Prosperity Affirmations

Here’s a collection of affirmations I’ve gathered through the years, and will continue adding to…come to this page whenever you are ready to boost your prosperity consciousness! Feel free to copy, and share with others. If any of the words … Continue reading

All About Affirmations

[This article about affirmations first appeared in the AffirmingSpirit Newsletter in 2004. It has been revised and updated for the enjoyment of blog-readers.] Regardless of what we want to accomplish or experience in our lifetimes, we need to have, and … Continue reading

Letting Go of the Struggle with Affirmations

How is it possible that I have such great experiences with affirmations and so many others struggle with it? First, I know HOW to create powerful customized affirmations. Second, I do not struggle with affirmations ~ I know they work and I know they are very much worth the effort.

I realized it was time to work with some folks who didn’t believe in the power of affirmations, coach them, show them how to let go of the struggle, and have them talk about their experience.

So, I turned to the great community at Good Vibe University ~ asking who was ready to let go of their struggle with affirmations. (Go to the full blog post to listen to the call!) Continue reading

Brain Dominance May Affect Your Experience with Affirmations

Did you know that, just as we all have a dominant hand and a dominant eye (occular dominance), we all have at least one quadrant of the brain that is dominant in our thought processing? The brain has two sides, … Continue reading

Keys to Effective Affirmations

Most people hear about affirmations in a book, usually where a few generic examples are sited or recommended. They say these generic affirmations for a day or two, find them boring because they are so generic and don’t apply to … Continue reading

SkypeCast: Cultivating Positive Power with Affirmations

Come join the conversation! You are invited to participate in a free one hour SkypeCast (a group internet phone conversation via Skype—just download free Skype software). We will be discussing Cultivating Positive Power with Affirmations > What are affirmations? > … Continue reading

Are You Fully Supporting Yourself?

The Idea Behind Supporting Yourself If you attend a party in the U.S., one of the first questions a stranger is likely to ask you is, “What do you do?” Their meaning in the question: What do you do for … Continue reading

Subconscious Mind Patterns

Have you noticed the same situations happening again and again with your business? Do you wonder why you are having similar issues recur with clients or vendors? When was the last time you asked, “Why does this keep happening?“ Brain … Continue reading

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