and Inspired Action, this post is really about the finer art of acting on inspiration. Chances are, as a creative or healing entrepreneur, listening to your intuition is like second-nature to you. There’s no … Continue reading

Are You Functioning Optimally?

Are You Functioning At Your Best? How you feel physically affects how you feel emotionally, and how you feel both physically and emotionally has a trickle-down effect on how you experience life and running your own business. This is particularly … Continue reading

Preparing for the New Year

New Year Transition It’s that time of year again. As everyone finalizes their holiday shopping, and settles into the final few weeks of the year, business owners start to contemplate what the new year has to offer. Some business owners … Continue reading

Step Into Your True Power of Creation

Dear Business Owners, My deepest wish is for you to realize, and step into, your true power of creation. Why is it that you think nothing of creating products or services for your clients—out of nothing more than sheer inspiration—yet … Continue reading

Getting the Most from Business Advice

I’ve been inspired to share this insight with you today. You have probably noticed that I don’t write blog posts every day, every week or even every month. There is an important reason for this beyond the fact that there … Continue reading

Effective Solopreneur: Trusting Into Not Knowing

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know very well that there are also times when you just don’t know. It can be frustrating and unnerving. Especially if you are used to *always knowing* exactly what you want to do next.

The vibration of frustration, though, is not conducive to receiving quality inspiration. Fighting anything, including the not knowing, actually puts us in a place of resistance rather than a place of receiving what you desire. Being in resistance manifests more experiences to feel resistance. So, how does one trust into not knowing? Continue reading

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