Taking Full Responsibility for Your Energy

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of humans all over the planet getting sucked into the negative energy vortex created by those who are not taking responsibility for their own energy. If you doubt me, just check … Continue reading

Connecting the Spiritual Dots with Your Business

Connecting the spiritual dots with your business is essential, but many business owners are oblivious to its power. Does this sound familiar to you… You understand the Law of Attraction, but have never made the leap to manifesting your desires … Continue reading

The Magical Power of Anger

The magical power of anger That’s right: magical! There’s magic in our ability to transmute our anger, not just for our business but for all aspects of our lives. Personally, I don’t know any business owner who doesn’t, at least … Continue reading

Believing in the Power of Possibilities

[This article was previously published on AffirmingSpirit.com. It has been revised and updated for the enjoyment of blog-readers.] Possibilities for Improvement Whenever someone wants to create change in their life, whether it be to their body, their home, their relationships, … Continue reading

Step Into Your True Power of Creation

Dear Business Owners, My deepest wish is for you to realize, and step into, your true power of creation. Why is it that you think nothing of creating products or services for your clients—out of nothing more than sheer inspiration—yet … Continue reading

Divine Matrix: Mirror, Mirror, All Around

In 2007, Gregg Braden released his book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief. In this science-dense book, he explains how Newton’s discovery of gravity in 1687 launched modern science on a trajectory that has created huge problems in the 20th Century. It turns out that Newtonian Physics can explain large bodies like planets in orbit, but it falls apart when scientists examine smaller particles like atoms.

For smaller matter, scientists have resorted to micron microscopes and the mathematical formulas of Quantum Physics to explain what happens at levels too small for a microscope to see. Scientists have not agreed on a term for the Quantum Field, but Braden’s term for it is the Divine Matrix: an intelligent thought field that is always responding to our thoughts and feelings. There’s no way that one blog post can cover a complete introduction to Quantum Physics, but I highly recommend Gregg’s book if you want more details or suggest you view PBS’s NOVA series The Elegant Universe.

Where ancient texts and indigenous cultures have told us that everything is energy and we are all connected, modern science is only just catching the same clue. Where modern science has barely made this discovery via Quantum Physics, many cultures around the world already know this and have learned how to harness it’s energy for human good including immediate shifts in energy and nearly instant healings.

What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation? A LOT! Of the 20 Keys to Conscious Creation that Braden outlines…
[This is an excerpt…click the link to view the entire post and media]

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Cultivating Self-Love

Talk to anyone who has spent time on personal growth and they will tell you: At the basis of every problem (health, wealth, relationships, etc.) is a lack of self-love. Louise Hay discovered this when she was doing 1:1 consulting. When we take the time to address this one aspect of our life, we begin to shift everything for the better.

That said, what does it really *mean* to love yourself? How does one cultivate self-love? Continue reading

Cultivating Faith In Your Business

As the holidays roll around at the end of every year, it’s a wonderful time for savvy, successful conscious creators and business owners to consciously engage this power in their business. Although many associate this power with religion, you don’t … Continue reading

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